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Bang! Gunship Elite Cheats

Bang! Gunship Elite

Cheat Codes:
Type these codes for the desired cheat function: 

Code           Result 
dogmode      - Activate God Mode Control at In-Game Cheat Menu 
stoneskin    - Infinite Shield Control 
pianist      - Enemy Shot Control 
boooost      - Infinite Boost Control 
kinput       - String Input in Cheat Menu 
reflux       - Infinite Flux Beam Ammo 
greens       - Infinite Phase Shift Cannon Ammo 
firecrackers - Infinite Hellfire Ammo 
nails        - Infinite Titans Hammer Ammo 
volcano      - Infinite Magma Cannon Ammo 
lightning    - Infinite Electronic Laser Ammo 
staystill    - Infinite Stasis Cannon Ammo 
listener     - Infinite Sonic Cannon Ammo 
bloody       - Infinite Plasma Cannon Ammo 
stormfire    - Infinite ALL WEAPONS Ammo 
getridof     - Infinite Ammo on No Weapon 

Level select:
In the NEW GAME menu, type the following as your player name to skip to 
levels 2 through 19: 


Submitted by: nightraider

* You won't have much time to hang around after a kill, because enemy ships will be 
  on you faster than leeches on Katharine Hepburn in The African Queen. But hang 
  around you must, just for a moment. That's enough time to see if a glowing power-up
  will emerge from the white-hot explosion. If it does, grab it you'll need all the 
  bonuses you can get in this game. 

* When mastered, manual targeting is much faster and far more effective than auto-
  targeting. I mapped my targeting controls to a joystick button for faster access. 

* Curiously, some weapons will obliterate certain craft but draw a complete zero 
  against others. Never waste your ammunition. Monitor the health percentage of 
  each ship you shoot and stop firing immediately if your ordnance is not having 
  a debilitating effect. 

* Every early level introduces a new and improved weapon, each of which must be 
  utilized on that level if you have any hopes of emerging triumphant.
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