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Barony Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Arms Selection:
Written by GOO?????OO??

This guide will give you the stats and information you need on each 
beast, and tell you the best weapon for the job. We will learn today, 

Probably youíve noticed that the monsters in this game seem to die faster
 and slower depending on the weapon. That is because of strengths and 
weaknesses. While a lot of games tend to make weapons a matter of 
preference, carrying a wide variety in Barony is recommended.

This game is no joke, you will die. Just like that time in high school 
when I asked that girl out, and she said no; in front of the entire 
cafeteria. Yep, that kind of dead ó inside.

This guide is simple, straight to the point, and is easy to follow. 
Iíve included a picture below, simply match the face to the monster 
youíre curious about, and voila!

The best weapon for the job is selected, but sometimes other weapons 
do just as well, and if that is the case then there will be multiple 
weapons beside the beastís face.

Now, before you argue: this all comes straight from the wikia. I poured 
over the entire graph of stats per monster, and damage multiplier of 
each monster in the game code based on the weapon.

Remember, always carry a multitude of weapons; not just one type. 
(Or you totally could, if you choose to.)

-=Differences of Each Weapon=-
Swords have a random chance to inflict bleeding. When the skill is maxed 
out you gain +5 ATK and inflict 5s [bleeding] status on fully charged 
strike. (targets invulnerable to bleeding take +5 additional ATK)

Maces When the skill is maxed out You gain +5 ATK and 25% chance inflict 
1.5s [paralyze] status on fully charged strike. Generally if it is undead, 
the mace is its bane. Probably why the cleric starts with one.

Axes When the skill is maxed out You gain +10 ATK and inflict 3s [slow] 
status on fully charged strike.

Polearms When the skill is maxed out You gain +5 ATK and inflict [knockback] 
status on fully charged strike

Ranged When the skill is maxed out Ranged weapons never degrade on use.

Magic Extremely versatile and mostly ranged based. When maxed out you 
can cast low key spells without any effort whatsoever. You gain the ability 
to cast forcebolt without expending any MP. (Casting skill)

Fist When the skill is maxed out You gain +5 ATK and inflict [paralyze] 
status on fully charged stealth backstab strike.

Minotaur Tips:
Minotaur has a chance to appear if a player or party takes too long on a floor. 
Minotaur takes about 5 mins to show up, in the last minute ZAP Brigade can sometimes 
clutch up and arrive, if you stay around them and recruit them they will obliterate 
it. However, spawning Minotaur can also trigger a chain reaction where the next floor 
will spawn one; just cut your losses and rush through one floor.

An extremely helpful tip is that side dungeons (purple portal (not underworld)) will 
not spawn the Minotaur so you can loot as long as youíd like if you find one and there 
is no current threat of one spawning.

First floor is notorious for spawning Minotaur upon leaving due to classes with zero 
appraisal skill trying to lag around and identify everything before leaving, the 
mechanic is there for balancing and to hustle you along, you seriously donít need to 
be spending that much time looting around, just grab the shiny things and leave. By 
the time you are at floor 15 your pockets will be packed and you will probably get 
tired of appraising all the 1000 gold gems and steel gear lying around literally 

All Console Commands:
Written by Rhabarber Barbar

* This is the console commands used in Barony.
* You can find some of these in the "Readme.txt" file inside the game folder.
* The rest is extracted from the source code:

-=Game Arguments=-
Before you start Barony, game arguments can be written in to force the game to directly 
load into a specific state. These commands can be everything from changing the resolution
to force a specific map to load.

* To change the game's arguments:
* Find Barony in your game library
* Right click and press on Properties and then Set launch options...
* Write in the command you want from the list bellow
* For more information, Read Steam's guide

These commands are available for the game, quotes from the "Readme.txt" in the game files

-windowed         - Forces the game to start in a window.
-size=???x???     - Sets the display resolution.
-map=???          - Choose a map at startup instead of reading the levels.txt.
-gen=???          - Generates a dungeon to run on startup.
-config=???       - Chooses a config file to execute on startup.
-quickstart=???   - Starts the game with the player as the specified class.
-datadir=???      - The directory that game is located in

game -windowed -size=960x600 -map=test -quickstart=barbarian

The above command starts the game in a window at 960x600 and quickstarts the map 
"test.lmp" as a barbarian.

-=Info Console Commands=-
Some of the console commands, including the descriptions, can be found in a file called 
"Readme.txt" at the game's directory.
The file itself is out of date because a lot of console commands change every time the 
game gets a new update.

To find all console commands up-to-date, you can have a look at the source code.[]

The console is accessed by pressing the key it's bound to. By default "ß"
This can be found in the options under Bindings with the name Console Commands.

All console commands start with "/"

Tip for this guide: 
* Use CTRL + F to search for stuff easily

* Some console commands requires Cheats to be enabled.
* This will disable Steam achievements for that save-file.

These console commands change the players attributes and some are considered cheats

/startfloor ?
Changes the floor the player starts at when creating a new game. 
(Question mark is replaced with level)

/savemap ???
Saves the current map as a file. 
(Question mark is replaced with savefile's name)

/lastname ???
Uses your previous-character's name. (thx Lyiusa Eterna)

Specifies the current camera position and orientation.

Quits the whole game without confirmation.

Specifies the locations of all exit ladders on the level.

Toggles thirdperson mode (detaches camera from player).

Makes the enemies less likely to attack you.

Poisons the player, making him lose HP.

Counts the number of monsters still left on that map.

Kills the player.

Lights the player on fire.

Cures a poisoned player.

Makes the player drunk.

Only punches and throwing potions allowed.

/spawnitem ???
Spawns an item with the name given in '???' at the player's feet.
If the full name is not entered, the first closest match will be spawned.

/spawnbook ???
Spawns a readable book with the title given in '???'

Moves all players to the next level.

Toggles flight.

Fills magic to the maximum.

Fills health to the maximum.

Makes the player invincible.

Leaves the player at 1 HP.

/damage ?
Damages the player a specific amount. 
(Question mark is replaced with amount of damage)

Works in multiplayer, gives player fullset of steel gear, gives level 35 - 
does not increase stats. (thx Lyiusa Eterna)

/jumplevel ?
Skips levels, letting you teleport between them. 
(Question mark is replaced with level 1-30)

Same as Maxout2 but sends you to Mystic Citadel. (thx Lyiusa Eterna)

/levelskill ?
Levels a specific skill 10 times. (Question mark is replaced with skills 1-13)

Gives you everything + fullset steel gear, does not level stealth. (thx Lyiusa Eterna)

/gold ????
Gives the player a specific amount of gold. (Question mark is replaced with amount)

/dropgold ??
Drops gold from players pocket. (Question mark is replaced with amount)

/maxskill ?
Maxskill have values 0 - 15, 0 being "locks" and 13 being "shield" with 2 
reserved slots -- Negative values work. (Warning: beyond -233 crashes the game) 
(thx Lyiusa Eterna)

Reviels the whole map for the player.

/spawncursed ???
Spawns a cursed item in front of the player. (Variables, all items)

/spawnblessed ???
Spawns a blessed item in front of the player. (Variables, all items)

Levels up the player immediately.

/hunger ???
Sets the player's hunger level to the number given in '???'.

Increases the player's magic skills.

Command to learn every spell

Give out 10 random potions

Kills all monsters on the level.

Command to force toggle the level/secretlevel.txt lists on next map change.

Loads the last created class/sex/appearance.

/setmapseed ???
Set the next mapseed

Makes you drop items you care

Gives you arrows

Gives you random crap

Gives you robot parts

Gives you bombs

Gives you goblin books

Command for removing tinkering bot limits

-=Enemies & summoning=-
These console commands are to spawn items/characters/enemies

/atkspeed ?
Changes the speed of attack enemies can deal. (Replace question mark with speed 
in positive/negative numbers, e.g. 0.5)

Will make the current level a Minotaur level, making it spawn after a while.

Spawn the Minotaur.

Will spawn all human AI's.

Spawns a random chest in front of the player.

/summon ?
Spawns any character.
(human, shopkeeper, rat, skeleton, ghoul, spider, scorpion, scarab, minotaur, 
slime, troll, crystal golem, cockatrice, gnome, goblin, kobold, insectoid, goatmen, 
demom, imp, succubus, incubus, vampire, shadow)

Command to increase summon ally level by 1

/spawnitem ???
Spawns an item with the name given in '???' at the player's feet.
If the full name is not entered, the first closest match will be spawned.

/spawnbook ???
Spawns a readable book with the title given in '???'

/gold ??
Gives the player a specific amount of gold. (Replace question mark with amount)

/spawncursed ???
Spawns a cursed item in front of the player. (Replace question mark with item name)

/spawnblessed ???
Spawns a blessed item in front of the player. (Replace question mark with item name)

These console commands are for developers and testing purposes

Toggles a frames-per-second (fps) counter at the top left corner.

/testsound ???
Plays the sound stored at index '???' (variables numbers)

Reports the number of entities in the level.

Use the stored models in the file models.cache to load the models faster to avoid 
waiting for models 0-680 to load.

Reverts to reloading models each launch.

/fov ???
Changes the field-of-view in-game. (variables numbers)

/fps ???
Changes the frames-per-second the game should produce. (variable 60-144)

Show the accessibility of the player's current tile by enemies.

Spams the message box until /spam is written again.

Count enemies checking for collisions per second

Shows the first message in the log in the bottom.

Will reload all models. (useful if some are changed mid-game)

/loadmodels ? ?
Reload models into the cache with the ? 
being start and end index to reload specific models.

Crashes the game.

Tells the current map seed you're playing.

Reloads the current language file.

Reloads all limbs.txt files. (effects when map is reloaded)

Changes the speed of animation for enemies. 
(Variables negativ & posetive numbers, e.g. 0.5) (thx Lyiusa Eterna)

Shows the monster count on the map.

Counts monsters on map.

"Checks" the creaturelist for valid enemies and creatures to generate. 
(thx Lyiusa Eterna)

Counts and display current gold player has.

Unimplemented feature. (MIGHT MESS UP THE RESOLUTION)

/seteffect x
Command to inflict a status effect on the player for debugging, x is the numerical 
index of the status effect. (Variables 0 - 24) (thx Lyiusa Eterna)

/loadmod ?
To load mods in Workshop/in the mods folder. (Replace question mark with mod name)

Debug command to print out relevant timers.

Command to track main loop timings, not fully implemented

/tickrate ?
Set a new tickrate for the game, default is 2

Freezing models for de-bugging.

Option to disable FPS improvements with netcode for slower PCs.

Shows the current hunger stats on your character

Remove achievements from DLC 2

/setdecoyrange ???
Set a decoybox range

Option to disable mouse rotation limits for left/right spinning

Network debugging information

Smooth lightning test

Rangermode for server/singleplayer

First pass at framerate-tied camera/player movement

Boarderless window mode

Add monster curve/custom monsters from json

To export a monster to json
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