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Bardbarian Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Summonable Units:
When the required round is reached, you will receive one of the unit unlocked 
in your party whether or not your party is full. When you visit the shop again,
their locked door will be glowing with a white light, open the door to unlock 
the unit.

Unlockable       How to Unlock	
Dwarf          - Unlocked by reaching Wave 17.
Engineer       - Unlocked by reaching Wave 16.
Healer         - Unlocked by reaching Wave 4.
Meat Stack     - Randomly found in Survival.
Necromancer    - Unlocked by reaching Wave 9.
Ninja          - Unlocked by reaching Wave 8.
Octodad        - Found locked up when fighting Fire Golem (Wave 10).
Shaman         - Unlocked by reaching Wave 14.
Shellrazer     - Reach 3000m in Escape mode.
Storm Knight   - Unlocked by reaching Wave 18.
Tank           - Unlocked by reaching Wave 12.
Wizard         - Unlocked by reaching Wave 7.

Day 2 Mode:
Meet the condition to unlock the new mode, which allows you to play waves 21+. 
This can be accessed in the same menu as Story Mode.
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