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Autonauts Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Note: This only works for Version 3.

* Actually, there are cheats in the game and quite easy to activate:
* Open the save folder: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts\

* Another way to get the to the right folder (on Windows):
* Press Windows + R.
* Input %appdata%\..\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts\

* Press Enter and it should open the right folder.
* Create a new text file called "Cheat.txt"

And, thatís it, reload the game and the cheats should work 
(At least the CheatTools button works now).

* The CheatTools-Menu is usually bound to T.

Basic Guide and Tips:
Written by The Intelligent One.

Saw a lot of common questions I'd put together a guide with things you might miss 
out on how it works, or are just helpful to know in general.

Since I just felt like making this now (maybe out of procrastination) this is probably 
not gonna be some kind of super high quality mega guide, and I'm likely not going to 
maintain it much, but I did want to make this because there's a lot of things that can 
be easy to miss or helps a lot to know. I might forget some stuff I wanted to put here, 
so there may be additions later.

Look through the controls. Seriously, I forgot to do that since I just thought "Well, 
I know how to play a video game" and totally missed things like the button that allows
 you to switch your hand with your backpack without having to put anything on the ground
Robots can do basically everything you can do. This includes the obvious things you're 
taught about like picking up and using tools, but they can also charge robots just like 
you do, (and if you set up at least two bots on recharge duty to an area, the chance of 
robots there needing manual recharging ever becomes extremely close to 0%) and even change 
a building's active recipe.

Related to the previous point, try everything. Both in seeing what your robots can and 
can't do, but also it never hurts to see how new things work.

Use the Autonautopedia (the TAB menu) a lot. Since currently there is no up to date wiki, 
that's gonna be your best bet for a lot of info. You can check on all research, what they 
require, what they provide, you can check every item and how to get it, and not just the 
recipes but even things like "put tree seed in hole to get tree", and if it needs research 
it also tells you which it needs, so you can always see easily how to get an item you're 
looking for.

Bots dig holes in a specific pattern. When you tell bots to dig holes you'll notice that 
they leave a tile between each hole, resulting in a grid pattern. And not just that but 
the pattern is global, it's not based on the designated area, which means that you should 
always check first where they will dig the holes before planning around them.

Items that have not been touched will disappear after some time. This means that if you 
want something to not despawn, you or a bot has to touch it. It also means that resources 
produced but not gathered will eventually disappear. I had a moment where I watched a 
ton of Wuv disappear right in front of me because I forgot to start the next research 
and didn't have a buffer chest yet to collect Wuv into.

Go for berries, ignore the shrooms. At least in the current version (125) mushrooms 
are extremely inefficient compared to berries. They take more work and produce less food, 
so just berry it up.

The answer to every problem is always more bots. Resources too far? More bots. 
Production too slow? More bots. Recipe too complicated? More bots. Feeling lonely on 
a Saturday night? More bots.

-=Pro Tips=-
With spare memory you can make bots work in larger areas. For example a basic recharge
bot has one set of Find->Move to->Recharge instructions, but with memory to spare you 
can add more of that (at least 2 more on the Mk1 bots) and each Find instruction will 
have it's own area, meaning you can multiply the max area of a bot like this.

You can move things around extremely freely. Every structure even if it's just a 
blueprint, or even if it's a filled storage building can be freely moved around. This 
means that reorganizing your base is extremely easy, and it also means that you don't 
need to build things where you want them to end up.

For example I have a construction area set up very near to my resources, with bots 
told to add those resources to blueprints, so I can just plop down the blueprints in 
the area, have the bots finish the buildings while I do other things, then just move 
the completed buildings to their intended place.

If the target area is a structure, even if you move it, the bots will know where it 
is. Thanks to this, if you set up a bot to take tools from a crate or maybe the 
workbench itself, even if you move things around you don't have to worry about 
reprogramming them.

Don't be fooled and think signs are just decoration. The signs actually have a 
function and can be useful, and they work mostly the same. Basically they allow 
you to turn an area into a structure, which becomes really useful combined with my 
previous point.

For example I have a group of digger bots that dig up the turf in an area. Since I 
set their area as the sign, I can put that sign wherever I want, and without having 
to redesignate the area for each of the bots, they'll just do their jobs. However 
be careful when moving the sign: if the robots are still active they will still see 
the area as you drag the sign around, which can cause them to work in random tiles 
on the way, so if you move the sign just stop the bots first.

The difference between the signs seems to be that the directional sign's area is a 
single tile, while the billboard has a larger area than a regular sign.
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