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Battle Engine Aquila Cheats

Battle Engine Aquila

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Jet mode:
The weapons in Jet mode are considerably less effective that the weapons in 
Walker mode. Couple this with the fact that Jet mode does not allow the Shield
to generate. Only use Jet mode when you need to blow something up or kill a 
Fighter (or any other air units such as bombers, landers, etc.) in the air. 
Stay on your side of the battle, as it will be nice to have a helping hand 
when things get rough. Try not to use all your energy while in Jet mode; 
when you land you will have no shield. Repair Pads are your friends -- 
use them.

Submitted by: DJNJ

Start a new game and enter B4K42 as a case-sensitive name. "God mode" will now 
be available at the options screen. 

Level select:
Start a new game and enter !EVAH! as a case-sensitive name. 

All bonuses:
Start a new game and enter 105770Y2 as a case-sensitive name. And those are 
zeros, not capital 'o'-s. 

You can combine these codes if you wish, for example, entering B4K42!EVAH! as 
a profile name would start a game with both invincibility and level select enabled.

Large Ship Kills:
To take down larger ships, land on them and use grenades or pulsars. Drop ships 
can't reach you while you are positioned on top, standing between the automatic 
turrets. This strategy doesn't work against Fenrir, which has turrets that can 
fire on all sides, but otherwise it's a great technique that has the added benefit
of allowing you to replenish your energy while you inflict damage. Just make sure
that you fly away the second the ship is finally destroyed.
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