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Battle Bears 1: Zombies! Cheats

Battle Bears 1: Zombies!

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Replace Cutscenes:
Written by Pizza Fueled Nightmare

If you want to replace the cutscenes in Battle Bears Zombies, here's how.

-=Part 1: Accessing Cutscenes=-
Preliminary Note: This guide is intended for Windows Users who have the game 
installed on Steam. I do not know how to do this on Macintosh devices.

In order to edit these cut-scenes, first you need to access them from in game.

To do this, you need to follow this directory on File Explorer:

C: -> Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> BATTLE BEARS 1 ZOMBIES 
-> BB Zombies -> BB ZOMBIES_Data -> StreamingAssets.

In the StreamingAssets folder, there should be twenty .m4v files.
These are the cutscenes for the game, and you can view them using your media 
player of choice.

Note: I would recommend you copy these into a backup folder for safe-keeping in 
case you need the original cutscenes.

Done all that? Good. Let's get some files so we can replace these.

-=Part 2: Gathering what you want to replace these cutscenes with=-
For this guide, I will show you what I do to prepare replacement videos.

For this step, take your cutscene that you want to replace, and make note of its 
name, you will need this for later.

Now, take the video you want to replace the cutscene with (length is irrelevant)
 and make sure its file extension is .m4v.

If it is not a .m4v file, change the extension to .m4v (from testing, this method 
appears to work with .mp4 videos).

Now you are all set to replace this cutscene, let's do that.

-=Part 3: Replacement=-
Now take the replacement .m4v file, with whatever name it has, and move it to the 
cutscene directory mentioned in Part 1 (You want to be in the StreamingAssets folder).

Find the cutscene you wish to replace, and copy its name over to its replacement, 
and add another character/space so that no messages will pop up.

Next, move/delete the original cutscene so that its replacement is left in the 
StreamingAssets folder, and rename the replacement so its name is identical to 
that of the original cutscene.

Now there is one thing left to do, on to the next part.

-=Part 4: Testing=-
Now you need to test to ensure your cutscene replacement works!

The only way to do this is to play through the game like normal until you get to 
the part with the replacement cutscene. Watch and enjoy.

If it does not work, look back over the parts presented to be sure you did not 
miss anything.
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