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Backyard Hockey Cheats

Backyard Hockey

Secret players: 
Enter one of the following names at the create a player screen to 
unlock a secret player: 
Lemon Boy 
Beverly Backstop
Buddy Cheque 

Secret coaches: 
Enter of the following names as a coach to unlock their teams: 
Ikan Trace
Ivanna Tipe 
Mike McMeeting 

Best overall players:
The seven best overall players are as follows: 
Thor "Lemon Boy" Herring: 50 
Dmitri Petrovich -40 
Pablo Sanchez: 40 
Jocinda Smith: 39 
Mike Modano: 39 
Brian Leetch: 37 
Kenny Kawaguchi or Stephanie Morgan: 37

Recommended team:
Mike Modano: Center (Starter)
Jaromir Jagr: Defender (Starter)
Thor Herring (Secret character "Lemon Boy"): Forward (Starter)
Beverly Backstop (Secret character): Goalie (Starter)
Dmitri Petrovich 
Joe Sakic 

Unlock Rinks:
New rinks are unlocked when you reach different stages off playoff games.

Unlock Tech State University Fighting T'Squares Rink:
Reach the Conference Finals.

Unlock Humongous Rectangular Gardens:
Reach the Clanky Cup. 

Unlock Antarctic Ice Arena:
Win the Clanky Cup. 

Easy Goals/Goalie Weakness:
To get easy goals get the puck then pick a side (right or left) down the 
sideline. When you get to the spot down field where there's a circle, get 
in that circle then get in the small circle within a circle quickly shoot. 
More then 50% of the time you will score.

Best players List:
* Thor "Lemon Boy" Herring: 50
* Dmitri Petrovich -40
* Pablo Sanchez: 40
* Jocinda Smith: 39
* Mike Modano: 39
* Brian Leetch: 37
* Kenny Kawaguchi or Stephanie Morgan: 37

Power Shot:
When you are taking a regular shot you only press the shot button . To do a 
power shot you simply press the shot and pass button at the same time and 
hold on 2 seconds and release . The shot meter will automatically fill up.

Unlimited Super Speed:
First, turn on power ups. Start a game and wait for Super Speed to appear.
Get it. While you have it, get one of your players called for roughing. 
When he or she comes back in, they will have unlimited Super Speed.
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