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Bartender - The Right Mix Cheats

Bartender - The Right Mix

Submitted by: David K.

The right mix:
Use vodka and cranbarry juice to score around 6000-8000 use these and conbine them
with other mixes.

Heavenly Drink:
You can make him taste heaven by filling half the glass with vodka and the other 
with cranberry juice but add a little ice. Then shake for a while and then voila!
He goes under the counter and a light appears from heaven!

Rock Star:
Submitted by: Kyla Bataclan

Add Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Lime juice, Gin and ice. 
Vodka should be more than the others and the least should be the lime. 
Add a lemon garnish. If this is done right the bartender will play a rock 
music in a guitar.

Make Him a Dragon:
Submitted by: CARLO CASTILLO

This is very easy just put a lot of ice until the glass was full and then 
shake it until the shaking noise is really loader...

Boring Party:
Step 1: Put ice in.
Step 2: Put in half a glass of tequila.
Step 3: Put in a bit over quarter of a glass of cointreau.
Step 4: Top it off with lime juice.
Step 5: Shake 3-4 times.
Step 6: Garnish with a lemon wedge.
Step 7: Serve.

Miguel should blow a party horn and say "it's like a very boring party in my 

Big Eyes and Rainbow:
Submitted by: Michael Murray

1. Little Passion Fruit Juice 
2. 2x more lime juice than passion fruit juice 
3. Little Cranberry Juice 
4. Little orange juice 
5. Fill to top with Vodka but leaving enough room for an ice cube.

How to get nearly 9000:
* This will work if u do it right and u should get the holy result guaranteed!
* First add a little bit of cranberry juice!
* Second add vodka to the top but not ready to shake!
* Thirdly add some ice!
* NOW DONT SHAKE! Add Lemon Garnish. Now it will serve and he drinks it just wait to 
  see the holy result!

How to make him drop a 16 Ton weight:
Submitted by: Ameer the Awesome

1.Add lemons utill the glass is filled with lemons
2.Don't shake
3.Put a lemon garnish

He should pull a yellow rope and a 16 ton weight will fall on his head,
If not you are doing it wrong.

Bartender's death:
Submitted by: GirlTheGamer

1.Add simmilar amount of Gin and Vermouth, each about 1/3 of the cup .
  (total must be about 2/3 of the cup filled).
2.Add a little Passion Fruit Juice.
3.Add a little Tonic (simmilar amount to the Passion Fruite Juice).
4.Add ice.
6.Add Lemon Garnish.

* After drinking the mixture, the Bartender will grab is throat and fell. 
* You'll see his ghost (dressed as an angel) going up to the sky.
* This was tested by me 3 times, always worked, you just need to do it right!!!

Submitted by: GirlTheGamer

1.Add some Sambuca.
2.Add Cognac.
3.Add Triple Sec.
4.Add a little Lime juice.
5.Add a little Tequilla.
7.Serve with lemon garnish

* If done correct the Bartender will play rock.
* Tested by me two times.

Man on fire:
Submitted by:  Lim Shi Jie

* A bit of everything from rum to sweet vermounth. 
* Add lemon garnishs. 
* Shake awhile.

Negative points:
Submitted by: Lukeladin

* add one lemon
* click on shake once just enought for him to hold the cup and not shake it
* click on serve
* check your score after he drops 16 tons on himself

Negative score:
Submitted by: Lukeladin

* add one lemon
* click on shake so that he holds the cup but doesn't shake
* click on serve
* check your score.

Bartender vomiting:
Submitted by: Thiago Matias

Fill the glass to the top with vodka (leave room for ice)
* put ice
* shake

Submitted by: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

* Add a little of everything, but add a lot of Tonic at the end.
* Shake for a long time until there is an explosion

The Wailin Cosmopolitan:
Submitted by: Sukencio

* Add ice (just 1)
* Fill to the half and a half with vodka
* Fill to the end with cranberry Juice
* Shake for 2.5 second
* Serve
* The bartender will start playing rock and says "That's how you make 
  a wailin Cosmopolitan".
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