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Axiom Verge Cheats

Axiom Verge

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Metroid Cheat Code Returns:
During gameplay, you can pause the game and head to the Notes screen, then 
enter "Justin Bailey" as your passcode. The hero will appear in a swimsuit, 
as Samus Aran famously did if you entered the same password in the original 
Metroid for NES.

Passcodes List:
Using the Passcodes tool, enter the passcodes indicated below to activate the 
corresponding effects.

Code              Effect
REVEAL-SUDRAN   - Allows you to easily read all notes written in Sudran.
REVEAL-VYKHYA   - Allows you to easily read all notes written in Vykhya.
DALKHU-SUBTUM   - Opens a secret room in Eribu.
DINGER-GISBAR   - Opens a secret room in Eribu.
IKKIBU-LABIRU   - Opens a secret room in Eribu.
ISKART-EHANZU   - Opens a secret room in E-Kur-Mah.

General Tips:
* Constantly use the drill and disruptor to find hidden items or even secret
* The Kilver is arguably the best weapon in the game, at least in the first 
  half or so. It doesn't have much range, but it goes through walls and deals
  a ton of damage.
* The Voranj is a great option for dealing with enemies that are in tough 
  to reach places, as the spread attack covers a lot of areas.
* Eventually you get a passcode tool which requires some very complex 
  passcodes. Keep an eye out on the environment and glitch enemies often.
  You'll be surprised by what you might find.
* Glitching enemies makes fighting them a lot easier, so get in the habit
  of doing it all the time. In fact, one particular enemy continually drops
  health if you glitch them. How great is that?!
* Dying puts you back at the last save point, but you keep all of your 
  progress. So there may be spots in which you want to die on purpose 
  to avoid backtracking.
* Axiom Verge doesn't technically have fast travel, but the middle part 
  of the map that connects everything allows you to travel quickly with 
  the help of a friend. Hop on the creature's head and marvel at its speed.
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