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Azure Striker Gunvolt Cheats

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Handmade Necklace:
Collect all seven hidden jewels then speak with Joule.

Broken Necklace:
Complete the "Firmament" level with the Handmade Necklace equipped.

Best Ending:
Defeat the True Final Boss. 

Special missions:
Defeat the True Final Boss to unlock four Gauntlet-style special missions. They 
do not have checkpoints and include more enemies than the normal stages. 

The Dullahan weapon:
Complete all four special missions. The Dullahan bullets that are more powerful 
but cannot tag enemies for electrical attacks. 

Lumen Audiolockets:
Turn in at least 3,000 Kudos at a checkpoint or through an offensive skill to 
receive a special pendant that can be synthed. When equipped, it will cause a 
specific song to be played instead of the normal background music. 
Note: This effect happens the first time you reach 1,000 kudos. The Audiolockets
can be earned at the following locations. 

Audiolocket 1 (Beyond the Blue)    : 1st Sumeragi 
Audiolocket 2 (Nebulous Clock)     : Subaquatic Base 
Audiolocket 3 (Azure Door)         : Media Tower 
Audiolocket 4 (Pain from the Past) : Biochem Plant 
Audiolocket 5 (Scorching Journey)  : Datastore 
Audiolocket 6 (Rouge Shimmer)      : Stratacombs 
Audiolocket 7 (A Zip to the Moon)  : Pharma Lab

Fight the True Final Boss:
Complete the "Firmament" level for the second time with the Handmade Necklace 

Spend at least 3,000 Kudos at a checkpoint or while earning an offensive skill
to get a special pendant that you can synth. Equip that pendant to change the 
background music to a particular song when you spend enough Kudos in a specific
area. The audiolockets can be found at the indicated locations. 

Beyond the Blue    : 1st Sumeragi
Nebulous Clock     : Subaquatic Base
Azure Door         : Media Tower
Pain from the Past : Biochem Plant
Scorching Journey  : Datastore
Rouge Shimmer      : Stratacombs
A Zip to the Moon  : Pharma Lab

How to Easy S+/SS Strategy:
Written by mdesaleah

-=What You Need First=-
* Two Adrenaline Lens, or preferably two Adrenaline Lens+.
* Lethal Lavaliere+.
* Voltaic Chains (reach Level 40).
* Septimal Surge (reach Level 65).

-=The Strategy=-
* Have everything in the previous section of the guide equipped.
* Start the stage you want, but do NOT use Gutless difficulty. This is doable 
  on Gutless, but the score you receive is much lower and may make things harder
  for no reason.
* Reach a group of 3-4+ enemies, activate Septimal Surge, and hope that it does 
  not cost anything to use (this is due to how the two Adrenaline Lense+ stack 
  their effects and give you a 50% change for a free Skill use).
* If Septimal Surge activates with no cost, then use Voltaic Chains on the group  
  of enemies. You should score and bank a large amount of Kudos all in one move. 
  The reason you want to do this with Septimal Surge is due to how it increases 
  your attack AND the amount of Kudos you earn at the same time.
* Do this 2-4 times in a stage (depending on the stage), and youíll have that 
  S+/SS rank easily.
* Beat the stage relatively quickly to earn the 1.5x multiplier. Lethal Lavaliere+ 
  gives you even more score just for having it equipped during the entire stage 
  (just donít touch spikes or lava since they are 1-hit kills now).
* Extra: since you earn so much Kudos with this, you can use Checkpoints as many 
  times as you like until the 50% free Septimal Surge occurs. Just hit Pause, then 
  click Retry, and youíll be able to try as many times as you want. Donít worry 
  too much about getting other multi-kill combos and focus more on doing things 
  fast for the Time Bonus.
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