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Baldur's Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn Cheats

Baldur's Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider

Open the "Baldur.ini" file with notepad, look for a heading called [Program Options]. 
Under this heading type: Debug Mode=1, then save and exit. Start your game of BG2 as 
normal and in game press Control+ Space to activate the console. Console Cheats 
(Must be entered exactly as shown): 

XP For Your Group:
CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XP amount here") press enter to activate. 
Note the XP Cap in BG2 is 2,950,000--do not use commas in the XP amount.

CLUAConsole:AddGold("Amount of gold here") press enter to activate. 
Note, as in the XP amount-DO NOT USE COMMAS! 

NOTE: You can give XP to a single or all party members. Click once on the 
character you wish to give xp to and then enter the XP cheat while their 
portrait is highlighted. To give all party members XP click the little square
box in the lower right of you display and you will see all your characters 
portraits highlighted. Open the console and enter the code. 

Max Stats:
When generating a character and if you have debug mode=1 or cheats=1 and
you press CTRL+SHFT+8 it will max your stats. If you decrease some stats
before doing this you can take some up to 19 for races that allow 19 
(like elf dexterity).

Create Items:
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("item code here",quantity here) then press enter.
No commas in the quantity #. 
Here is an example using the identify scroll code. 


This will place 100 Identify scrolls in your lead characters pack. Note 
that any magical items you create need to be identified before you get 
the benefits of using them. 

Cheat Codes:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy 
of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "baldur.ini" 
file in the game folder. Add the line "Debug Mode=1" under the "[Program 
Options]" heading. Begin game play and press [Ctrl] + [Space] to display 
the console window. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes, press 
[Enter], then press [Ctrl] + [Space] to close the console window and 
activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: Add the lines "Debug Mode/1" and "Cheats/1" under the "[Game Options]" 
heading to activate cheat mode.

Effect                                     Code	
Set experience points for selected character - CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("[0-2950000]")
Set available gold                           - CLUAConsole:AddGold("[number]")
Full map                                     - CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()
Teleport to indicated location               - CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("[location number]")
Spawn monster                                - CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("[monster name]")
Spawn item                                   - CLUAConsole:CreateItem("[item name]")
Enable in-game key cheats                    - CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()
Spawn multiple item                          - CLUAConsole:CreateItem("[item name]",[number])

List of Items:
chan06--Drizzt's +4 Chainmail
leat08--Studded Leather +3:Shadow Armor
plat05--Full Plate +1
helm04--Helm of Defense
shld04--Medium Shield +1
shld06--Large Shield +1
shld17--Buckler +1
ring07--Ring of Protection +2
ring08--Ring of Wizardry
brac14--Bracers of Defense AC 4
clck02--Cloak of Protection +2
belt06--Girdle of Hill Giant Strength
boot01--Boots of Speed
staf08--Martial Staff +3
hamm08--War Hammer +2
sw1h09--Short Sword +2
sw1h40--Blade of Roses(LongSword +3 +2Cha)
sw1h49--Ninja-To +1
sw2h09--Warblade(2-H sword +4)
bow18 --Shortbow +2
bow17 --Longbow +2
slng03--Sling +3
ax1h03--Battle Axe +2
halb03--Halberd +2 

Create Creatures:
CreateCreature("creature reference number goes here")
This will give you Monsters to fight. Here is a few samples: 

dragred  = Red Dragon
dragblac = Black Dragon
dragsilv = Silver Dragon
demnabo1 = Nabassu
dempi01  = Pit Fiend
uddeath  = Demon Knight

Move to Area:
MoveToArea("area reference number goes here")
This will warp you to any area in the game. Be careful to have 
all your Party members selected first. Here is a few sample 
places. You can get the area number of any Area by hitting 
the x key. 

Temple District         = AR0900
Graveyard District      = AR0800
Slums District          = AR0400
Waukeens Promenade      = AR0700
Government District     = AR1000
Bridge District         = AR0500
Docks District          = AR0300
CityGates               = AR0020
Umar Hills              = AR1100
Suldanesslar            = AR2500
The Nine Hells          = AR2900
Domain of the Dragon    = AR1201
Asylum Dungeon          = AR1512
Bodhis Dungeon          = AR0801
Astral Prison           = AR0516
Planar Sphere           = AR0411
Cult of the Unseeing Eye= AR0202
Rift Dungeon            = AR0204
Demon Outerworld        = AR0414
De'Arnise Hold          = AR1300
Trademeet               = AR2000
Druids Grove            = AR1900 

Reveal Map:
Reveals the entire map. 

Heal Party:
When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you may use [CTRL] + T
to heal the entire party and remove harmful spell effects. 

Instant Kill:
When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you may use [CTRL] + Y
to kill the person or monster the cursor is on. 

Other Cheats:
When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you may use [CTRL] + 1
to change armor class of selected character. [CTRL] + 6 and [CTRL] + 7 to 
change the model of the selected char (prev and next, respectively).

Heal and Jump:
With Debug Mode enabled, press Ctrl + R to heal a character, and Ctrl + J
to jump to the mouse cursor location.

Submitted by: rickHH

Click the TCP/IP option, even if offline, to create and play six of your own
characters. (Note: you'll miss out on a lot of quests, but it's a great way 
to replay the game.) 

Be picky when choosing quests. Be true to your alignment and don't bite off 
more than you can chew, or your reputation will suffer. 

The game is 100 percent playable and quite different if you opt to play as an
evil character. For example, instead of freeing the slaves, you are charged 
with putting down their uprising. 

Stock up on Restoration spells when facing undead. Being "level drained" is 
a horrible way to go. Failing that, if you have Raise Dead spells let a level-
drained character die (unless it's your character); once raised he'll be back 
to a normal level. 

Spawn Monster List:
Submitted by: Brian

You have to edit a game file; you should always create a backup copy of the file
before editing. Use a text editor to edit the baldur.ini file in the game folder.
Add the line "Debug Mode=1" under the "[Program Options]" heading. 

Monster names:
Use one of the following entries with the CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("") code
to spawn the corresponding creature.

Black Dragon - dragblac
Blue Salamander - icsalcol
Bone Golem - icbone01
Demi Lich - hldemi
Djinni - gendji01
Drow Warrior - uddrow27
Elder Orb Beholder - beheld01
Gauth Beholder - behgau01
Giant Troll - trogi01
Greater Ghoul - ghogr01
Greater Mummy - mumgre01
Iron Golem - goliro01
Lich - lich01
Mature Vampire - vammat01
Mind Flayer - mindfl01
Minotaur - icmin01
Mist Horror - mistho01
Ogre - ogre01
Orog Warrior - orc05
Red Dragon - dragred
Silver Dragon - dragsil
Skeleton Warrior - skelwa01
Splitter Troll - troluo01
Stone Golem - golsto01
Wyvern - wyvern01

How to beat Firkraag the dragon, Or any dragon.
Submitted by: derek SMITH

First you'll need a wand of cloud kill with at least ten charges, Put it in
one of your quick item slots. Position Your character with the wand of cloud
kill just out of veiw of the dragon, keeping all your other characters at a 
distance. Now keep shooting your wand of cloud kill in the direction of the 
dragon without coming into veiw of it. This way you dont have to be at a high
level to beat dragons. 

Submitted by: rowan fortune-wood

In chapter 4 "SpellHold" you start off in Brynnlaw, the Sanik and Clair quest 
is taken there. In it you most rescue Clair from the evil Galvenena's Feasthall.
Complete the mission by drugging the guards with the enlist help off the serving
girl and Ellie the cook. Once you've finished return to Ellie who will award you
EXP, however a fault in the game means that if you talk to her again she will 
award the same EXP to you and she will continue to do this 

Bronze Pantaloons:
Go to Abzigal's lair. There will be Sentinels in one room. You will find a wizard
in there. Near the wizard are three statues. Use the Stone To Flesh scroll on them,
then get them to do the quest.

Summoned creature attack:
If you can summon creatures to aid you they will auto-attack the enemy. This 
is especially useful when you can open a door without the enemy seeing you, 
Get a quick glimpse of the enemy and run back through the door. Then have the 
creatures summoned and they will attack the enemy. After they die, rest and 
repeat. You will regenerate your spells and hit points but the enemy will not. 
This is useful for the sphere battle in the lower level. 

Multiple items for the price of one: 
Go to any shop. Select a character who has a Gem Bag or Scroll Case. For example, 
if you want to buy all the Scrolls Of Protection From Undead from a certain 
shopkeeper, have the character with the Scroll Case select the scroll with by 
double clicking so you buy more than one Item. Select all the scrolls the 
shopkeeper has to offer. The price will reflect every scroll you are going to 
buy, Next, go to the character's inventory. Double click on the Scroll Case. 
This opens the case for only those items allowed. Go back to the shopkeepers 
inventory You will see the multiple scrolls you selected by the small number 
in the upper left hand corner of the item. However, the price will reflect only 
the cost of one of those items. you Can buy as many of the items as the shopkeeper 
has to offer for the price of just one. 

Unlimited liquor:
If you like going to the taverns and buying drinks to find information for your 
journal, you can remove your intoxication by saving and reloading your game, 
even after the bartender refuses to give you any more drinks. 

Keep Imoen:
When you are in the Irenicus' Dungeon, select the entire party and enable the 
CLUAConsole:MoveToArea(""). Imoen should be transported 
with your main character and your party, and not be taken by the cowled wizards.

Skip to Underdark:
If you choose to go with Saemon Havarian and end up at the bottom of the ocean, 
you can skip directly to the Underdark by pick pocketing the king and getting the 
magic rope. You may also want to get the key and get the Rod Of The 3 Kings.

Keep imported items:
If you are importing a character from Baldur's Gate or a multi-player game, you 
can keep the items you collected. To do this, start a new game and import the 
character you want to use. When the screen turns dark, quickly press [Space] to 
pause game play before you hear your characters cry of pain. Go into the inventory 
screen and drop all the items you want to keep on the ground around you. Return 
to the game. After the introduction sequence, when Imoen frees you, you can pick 
up all the items you dropped. Note: This may work also with Throne of Bhaal 

Create Fighter/Specialist Mage multi-class character:
Submitted by: cheatbook
This trick may not work with the full install option or the expansion set. It may 
also work with other class combinations that a mage is part of. Use the following 
steps to create a Fighter/Specialist Mage. Choose to creating a character and 
select "Human" for the race. For class, choose "Mage" and select the Specialist 
Mage you wish to become with a multi-class. Once at the screen where you select 
your first level magic spells, back out and continue backing out until you are 
down to selecting your gender. Note: Do not select "Start Over". Re-create your 
character (same gender, and later alignment) with a race of either Half-elf, Elf, 
or Gnome. At class, choose "Multi-class" and select the multi-class Fighter/Mage 
(or Fighter/Illusionist). Continue creating your character until you have set your 
first level spells. If your spells have a requirement (for example, if you want to 
be a Fighter/Necromancer, you would have Larloch's Minor Drain and/or Chill Touch 
as required spells), then you know that the trick worked. Finish creating your 
character. Note: The paper doll drawing may look like a Thief. If you want to be 
a different Fighter/Specialist Mage, click "Start Over" and begin from step one 
again with a new Specialist Mage chosen. Not only do Fighter/Specialist Mages 
start with more spells, their map animations look like Mages instead of Fighters. 
Also, Gnomes do not have to be Fighter/Illusionists. The Specialist Mage you chose 
will "overwrite" the "Illusionist" (for example, a Gnome Fighter/Diviner or 
something else).

Change speed of creatures:
Enable the CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() code. Press [Ctrl] + B to bring up the 
creatures speed by one point. To lower the speed you have to cycle back around. 
Note: This takes several tries.

Super weapon:
Enable the CLUAConsole:CreateItem("killsw01") code to create a super-powerful 
sword. The sword will appear as a Longsword +2, but actually does about 1000 
damage, gives 100% magic resistance and the Improved Haste ability, as well as 
a -50 point bonus to THAC0 and a -10 bonus to Armor Class. Also, this sword can 
be used by any character regardless of class, proficiencies, or any other factor.
The AC bonus is also cumulative if you equip a second one in the character's off 

Elvis painting:
Go to the Five Flagons Inn, in the Bridge District. Go to the second floor and 
look on the left side of the bed that is in the north east part of the floor to 
find an Elvis painting. 

Create your own party:
Go to the folder where you installed the game. Enter the "saves" folder, copy 
your favorite game and put it and its folder in the multiplayer saves. Start the 
game, go to multi-player, and load your game. Make your party, play the game, 
and save it. Return to the multi-player saves folder and copy the file to your 
saved games.

Easy gold and items:
To receive 346 gold and other items, pause game play. 
Enter the CLAUConsole:CreateCreature("dragblac") code and a Black Dragon will 
appear. Move the pointer over the dragon and press [Ctrl] + Y. A lump of gold, 
the Goblet Of Life, Dragon Scale Armor, three necklaces, and some shiny rocks 
will appear atop of his corpse. Note: This works best when the game is paused 
throughout the procedure. Otherwise, you will talk to the dragon, he will then 
kill you. 

Free cabin:
You can get the ranger cabin when you finish the Umar Killing's quest as a 
ranger. Do the Umar Hills Killing's quest. Stop the Shade Lord, then go back 
to Umar Hills. Talk to Minister Lloyd. He will say something about you being 
the new ranger. When you finish the quest as a ranger, you will get the ranger 
cabin. Inside you can rest (by selecting the "Rest" icon). There will be also 
a note on the table explaining why you got the cabin.

Easy Genie sword:
If you do not want to free the Genie in Irenicus' Dungeon, have Imoen pickpocket 
him. If successful, he will not attack and you can repeat this until you steal 
the sword.

Strong characters at end:
At the very end of the game, when you have to gather five Tears Of Bhaal. You 
can increase experience, resistance, spell resistance, and armor class among 
other things. To do this, you will need to gather all the Tears Of Bhaal. Each 
tear will do something different. Save the game (save the character holding 
the Tears Of Bhaal). Modify the character and create a new character (import 
character from saved game, then import the one holding the Tears Of Bhaal). 
Step up to the big double door and push as many times as the number of the 
eyes around the door. Each time you click, you will gain something. Just before 
the doors open and you will meet Irenicus, you will have a short time to still 
save your character (export). Try pushing on the door until it opens, but just 
before that pause and save your character then reload the game. If you continue 
to do this your character will be able to have maximim saving throws, ability 
stats (Charisma, Wisdom), AC, and spell resistance.

Coded scrolls:
Use the CLUAConsole:CreateItem("scrlaa") and CLUAConsole:CreateItem("scrla9") 
codes to get two scrolls with jumbled letters on them. The "scrlaa" scroll reads:

Aqw vjkpm K co etcba, dwv vjga ycpv aqw vq vjkpm vjcv. K mpqy ugegvu. Mggr vjg 
rcpvcnmmpu. Cnycau mggr vjg rcpvcnmmpu.

When decoded, it reads: "You think I am crazy, but they want you to think that. 
I know secrets. Keep the pantaloons. Always keep the pantaloons." 

The "scrla9" scroll reads: 

Qc twrxepssrw evi jvii sj aiewipw. Mrjsvq xli Uyiir, wr xlex wli qmklx wlrr xliq 
esec. Livi ai ks 'vsyrh xli qypfivvc fywl. Ks qsroic KS!
When decoded, it reads: "My pantaloons are free of weasels. Inform the Queen, so 
that she might shoo them away. Here we go 'round the mulberry bush. Go monkey GO!"

How to learn more spells:
A mage can only have a certain number of spells of any given level in his spell
book. The number of spells he can know is determined by his intelligence score.
For example, a mage with an intelligence of 15 can learn a maximum of 11 spells
of any given level. But what if he already has 11 3rd level spells scribed in 
his spell book, and really wants to learn a few more? Simply take a 'Potion of 
Genius', or use some other similar magic to temporarily raise his intelligence 
score. He is now able to learn as many spells per level as allowed by his new, 
temporary score. (As an added bonus, the higher intelligence score will also 
make it easier to learn a new spell successfully.) Once the potion wears off,
the newly learned spells will remain in the characters spell book permanently.

Use 'Stoneskin' and 'Iron Skins' more effectively:
The spells 'Stoneskin' (4th Level Wizard spell) and 'Iron Skins' (5th Level 
Druid spell) both have similar functions in that they provide the caster with 
a protective magical skin for the spells duration. Both spells last a full 12 
hours of game time. If you know that you are about to enter a difficult battle,
you can enjoy the benefits of these spells without having to sacrifice a 4th or
5th level combat spell to memorize them. 
Have your Druid cast 'Stoneskin' on herself. Now erase that spell from her 
spells to be memorized and replace it with something more useful in combat. 
Then rest to memorize spells. Resting only takes 8 hours of game time, leaving
you a full 4 hours of protection from the 'Stoneskin' spell, and a fresh spell
to cast where that 'Stoneskin's' shadow would have been.

Super weapon:
Enable the "CLUAConsole:CreateItem("killsw01")" code to create a super-powerful
sword. The sword will appear as a Longsword +2, but actually does about 1000 damage,
gives 100% magic resistance and the Improved Haste ability, as well as a -50 point 
bonus to THAC0 and a -10 bonus to Armor Class. Also, this sword can be used by any 
character regardless of class, proficiencies, or any other factor. The AC bonus is 
also cumulative if you equip a second one in the character's off hand.

Defeating dragons:
Use the following trick to defeat Firkraag or any other dragon. Get a Wand Of Cloud
Kill with at least ten charges. Put it in one of your quick item slots. Position 
your character with the Wand Of Cloud Kill just out of view of the dragon. Keep all
your other characters at a distance. Keep shooting your Wand Of Cloud Kill in the 
direction of the dragon without coming into view of it. 

Unlimited experience:
In Chapter 4 "Spellhold", you will start at Brynnlaw. The Sanik and Clair quest is
taken there. In it, you must rescue Clair from the evil Galvenena's Feasthall. 
Complete the mission by drugging the guards after enlisting help off the serving 
girl and Ellie the cook. Once you have finished the quest, return to Ellie to get
your experience point reward. Talk to her again and she will award the same amount
of experience points to you. Repeat this as many times as desired.
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