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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars Cheats

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get the 7th Music/Song Inspiration Item:
Means the one in between "Hymn of Ethrus" (item: Prayer of Ethrus) and 
"Fleeting Days" (Item: Gift for Marrisa). Warning! There might be spoilers.

-=The Song=-
Itís a beautiful song "The City of Stars".

It requires several steps:

* Gain Starlightís trust.
* Get a comedies collection from a writer in Arges Bazaar by providing 
  him stardusts.
* Exchange the comedies collection with Starlight to get a book of poems.
* Give the poems to a poet outside of Laurel Mansion to get a gift.
* Give the gift to Marrisa.

How to Pick Up Potions at Max:
The game letting you pick up potions, extras are stored. How it works?

-=Tips to Pick Up Potions at Over Limit=-
The potiona are stored at the base camp area. If you canít do it than you 
havenít progressed all that far, when you get to the hub zone talk to the 
blonde woman who is stern/blunt. Youíll know the one, she keeps all your 
extra stuff in storage. And she stores all your previous stuff retroactively.

The blonde calls Roxanne and she holds potions in storage for you at The 
Shelter (and any other consumables you grabbed when over the carry limit).

And there is a side quest from Roxane that can unlock remote storage feature 
so that you can get all storage items from conduits.

How to Properly Parry:
You can see a transparent glimmer ahead of you when you hit the button. 
that is the parry window. You basically have to time that glimmer so the
enemys attack touches that.

Itís a small window, and needs practice.
PS: You can extend this parry window with a talent in the Spear tree.
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