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ATV Mudracer Cheats

ATV Mudracer

Cheat Codes:
Submiited by: conner54

Press ~ to display the console window, then enter one of the 
following codes.

Effect	  Code	
Win race	- pass	
Lose race	- fail

Heres a List with (useless) DEBUG codes and leftovers from
earlier games using the same engine (Taxi.Racer.London.../
Taxi.Racer.New.York, etc.) that you might want to play with:

WIREFRAME               Wireframe
SHOWSOMEDEBUG           Show Debug
MEMREPORT               Report Memory
AUTOMEMREPORT           Report Memory (causes performance lag)
EXIT                    Exit Game
VER                     Shows Engineversion
FPS                     Framespersecond Counter
NEXTURMISSION           Unknow
ATVAIRECORD             Unknow
TELEPORT                Unknow
USEDTEX                 Unknow
UNUSEDTEX               Unknow
VSYNC                   Unknow
PRINTMLPSTACK           Unknow
GETTIMESCALAR           Unknow
SETTIMESCALAR           Unknow
VBSWITCH                Unknow
TEXSWITCH               Unknow
VERTEX                  Unknow
POLY                    Unknow
PATHSTEPSIZE            Unknow
AISTEPSIZE              Unknow
CUTMISSION              Unknow
FREECAM                 Unknow
CUTTIME                 Unknow
CUTSAMPLE               Unknow
CUTINDEX                Unknow
CAMERAEDITOR            Unknow
SETSTEPSIZE             Unknow
GIMMESOMETIME           Unknow
JUMP                    Unknow
LENSFLARE               Unknow
FLARESAVE               Unknow
SHOWNODES               Unknow
SHOWRESPAWNS            Unknow
SHOWSOUNDS              Unknow
REIGNINBLOOD            Unknow
INTROCAMEDITOR          Unknow
GAMEDEBUGSTUFF          Unknow
CANNON                  Unknow
NEXTURMISSION           Unknow
MINIGUN                 Unknow
TELEPORT                Unknow
GOD                     Unknow
CARCAMEDIT              Unknow
CARCAMSETLERP           Unknow
SAVECARCAM              Unknow
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