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B.A.S.E. Jumping Cheats

B.A.S.E. Jumping

* In the regime of career, you can open pause at the events, pressing 
  and retaining to the pressed key "Left shift".

* The "circulation" of skill occurs automatically, at that moment, when
  you use this skill. Thus, for example, the "circulation" of endurance 
  occurs at the moment, when character obtained painful shock after the 
  discovery of parachute.

* The dilatation of time depends on the level of adrenaline in the blood.
  You can increase the level of adrenaline, postoyav for a while near the
  edge of ekzit-pointa (in the medium of beyzerov this method is frequently 
  called unquotable word).

* Delay - this time of free fall, which is begun at the moment of separation
  from ekzita. The duration of delay determines that, how is rigged a 

* Slider- AP (slider up) - this is the method of parachute packing, with which 
  the reticulated slider put on to the slings slows down the filling of cupola. 
  This method of piling practices, if you intend to complete leap with the 
  large delay (more than 4 seconds).

* Attention! Slider- AP is not recommended the accomplishing of leaps with the 
  small delay: at such speeds the slider makes the filling of cupola with 
  unstable and it is possible to lead to operational faults of parachute 

* Slider- Down (slider down) - this is the method of parachute packing, with 
  which reticulated slider ties below and does not influence the dynamics of 
  the filling of cupola - in this case the cupola is filled practically 
  instantly (the so-called "rigid discovery"). This method of piling practices, 
  if you intend to complete leap with the small delay (to 4 seconds).

* Attention! Inexperienced character can obtain significant injuries, if rigid 
  discovery with the delay of 3-4 seconds tests!

* Drogue chute, strictly, takes out parachute canopy of the haversack.

* The size of drogue chute for the leap is selected depending on the duration 
  of delay - the greater the delay, the less the drogue chute will be required.

* Attention! The installation of the drogue chute, which does not correspond to 
  the conditions of leap can lead to operational faults of parachute system.
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