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Azure Saga: Pathfinder Cheats

Azure Saga: Pathfinder

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Rosedragon

-=Demitrion's Ring=-
You can only get this by going to the king's room and check the side table 
after coming back from Crystalford Cavern, when the king 'too busy' looking
at the pot plant. If you miss it, then you can't get it.

-=Magic Spheres=-
#1 Ilfrigwood, inside the corpse flower

Cog #1 Rockpond Port. It is inside the broken crate.
Cog #2 Ixeris Temple.
Go to the location and solve the puzzle with this solution:
Then get the cog from the box.
Cog #3 Deathbarrow. Inside the crate.

=Solaris puzzle solution=-
Black den locked door: need sword shaped key
Summerhedge plains: some kind of key, spade shaped?
Ixeris north: keycard on valorshire temple after finishing it, go to the 
west side and there will be a gate that open. You will face an optional hard

There is a north gate on Northfalcon desert, no key

Ilfrigwood secret stash: when you are lost in maze, when finding tree with 
no leaves, there is a route that goes to a place with 3 (or was it four?) 
chests. No way to go to this place after clearing the maze.

Magic sphere: 1 on springvale acre (east side, I forgot on what I found it 
but it is an interesting object) very stronk odd trunks: springvale acre, 
not sure the uses yet, can't be picked up.

Valorshire temple: synchronizer. 
Seems to be job upgrade for Synch. 
Solaris necropolis.
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