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Artificer Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock All Alchemy Research:
Written by Annaz

This is the guide on how to unlock all Alchemy Research in the game.

Alchemy research is the backbone to create elixirs and bombs used 
throughout the game.

It is highly suggested to unlock all Survival research first as this will 
speed up our process significantly.

-=Equivalent Exchange=-
To start unlocking Alchemy Research, first find the Thabit crew which has 
been turned to stone north of our crash site

Then, report this back to Salazar at our base. This will unlock Equivalent exchange.

It allows us to craft:
* Alchemy Cauldron;
* Alchemical Laboratory;
* Alchemical Reagents;
* Snakeweed Spirits.

-=Alchemical Stability / Purifying Albedo=-
Then proceed to build the Alchemy Cauldron which we have previously obtained the 
recipe in Equivalent exchange.
* We will be blowing up the cauldron in order to unlock the next research.
* Use charcoal to heat up the cauldron. Charcoal is made from 2 pieces of Wailwood 
  Log heated up in Kiln.
* Proceed to add more than 3 items into the cauldron.
* The explosion will unlock the Alchemical Stability & Purifying Albedo Research.
* Alchemical Stability will allow us to craft Laudanum which is going to help us 
  unlock a few more researches.
* Purifying Albedo research will help us in creating Albedo and Quicklime.

-=Volatile Vapors=-
Researching Alchemical Stability also unlocks Volatile Vapors.

This allows us to craft:
* Bottled Inferno;
* Malathion;
* Mist of Dissolution;
* Arboreal Acid;
* Empty Bomb Shell;
* Inferno Bomb;
* Dissolution Bomb;
* Arboreal Bomb.

-=Wonderous Mithridate=-
After that proceed to build the Alchemical Laboratory which we have previously 
obtained the recipe in Equivalent exchange.
The Alchemy lab will be used to unlock most of the Alchemy Research.

* Once built, ask Salazar about the progress on the petrification cure.
* This will unlock Wonderous Mithridate, allowing us to create the cure for the  
  petrification curse.

-=Liquid Clarity=-
As we've built the alchemy lab, now we can start research using the alchemy lab itself.

* First of all create Laudanum from our Alchemical Stability research earlier on.
* For the first Laudanum created, consume it first.
* This will give Raymond drunk vision for around 5 minutes and also unlock Liquid 
  Clarity Research.
* This allows us to craft Potion of Clarity which later will be used to gather Night shade.

-=Hermetical Mutators=-
Next, proceed to research Laudanum at the Alchemy lab to unlock Hermetical Mutators.
Do keep in mind that we will need Alchemical Reagents and Paper for each research.
This allows us to craft:
* Rocuron;
* Pyrethrin.

-=Esoteric Optics=-
Don't stop at researching Laudanum once only as there is another Research which can be unlocked.

Proceed to Research Laudanum three more times until we reach 100% completion, this will unlock 
Esoteric Optics.

This will allow us to predict the effects of our actions while studying alchemy.

-=Magnetic Mysteries=-
Next, we will research lodestone.

Mine stones until we find a lodestone.

Research lodestone in the lab to unlock Magnetic mysteries.

This allows us to create the Elixir of Magnetism.

-=Combustible Alchemicals=-
Then research charcoal to unlock Combustible Alchemicals.

We would now be able to craft:
* Potion of Warmth;
* Anthracite;
* Niter.

-=Frugal Alchemy=-
Researching Combustible Alchemicals also unlocks Frugal Alchemy.

This allows us to have 50% chance of producing two elixirs instead of just one.

-=Harmful Agents=-
Next research Wailworm Gland in the Alchemy lab.

Wailworm Gland is obtained from a dissected Wailworm.

This will allow us to craft:
* Sewer Bouquet;
* Wailworm Essence;
* Worm Repellent.

-=Augumented Regeneration=-
Next research Ossimian Bones in the Alchemy Lab.

Ossimian bones is obtained from a dissected Ossimian.

This will allow us to craft:
* Elixir of Regrowth;
* Potion of haste;

-=Metabolic Control=-
Researching Augmented Regeneration also unlocks Metabolic Control.

This allows us to craft:
* Deathly slumber potion;
* Draught of stone.

-=Theriac Mutagen=-
After that we are going to find Wailroot.
This creature can be found in tree trunks in the forest.

Once you defeat the Wailroot, right click to research it.

This will unlock Theriac Mutagen which allows us to craft Elixir of Clear Veins.

-=Chimer Transmutations=-
The defeated wailroot will drop Wailroot Lymph.
Researching this at the alchemy lab unlocks Chimer Transmutations.

This will allow us to craft:
* Chimer Plate;
* Chimer Armor;
* Traumatic triggers.

Next, craft the Deathly Slumber Potion from our Metabolic Control research earlier 
on Drinking this unlocks Traumatic triggers.

Do keep in mind that without armor, a lot of damage will be dealt to us during the 

Traumatic triggers allows us to craft Blood Vitriol.

-=Sublime Metamorphosis=-
Lastly, craft Pyrethrin from our Hermetical Mutators research earlier on Researching 
Pyrethrin at the alchemy lab will unlock Sublime Metamorphosis.

This allows us to craft:

* Hermetic Vase;
* Breath of the Goddess;
* Odour of Omens;
* Eld Whiff.
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