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Aveyond Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

What are the Swords of Power, and where can they be found?:
Sword of Chaos   - Eastern most part of the New Witchwood/Swamp; buried.
Sword of Light   - The network of caves near Dirkon, on the Western Isle. 
                   In a chest.
Sword of Silence - In the Icy Caves, Northern Isle. The caves with the Moon Druid.
Sword of Might   - Southern isle, Demon caves, in a chest
Sword of Dreams  - The dreamworld, head west after entering, its in a chest in a cave.
Sword of Shadows - Given after finding all the druids. Get it in Aveyond.

How do you open the blue and gold chests?:
After getting a boat, you can buy it from a person who often sells illicit goods On 
the east Veniara island, a pirate sells a picklock for 300 gold.

Where do you get a shovel?:
Near where there are lots of graves! Do two mini-quests for a witch in New Witchwood.

Dig at this spot to activate the portal stone system. A dialog box will open to let
you know that the system has been activated. When you activate the portal stone system,
you will be able to buy portal stones in villages and cities. You can use portal stones
to teleport to different cities around the world.

List of places and their continent:
Eastern Continent  - Ghalarah, Veldarah, Ejindro, Wildwoods, Ghed'ahre, New Witchwood
Northern Continent - Aveyond, Teacup Town, the Fairies, 
Western Continent  - Sedona (Penninsula), Clearwater (Highlands), Brumwich (Lowlands), 
                     Dirkon (Penninsula), Gentle Children School (Lowlands), Thieves 
                     Hideout (Penninsula) Oldwoods Elves place (Lowlands), Squirrels 
                     place (Highlands)
Southern Continent - Veldt, Demon Caves, Stronghold Temple, Dragon...And Veniara Islands.
Thias Continent    - Thias, Mysten Far

Tips and Tricks:
How you graduate from academy? It's easy, but you need two things, you need a mirror
which can be purchased in veldarah (or sedona, i forget... gomen nasai) and you need 
a bee wax. to retrieve the wax but a smokebomb from cat city, and if you travel within
cavern of time you see a bee hive, and voila you get it! after that kill the hind that
cause people to petrify in ... (i forget the name again, in the island where veldarah 
and southern path) and you'll get hind harp, get those to the academy and say hello to
the new sword singer and sorcerer, which allowed you to buy orb staff and using sword 
of power.

How to get red slippers?: 
Have you get the swamp maker (i forget the real name), if you haven't go to cat town
and find out that one of the cat can't talk. and talk to a merchant who sale the 
swamp maker for a very swooping price, 1.000.000!!! but he will give you for free 
if you save the cat and retrieve her sound box. which stolen by a harpy located nort
of the city! KILL and get the swamp maker to the witch with red slippers! and voila,
you get IT!

How to get dragon:
First speak with Veldarah's queen, then buy bird cage (in the same city), and find 
bird seed in chimp cave (near clearwater area. the bird is located in sedona area, 
it's called nightigale. after that, get that to queen. she will give you dragon handle
(give it the dragon), if you qant a ride on that dragon, go to the pirate john trapped
in prison in veniara. talk to him, and get yourself one of the strongest swordplayer 
(just like tei'jal) and your own dragon rider. if you already get dragon, you can visit
thais and mysten var from ahriman's prohecy.

How to get the artwork to get into the ball:
First have you get the witch's son to a school called gentle school? (located in ### 
i forget the name ###, you just go the island of Sedona and go to the south path from
ship. if you already get the son there. You can talk to him to get his " interesting"
picture. but you need gown to enter the ball.
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