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Battle Fleet: Ground Assault Cheats

Battle Fleet: Ground Assault

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
*Enemy tanks usually start opposite to your tanks on the map 
 (your tanks are already facing towards them).
*Around the map you will see a few green containers scattered around, 
 drive close to one of these to pick it up. They contain Strategic 
 Command Cards like airstrikes and minefields.
*Fog of war is critical in the game. Hiding in forests and behind 
 scenery helps to protect your tank from the enemy. If your tank 
 is hidden you will see a hidden icon next to the tank name 
 (crossed out eye).
*Tanks have different armor values on the different sides
 (ie: front is always strongest), so maneuver your tanks to face the 
 enemy by setting their angle at the destination for each move.
*The Angle and Power is set from the actual position of the Turret, 
 not the center of the tank. Keep this in mind when calculating the 
 Angle and Power of shot.
*Some tanks have turrets that donít rotate 360 degrees, and can 
 only fire forward.
*HE shells are also better at knocking out components of tanks, 
 such as tracks or engines.
*AP shells can go through most scenery such as houses.
*When a tank fires from a hidden location a yellow ring will show 
 itís approximate location. This is also used by the AI to target 
 your hidden tanks.
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