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Bamba Snack Quest 2 Cheats

Bamba Snack Quest 2

Submitted by: RM

Part 1:
- frighten the fly away then take match from matchbox and light it 
  then light the burner.
- take lid off bottle
- click on grey box and press the red button what you are looking at are 
  fuzzy pictures which need re focusing. to do this bring the picture together
  in a straight line using the up and down arrows. Then focus using the left 
  and right arrows till you see a clear picture. Remember the picture and the
  order of the colourd shapes as this is the formular that you will need to 
  make. Click the green button and remember the picture and colours do this 
  one more time. go back to main sceene and mix up root potion and if its 
  correct you will get a puff of smoke then poor it onto the plant then do it 
  again for the pictue with the plant on it then climb up the plant

Part 2:
- click rat to find out what it wants then click the toast to make steps
- go left and click the pasta hanging down go, right and click the toast
- click the empty hook then click the bread and a slice will fall click the 
  corner of the board under the sheep on the left, go down
- put board on the butter click the metal handle lying down then click the 
  pasta, pick up the board and go left
- click the yellow tube and go right
- click the mouse then click the toaster handle
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