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Batman: Arkham Knight Cheats

Batman: Arkham Knight

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Remove frame rate cap:
Use a text editor to edit the "BmSystemSettings.ini" file in the "\BmGame\Config\" 
directory where the game was installed. Change the Max_FPS=30 line to Max_FPS=9999.

Disable opening videos:
Enter the "\BMGame\Movies" in the game directory. Rename or move the "Intro_BM3Logo_fire.usm" 
and "nv_logo.usm" files.

Freeze Blast hidden gadget:
The Freeze Blast is the only gadget in the game that you do not get through natural progression.
Unlike other gadgets, you actually have to find and collect it. The Freeze Blast can be found 
in Panessa Studios in the room after exiting the elevator. It is required to get some of the 
Riddler Trophies. Thus, it is required to reach 100% completion and get the full Knightfall 
Protocol ending. As the name suggests, you can freeze enemies with it to render them immobile 
for a short time, making it useful for combat encounters. You can also freeze steam pipes with
it to reach certain riddler collectibles that are otherwise inaccessible.

The Ghost in Gray:
In several areas of the game like Oracle's Clock Tower and Panessa Studios, posters can be seen
for The Gray Ghost. This is a reference to the Batman Animated Series episode "Beware the Gray 
Ghost," where Batman must solve a crime spree reminiscent of an old TV show who's main hero 
(voiced by Adam West) operated much like Batman.

Batman: Arkham series references:
Enter the Gotham City Police Department, and explore the Evidence Locker to see weapons and 
items confiscated from villains in previous Batman: Arkham series of games.

Superman reference:
Listen to the messages on Bruce's answering machine at Wayne Tower to hear several messages 
from Lex Luthor. Additionally, some thugs can be heard referencing Superman.

GCPD Evidence Locker:
When in the GCPD, Batman can view the Evidence Locker, which contains weapons an gear 
confiscated by villains throughout Batman's adventures in Arkham Origins (note elsewhere also
the references to the Blackgate Riots that took place during that game), Arkham Asylum, and 
Arkham City - all of which have voice recordings from Aaron Cash. You can find Talia's sword
in the Evidence Locker, and inspecting it will cause Batman to have a private moment of 
reflection. Any additional enemies apprehended during the course of Arkham Knight will see 
their weapons and items added to the Evidence Locker.

New Story + mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "New Story +" option at the main menu. In New 
Story + mode, you will retain your WayneTech upgrades and experience points and will play 
on the Knightmare difficulty.

DC Universe References:
Throughout the game, many of the thugs Batman encounters will discuss other cities and heroes
in the DC universe, including Metropolis, Bludhaven, Keystone and Central City. There are also
several buildings owned by other DC heroes and villains.

Catwoman makes reference to having burgled Queen Industries, which is the large corporation 
owned by Oliver Queen - A.K.A. Green Arrow.

There are several billboards advertising vacation packages to Santa Prisca, which is the home
country of the villain Bane. Many Militia members can also be heard referencing the South 
American country.

Other thugs reference the fact that Gotham beats out Keystone because you can at least see 
Batman coming, unlike The Flash, who hails from Keystone.

Superman References:
Superman has been one of Batman's best allies and greatest foes throughout his career as
the "World's Greatest Detective." In Arkham Knight, many in-game items refer to the line
between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

* Listen to Bruce's answering machine in Wayne Tower to hear several messages from Lex 
  Luthor, who is interested in purchasing the Applied Sciences division of Wayne 
  Enterprises - apparently Bruce has been avoiding his calls. 
* Scattered all over Gotham are billboards for the mega-corporation that serves as the 
  main infrastructure for Clark Kent's nemesis Lex Luthor.
* Several thugs can be heard lamenting the state of Gotham, adding that all it needs 
  now is for a certain caped freak to come flying in.

General Tips:
* Remember to dodge in the Batmobile. It can take quite a bit of damage, but the game 
  throws a lot of enemy vehicles at Batman in the latter half of the game. 
* Use your special weapons with the Batmobile. The level 2 missile barrage is particularly
  effective, as you can take out three vehicles at once with it.
* Mix up combos to get the most XP from combat encounters. Also, use dual takedowns 
  frequently when fighting with one of Batman's friends.
* The supervillain side missions contribute to the true ending, so focus on those in your
* The disruptor is perhaps the best gadget in the game. When you're in a room full of 
  enemies, use detective vision and disrupt a few devices before you get started on stealth
* The multi-fear takedown is one of the best abilties in the game. If you see a few henchman
  all alone, you can sneak up on them and take all three out. Execute a regular silent 
  takedown to recharge the multi-fear takdown.
* Be on the lookout for areas to attach the Batmobile's Power Winch to. You might find 
  some secret goodies such as Riddler trophies.
* Remember to tap X multiple times to enact Batman's grapple boost and gain maximum height
  when flying throughout Gotham.

Collectible locations:
Search at the indicated coordinates to find the corresponding item. 

-== Bleake Island ==- 
* Riddler Trophies 
Trophy #1: 1501, 1838 
Trophy #2: 1248, 2033 
Trophy #3: 1559, 2067 
Trophy #4: 1521, 2113 
Trophy #5: 1725, 2227 
Trophy #6: 1628, 2306 
Trophy #7: 2229, 2177 
Trophy #8: 2227, 2339 
Trophy #9: 1553, 2545 
Trophy #10: 1778, 2502 
Trophy #11: 1695, 2768 
Trophy #12: 1502, 2909 
Trophy #13: 1556, 2948 
Trophy #14: 1582, 3187 
Trophy #15: 1817, 3209 
Trophy #16: 2194, 2777 
Trophy #17: 2048, 2729 
Trophy #18: 2330, 2599 

* Riddler Puzzle Trophies 
Trophy #1: 1709, 1964 
Trophy #2: 1628, 2098 
Trophy #3: N/A 
Trophy #4: 1735, 2096 
Trophy #5: 1769, 1978 
Trophy #6: 1989, 2147 
Trophy #7: N/A 
Trophy #8: 1818, 2330 
Trophy #9: 2190, 2185 
Trophy #10: N/A 
Trophy #11: 1633, 2765 
Trophy #12: 1646, 2797 
Trophy #13: 1639, 2828 
Trophy #14: 1655, 2942 
Trophy #15: None, complete the race near Merchant Bridge. 
Trophy #16: 1809, 2915 
Trophy #17: 2058, 2646 
Trophy #18: 1983, 3010 
Trophy #19: 2009, 3049 
Trophy #20: 2489, 2821 
Trophy #21: 2445, 3116 
Trophy #22: 2012, 2742 

* Riddles 
Riddle #1: 1269, 2022 
Riddle #2: 1620, 2241 
Riddle #3: 2100, 2259 
Riddle #4: 2326, 3158 
Riddle #5: 2366, 2640 
Riddle #6: 2470, 2290 
Riddle #7: 2330, 2599 
Riddle #8: 2330, 2599 
Riddle #9: 2084, 2226 
Riddle #10: 1634, 2160 
Riddle #11: 2330, 2599 

-== Miagani Island ==-
* Riddler Trophies 
Trophy #1: 3282, 1956 
Trophy #2: 3135, 2065 
Trophy #3: 3126, 2158 
Trophy #4: 3187, 2188 
Trophy #5: 3229, 2153 
Trophy #6: 3274, 2258 
Trophy #7: 2665, 2715 
Trophy #8: 2720, 2659 
Trophy #9: 2908, 2430 
Trophy #10: 3029, 2382 
Trophy #11: 3724, 2071 
Trophy #12: 3145, 2468 
Trophy #13: 3112, 2604 
Trophy #14: Unknown 
Trophy #15: 3227, 2635 
Trophy #16: 3286, 2572 
Trophy #17: 3332, 2681 
Trophy #18: 33321, 2702 
Trophy #19: 3422, 2589 
Trophy #20: 3143, 2990 
Trophy #21: 3392, 2924 
Trophy #22: 33591, 2823 
Trophy #23: 2530, 2239 

* Riddler Puzzle Trophies 
Trophy #1: 3355, 1828 
Trophy #2: 3252, 1977 
Trophy #3: Unknown 
Trophy #4: 2886, 2070 
Trophy #5: 2887, 2171, then complete the race 
Trophy #6: 3024, 2150 
Trophy #7: 3520, 2152 
Trophy #8: Unknown 
Trophy #9: Unknown 
Trophy #10: 3008, 2443 
Trophy #11: 3064, 2390 
Trophy #12: 3344, 2486 
Trophy #13: 2811, 2774 
Trophy #14: Unknown 
Trophy #15: Unknown 
Trophy #16: 3692, 2799 
Trophy #17: Unknown 
Trophy #18: Unknown 

* Riddles 
Riddle #1: 2892, 2201 
Riddle #2: 2907, 2618 
Riddle #3: 3253, 1899 
Riddle #4: 3253, 1899 
Riddle #5: 3149, 2199 
Riddle #6: 3246, 2293 
Riddle #7: 3378, 2406 
Riddle #8: 3165, 2627 
Riddle #9: 3613, 2807 
Riddle #10: 3342, 2896 

-== Founders' Island ==-
* Riddler Trophies 
Trophy #1: 1752, 1663 
Trophy #2: 1975, 1466 
Trophy #3: 1902, 1701 
Trophy #4: 1963, 1793 
Trophy #5: 2231, 1086 
Trophy #6: 2253, 1337 
Trophy #7: 2419, 1456 
Trophy #8: 2312, 1682 
Trophy #9: 2261, 1809 
Trophy #10: 2520, 1389 
Trophy #11: 2566, 1412 
Trophy #12: 2613, 1593 
Trophy #13: 2977, 1482 
Trophy #14: 2843, 1712 
Trophy #15: 2765, 1833 
Trophy #16: 2812, 1938 
Trophy #17: 3306, 1456 
Trophy #18: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425 
Trophy #19: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425 
Trophy #20: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425 
Trophy #21: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425 
Trophy #22: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425 
Trophy #23: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425 
Trophy #24: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425 
Trophy #25: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425 

* Riddler Trophies Puzzle Solutions 
Trophy #1: 2564, 1802 
Trophy #2: 1986, 1515 
Trophy #3: 2064, 1673 
Trophy #4: 2154, 1678 
Trophy #5: 2183, 1834 
Trophy #6: 2204, 1935 
Trophy #7: 2194, 1475 
Trophy #8: 2372, 1411 
Trophy #9: 2407, 1713 
Trophy #10: 2518, 1399 
Trophy #11: 2641, 1385 
Trophy #12: 2644, 1955 
Trophy #13: 2746, 1873 
Trophy #14: 3025, 1161 
Trophy #15: 2997, 1345 
Trophy #16: 3286, 1279 

* Riddles 
Riddle #1: 1933, 1549 
Riddle #2: 2262, 1064 
Riddle #3: 2237, 1507 
Riddle #4: 2198, 1832 
Riddle #5: 2446, 1462 
Riddle #6: 2460, 1916 
Riddle #7: 2552, 1562 
Riddle #8: 2654, 1357 
Riddle #9: 2928, 1218 
Riddle #10: Unknown

Different Ending:
If you capture 14 of Gotham's most ended at the end of the game, you'll get a 
different ending than you will if you settle for the mere 7 that are technically

Solomon Grundy Room:
Consult the map of Gotham and travel to the coordinates 2208, 1851. You'll find 
a door you can enter to reach a room with a Gramophone playing a recording of 
the poem of Solomon Grundy.

Happy Unicorn Easter Egg:
Head for these coordinates on the world map: (1617,2295). You should find a couch 
near a shopping cart with a television inside. Stand next to the couch and face 
the television, then prepare your remote hacking device to uncover an invisible 
switch next to the television. Activate the switch to turn on the television, 
which should display an 8-bit dancing unicorn.

Easy "Knightfall" achievement or trophy:
Have a 100% completion by finishing all side quests, Riddler trophies etc. 
Note: You do not need to unlock all the AR challenges. You can continue with the
side quests after completing the main storyline.

GCPD Evidence Locker:
When in the GCPD, Batman can view the Evidence Locker, which contains weapons an gear 
confiscated by villains throughout Batman's adventures in Arkham Origins (note elsewhere
also the references to the Blackgate Riots that took place during that game), Arkham 
Asylum, and Arkham City - all of which have voice recordings from Aaron Cash. You can 
find Talia's sword in the Evidence Locker, and inspecting it will cause Batman to have
a private moment of reflection. Any additional enemies apprehended during the course of
Arkham Knight will see their weapons and items added to the Evidence Locker.

Train Station Posters:
Head to the train station located near Grand Avenue. Look around to find posters that 
advertise travel destinations. These include Keystone City (home of The Flash), Metropolis
(Superman's home). Look closely at the artwork promoting those destinations and you'll 
see the heroes on display.

Alternate ending sequence:
Get a 100% game completion, including Riddler challenges and side quests.

Batman: The Animated Series reference:
When you acquire the second Batsuit at the Falcone Shipping Yards during the main 
storyline, one of the holograms for the training missions features Batman's head. 
Look at it very carefully to notice that it is the version from the animated series.

I Am The Night Mode:
Clear New Game+ Mode and you'll gain access to a new one: I Am the Night.

How to Deal with Annoying Enemies:
Written by Bruhdesu

This guide aims to help less experienced players deal with some annoying enemies 
in the game.

-=Electrified Henchmen=-
These guys can be annoying if you don’t know what you’re doing. The best way to 
deal with them is to use the quick batclaw. To prevent any more from ruining your 
combos, just KO the medics.

-=Stun Stick Henchmen=-
These guys seemingly teleport across the combat arenas to cause intense mental 
anguish. The best way to deal with these guys is to fire the quick remote electric 

These guys are pretty simple to take out. The variants with shields, knives, and 
electrified fists can be taken out similarly to their normal thug counterparts, 
except they are stunned when you perform the actions you would use on the normal 
thugs wielding similar weapons. You then have to perform beatdowns on these guys 
when they are stunned.

The best way to deal with these guys is to grab the freeze grenade from panessa 
studio, and freeze them. This way you can KO the normal enemies, and fight the 
brutes without too much trouble.

-=Shield Henchmen=-
These guys show off the cowardice of the henchmen in this game perfectly. I 
recommend using the special combo takedown, instead of the whole stun and jump 

These guys get my award for worst enemy in the game. If you’re tired of them 
teleporting away when you attack, vault over them, and punch them from behind. 
The vault stuns them temporarily, and disables their stupid dodge move.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
December 25, 2023 Guides 0

* As the game progresses, Arkham Knight starts throwing more and more enemy types 
at you in brawls. Shield guys, baton guys, some occasional gun guys, ninjas, brutes, 
brutes with electrified iron knuckles, medics, and so on. It can get a bit much and, 
for some people, it makes the melee sections increasingly tedious. It can be 
difficult to juggle all the different enemy vulnerabilities, achieve a good flow, 
generate a high combo multiplier, and burn down the foes before they whittle you 
down. I can offer a few tips:

* As long as you’re dodging over people’s heads, you can dodge as much as you want 
without losing your combo. So if the swarm around you is two baton guys, two shield 
guys, a giant blade guy, an electrified guy, and you don’t think you can cape-stun 
or shock one without getting punished… dodge roll around until a window of 
opportunity opens up. Get out of the swarm’s center and shoot a shock blast at a 
stun baton guy to knock him to the ground. Grapple an electrified guy to remove his 
charge. Maneuvering helps.

* The faster you can take down the medics, the better. They’ll keep reviving knocked-
out thugs and electrifying combatants. Dodge around, whacking soft targets, until you 
have an x5 charge and then dodge over people’s heads to a medic and punish him for 

* The AR melee challenges really help. Getting a good score is heavily dependent on 
building up a high combo chain, and the best way to do that is to take advantage of 
your dodge rolls and gadgets to break up the swarm and pinpoint vulnerable targets. 
Once you get used to them, the tactics required by the challenges are directly 
transferable to the main game.

* Remember to use your gadgets. Batman is a gadget hero, and he can cheese a lot of 
encounters. Are there 8 dudes at a checkpoint? Use the disruptor to sabotage their 
medic, their stun baton guy, and the two gun blokes in the swarm. Then throw down a 
smoke bomb into the middle of them, drop / glide into said smoke, and fear takedown 
5 guys.

* Now you’re down to 3 guys, and you have an x5 multiple… so you can takedown another 
fellow. 2 guys left, and their equipment doesn’t work because you already sabotaged 
it. Mop ’em up. If you’re just glide-kicking into the center of the swarm and punching 
dudes, you’re going to have a much harder time.

* Sometimes the game offers clever ways to cheese encounters. For example, there is 
a ramp near the Elliot Memorial Hospital checkpoint that gives you the perfect vantage 
point to snipe most combatants with the Bat-Tank. You can whittle the swarm down to 
one or two dudes before you even have to step a foot in there. Don’t be afraid to 
explore and look for easier methods.

* There was one checkpoint on Founder’s Island that drove me half-crazy. I kept trying 
to sneak in and takedown foes without getting spotted by any of the six turrets, and 
it was not working very well. I could remote hack one turret and buy myself a window, 
but the swarm kept on spotting me. Then I noticed that one external checkpoint wall 
looked kind of flimsy… and yep, you can use the Batmobile to winch the wall, pull it 
down, and just blast everything to pieces. No need to lay a finger on anyone to clear 
the checkpoint.
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