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Asterix At The Olympic Games Cheats

Asterix At The Olympic Games

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Saving in this game can only be done at save points. These are boothes 
  with two shiny pedastels in front of them randomly spread throughout 
  the Olympic Village. The first save point is shown clearly by the game,
  so don't worry if my description makes no sense.

* You can regain health one of two ways: Buying meat chunks from vending 
  machines or performing bomb drops near the sparkly spots you see on the
  ground. Doing this several times brings up urns from the ground which 
  contain meat (creepy...).

* In some areas (including the first section of the game) there are magic 
  potions which increase Asterix's strength and speed temporarily. They 
  aren't needed most of the time, but will come in handy during the final

* You must complete an Olympic event in story mode before you can play it 
  in Olympic Mode to earn the achievements. All events are required to 
  complete the story and are non-missable.

* In fact no achievements in the game are missable. You may have to back-
  track at one point or another to grab missed collectables, but there are
  no points of no-return.

* That should be all the information you need to complete this games.
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