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Battle Arena Toshinden 1 Cheats

Battle Arena Toshinden 1

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes at the main menu.

Result                        Code
Fight as Bosses(1)          - gimmejim
First person viewpoint      - virtual1
Big heads                   - funnyheads
Number keys executes combos - lifeisunfair

1. Move left pas Jim to access the Bosses.
2. Pause game play before entering this code.

Secret boss fights with Sho and Jim and real endings:
In order the get the real endings for each character, you must set 
the difficulty level in "HARD" or "VERY HARD", and win all fights, 
including Gaia, without using any continue. You can lose single 
bouts as long as the SET POINT isn't 1.

If done correctly, after the "DESPERATION MOVE" demostration will 
appear a new challenger, the secret boss Sho. No matter if beaten 
in the first try or after several continues, once is done the real 
ending will appear in text. Afterwards, a "SUPER MOVE" demostration 
will be shown.

Additionally, if Sho was beaten in the first try, after the "SUPER MOVE" 
demostration will appear a second secret fighter, Jim. Once Jim is beaten 
he will be permanently unlocked as a character, along with Sho and Gaia, 
without needing to introduce any code when you start the game again.

Unlockable                  How to Unlock
Gaia (playable character) - Beat him in 1P GAME
Jim (playable character)  - Beat Jim in 1P GAME
Jim (secret fight)        - Defeat Sho without using any continues.
Sho (playable character)  - Beat Sho in 1P GAME
Sho (secret fight)        - Beat 1P GAME in HARD or VERY HARD without using 
                            any continues
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