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Battlefield: Hardline Cheats

Battlefield: Hardline

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Simpsons reference:
In the "High Tension" map, go the police station to find a few pink donut
boxes on a folding table in the garage bay. While looking at the boxes, 
press [Spot] to shout "donuts spotted!".

Dead Space reference:
Play the "High Tension" map and go to the second floor of the shopping mall.
One of the stores is named "Ishimura", which is a reference to the "USG 
Ishimura" mining spaceship in Dead Space.

Driveable Couch:
Look for what appears to be a mild-mannered couch in the Dustbowl map on 
Hotwire mode. Called the "The American Dream", players can in fact operate
it like a regular vehicle and it's one of the fastest to boot. The American 
Dream can carry up to four players, and delivers appropriately amusing kill
feed messages should it run over anyone.

Secret Reloads:
In Battlefield Hardline, secret reload animations sometimes display in place
of the standard ones. Your chances of actually seeing a variant are slim: 
about 1 in 10,000. Alternate reloads include the pistol spin, the Jedi force
push, the dumb rocket launcher throw, and others. Note that you only see the
animations once you empty your clip, so don't be afraid to fire those bullets.

The American Dream (Driveable Couch):
In the multiplayer map, Dustbowl, there is a drivable couch known as the 
American Dream. You can find a few of them scattered around the map. If you
move your gun over the couch, a button prompt will appear so that you can 
enter the American Dream. Up to four people fit on the couch, counting the
driver and 3 shooters. If you run over people with the couch, you will learn 
that you killed them with the "MERICA."

Dinosaur Mask and Wolf Mask:
Save $10 million in the bank to unlock the Dinosaur Mask for criminals or Wolf 
Mask for the law enforcement.

Case file unlockables:
Scan enough evidence to complete the indicated case file and get the 
corresponding bonuses:

The Hot Shot File: .357 RS Revolver, .38 Snub Revolver, Silver Battlepack 
Hot Shot Supply Chain: HCAR Battle Rifle, SCAR-H Battle Rifle, Silver Battlepack
The Elmore Hotel Investigation: 93R Machine Pistol, G18C Machine Pistol, Silver Battlepack
Internal Affairs: M416 Assault Rifle, R0933 Carbine, SG533 Carbine, Silver Battlepack
Power Play: HK51 Battle Rifle, SA-58 OSW Battle Rifle, Silver Battlepack
The Boomer Connection: FMG-9 SMG, K10 SMG, Silver Battlepack, UZI SMG
Preferred Outcomes: M240B LMG, Silver Battlepack

Episode unlockables:
Successfully complete the indicated episode to unlock the corresponding camouflage:

Episode 1 - Back To School: Solid Camos (Black, FDE, Green, Grey, Navy, Olive, Tan)
Episode 2 - Checking Out: Forest Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 3 - Gator Bait: Aviator Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 4 - Case Closed: Snow Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 6 - Out Of Business: Hunter Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 7 - Glass Houses: Desert Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 8 - Sovereign Land: Urban Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 9 - Independence Day: Jungle Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
Episode 10 - Legacy: Exotic Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
All episodes on Cadet difficulty: Bronze Plated
All episodes on Officer difficulty: Silver Plated
All episodes on Veteran difficulty: Gold Plated
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