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Battlefield 2042 Cheats

Battlefield 2042

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Disable TAA/Post Process Anti-aliasing for Sharpness:
Written by pidgin

Improve your ability to spot enemies while improving overall graphical 
fidelity and sharpness by disabling post process ant-aliasing.

Post process anti-aliasing looks like garbage, especially at 1440p and above. 
Unfortunately, the current trend in game development is to force TAA or sometimes
FXAA to hide various graphical artifacts/glitches. Here is how to disable the 
post process anti-aliasing to improve clarity and overall graphical fidelity.

-=Step 1=-
Browse to "\Documents\Battlefield 2042\settings"

-=Step 2=-
Open “PROFSAVE_profile” with a text editor, such as notepad.

-=Step 3=-
Scroll (or use ctrl+f) to find “GstRender.AntiAliasingPost” and set the value 
to 0, so that the line reads “GstRender.AntiAliasingPost 0”. 
Be sure not to edit any other values unless you know what you’re doing.

-=Step 4=-
Save the file without changing the name.

* Start the game normally, and you should see noticeable improvement. 
* To revert the changes, either set the value back to 1, or delete "PROFSAVE_profile" 
  and restart the game.

I have no idea if this conflicts with any other settings, so revert the changes if 
you encounter any strangeness. I am not responsible for anything this may break 
(though nothing should), so do this at your own risk.
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