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Batman - Arkham City Cheats

Batman - Arkham City

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

New Game Plus mode:
Successfully complete the game under the Normal or Hard difficulty setting. This mode
allows you to keep your previously earned gadgets and experience points. Also, there 
will not be any counter icons on thugs, thugs will be more difficult from the start, 
thugs will have different configurations, and Bosses will be tougher.

Hidden messages:
* Find the coordinates X700.00, Y490.00 on the Cryptographic Sequencer to intercept 
  a radio frequency that contains the following repeating numbers:
  9, 23, 9, 12, 12, 18, 5, 20, 21, 18, 14, 2, 1, 20, 13, 1, 14. 
  The message is decoded as "I WILL RETURN BATMAN". 

* Find the coordinates X500.00, Y900.00 on the Cryptographic Sequencer to intercept
  a radio frequency that contains the following repeating numbers:
  5, 15, 9, 7, 21, 18, 18, 14, 3, 5, 24, 15, 12, 7, 22, 3, 10, 5, 15, 9, 22, 3,
  8, 25, 26, 15, 16, 25, 10, 15, 17, 25. The message is decoded as 

* The last radio transmission contains the numbers: 3, 20, 26, 18, 26, 16, 24,
  1, 11, 4, 24, 9, 3, 8, 5, 2, 12, 18, 6, 16, 7, 11, 3, 10, 17, 5, 13, 4, 21, 8.
  The message is decoded as "FEAR WILL TEAR GOTHAM CITY TO SHREDS".

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points. 

50x Combo (5 points)      - Complete a combo of 50 moves.
Acid Bath (10 points)     - Save the damsel, but is she in distress?.
AR Knight (25 points)     - Complete all augmented reality training exercises.
Catch (5 points)          - Find someone to play remote Batarang catch with.
Chimney Sweep (10 points) - There is only one way in.
Conundrum (20 points)     - Rescue the first hostage from Riddler.
Distress Flare (5 points) - Answer the call for help.
Freefall (25 points)      - Don't look down.
Fully Loaded (10 points)  - Collect all of Batman's gadgets and upgrades.
Gadget Attack (5 points)  - Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight.
Genius (50 points)        - Rescue all the hostages from Riddler.
Ghost Train (25 points)   - Fight for survival.
Gladiator (10 points)     - Last man standing.
Hide And Seek (25 points) - A deadly game of hide and seek.
I'm Batman (10 points)    - Become the Bat.
Intellectual (30 points)  - Rescue the fourth hostage from Riddler.
IQ Test (10 points)       - Solve the first riddle.
Mastermind (20 points)    - Rescue the second hostage from Riddler.
Ring Ring (5 points)      - Answer a ringing phone.
Sand Storm (25 points)    - We are legion.
Savior (10 points)        - Save the medical volunteers.
Serial Killer (25 points) - Track down the serial killer.
Wrecking Ball (25 points) - Stop the unstoppable.

Lost reference:
Play the mission where you have to get the cure back from Joker. There is a part 
where a video plays featuring the Joker ranting about the ending to the show Lost. 

Harley Quinn pregnancy:
Go to the manager's office inside the Steel Mill. On the floor, next to the Harley 
Quinn costume, there is a positive pregnancy test.

Select any unlocked skin:
Download the free Batman Inc. skin. Select a saved game file. Then, press [Left] 
[Left] [Down] [Down] [Left] [Left] [Right] [Up] [Up] [Down] at the main menu. A 
sound will confirm correct code entry. Continue your game, and all unlocked skins
will be available for selection in Story mode without first completing the game.

Easy Augmented Reality Challenge:
One of the last four Augmented Reality Challenges appears to be difficult because you
are supposed to execute a U-turn during your dive bomb. This can be done easier by 
using the grapple boost going past the first checkpoint, then turning around  while
gliding. You can then glide through all the checkpoints much easier.

Ra's Al Ghul sword drop bug:
Submitted by: Prabhash
Email :

After beating Ra's Al Ghul,he grabs Talia as a hostage and you will stand with the 
sword. Now you may be the lucky one who finds that batman doesn't drops the sword.
To solve this, here is the way.

After you reach in the real world with that sword in your hands,quit the game(Don't 
completely quit it.Pause it and then).After you reach the main menu again continue 
the game and again defeat him.This time when you reach in the real world,Batman will 
drop the sword and you have to use the new upgraded Remote Control Batrang to defeat 

Rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise repeatedly. Note: If you execute a taunt 
before performing a glide kick as Batman or Robin, the view will change to the 
enemy's perspective.

Unlock Scarecrow Hideout:
Go on top of a boat near the industrial district [the boat should be near two cranes].
While on the boat, take out the cryptographic sequencer and use it. Letters will appear
instead of the radio stations. Turn the letters until it reads 'City Of Terror.' A 
secret passage on the boat will open. Go down into the boat to find hundreds of 
roaches, a medical order form addressed to Jonathan Crane, and a Scarecrow victim 
who will squirm if you zoom in on him.

Batman Returns reference:
In various locations within Arkham City are large smiling cat-faced spheres. This 
is the logo used by Max Shrek for his department store in the movie Batman Returns.

Killer Croc Ester Egg:
Submitted by: tharun payne

After you defeat Ra's A'l Ghul and end up in the sewer, look at your map and make sure 
you heading east. You should eventually see a cage with hole near the top of it. 
Whip out your Remote Control batarang and throw it through the hole and you should be 
able to see a button. Simply hit it and Croc will burst through the wall. You cant 
fight him in this game, you just have a 30 second dialogue with him.

Additional dialogue:
With the Catwoman bundle-pack installed, return to Poison Ivy's Hotel in Amusement 
Mile after completing Story mode to find additional dialogue between the two characters.

Calendar Man Dialogue Dates:
New Yearís Day    : January 1st
Valentineís Day   : February 14th
St. Patrickís Day : March 17th
April Foolís Day  : April 1st
Motherís Day      : May 13th
Fatherís Day      : June 17th
Independence Day  : July 4th
Feast of St. Roch : August 16th
Labor Day         : September 5th
Halloween         : October 31st
Thankgiving       : November 24th
Christmas         : December 25th

All costumes:
At the main menu, press Left(2), Down(2), Left(2), Right, Up(2), Down to unlock an 
option to select any of the bonus costumes. If you entered the code correctly, you 
will hear a sound when you continue your game.
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