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Backyard Baseball 2003 Cheats

Backyard Baseball 2003

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Big City Stadium and Super Colossal Dome:
Win the Backyard World Series in season mode to unlock the Big City Stadium and
Super Colossal Dome.

Easy hits:
After the ball is pitched, press [Space] to pause game play. You will be able
to see where the ball is located. Move the pointer to where the ball is, press
[Space] again to resume the game, then hit the ball.

Mr. Clanky:
Win the Backyard World Series to unlock Mr. Clanky in the trophy box in the 
clubhouse. Click on him to use him in exhibition mode.

Babe Ruth:
Play as the Yankees and go undefeated through the entire season and post-season.

Skip player dialogue:
Press [Period] to skip through when the players talk.

Easy homerun:
In any mode except spectator, play in Cement Gardens. Hit a grounder into the
left field alley. If it goes out of view, it will be counted as a homerun.

Better power hits:
Hit two fouls (power) then one power. This will result in a homerun or a far hit.

Easy strikeouts:
First, use a left hook on the bottom left corner of the strike zone. Then, use
a right hook on the bottom right corner of the strike zone. Finally, use a fastball
orslowball on the top part of the strike zone. It may not work every time, but if 
it does, you can get a power-up.

Aluminum Power Bat:
Get two opponents on base then get the double play. Then, strike out the person.
Consider throwing slow balls to the top right or left, depending on how the batter

Pablo speaks English:
Go to a screen where Pablo says things. Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and click
on him. He will now speak in English.

Alternately, hold [Shift] at the screen where Pablo speaks.

Better Ashley and Sydney Webber:
When Ashley and Sydney Webber are on the same team in a single game or season mode
they will power-up. The skill point changes are as follows, when they are going to
have a great day. The point changes may vary, depending on how their day is.

Batting: 5  - Batting: 8
Running: 5  - Running: 8
Pitching: 6 - Pitching: 7
Fielding: 3 - Fielding: 8

Better Maria Luna:
Create a team, and make both colors pink. Choose Maria Luna for your team, and 
when you go to play she will be having a good day and have the following stats:
Batting 9, Running 9, Pitching 9, Fielding 10.

Create the Mighty Monsters team and make them all pink. Put Maria Luna on your
team and she will have 10-10-9-10 stats.

Better Marky Bubois:
When you decide to pick Marky Dubois, also choose Billy Jean Blackwood. Marky 
Dubois will fall in love so much he will power-up. However, Billy Jean Blackwood
will be so disgusted that she will lose skill points.

Better Sally Dobbs:
Put Ronny Dobbs and Sally Dobbs on the same team. Sally will now have 6 Batting, 
6 Running, full Pitching, and full Fielding.

Batting power-ups:
Crazy Bunt: The ball makes a lot of noise and moves crazily around the field 
until it hits a wall. Undergrounder: The ball digs itself underground and the
outfielders will not know what to do because the ball pops out anywhere.
Screaming Linedrive: The ball goes screaming anywhere on the field, and will
be impossible to catch. Aluminum Power Bat: The ball will blast out of the 
park and travel at least 600 feet

Getting rid of bad player stats:
On the first game of a season, if there is a player with minuses, press [Space] 
and go to "Restart". Your season will be there, and the players will not have 
any minuses. 

Recommended team:
When in single game or season mode, try this team: 

Pete Wheeler: 1B/CF 
Ken Griffey Jr.: CF/1B 
Jason Kendall: C/3B 
Achmed Kahn: 3B/C 
Greg Vauhgn: 2B 
Derek Jeter: SS/LF/RF 
Nomar Garciaparra: LF/RF/SS 
Alex Rodreguez: RF/SS/LF 
Amir Kahn/Frank Thomas/Randy Johnson: P 

Unlimited tries:
If your favorite player is up, or if it is two outs in the bottom of the ninth, 
click on "Time Out". Then, keep on clicking the bottom left hand corner buttons 
until prompted to exit out of the file (it will save). Then, go back into your 
file to your batter and play. If you do not do what you wanted to, press [Space] 
and select "Restart". The game will restart, and when you go back to the game, 
your batter will still be up at bat.

Keep perfect record:
If you have not saved the game (as happens when going to batting practice during 
the game), you can restart your computer or log off your WindowsXP username to 
get a second chance at the game. This is useful if you are playing a Season Game 
and want to go undefeated.

Better Sammy Sosa:
Submitted by: -Man

Put Sammy Sosa on the chicago cubs team and put him at RF which is Sammy's Position.

Easy hits:
* When the game is set to easy mode, intentionally pop up. 
* Sometimes the other team does not catch the ball. 
* Instead, it hits them and they fall. 
* This gives you a chance to get extra bases.
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