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Army of Ruin Cheats

Army of Ruin

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
* Upgrades – As you evolve in the game, you unlocks more Trinkets and 
  Weapons and it enhances the chances of not wanted ones to appear when
  levelling. Enhance the slots that appear when you level up to up to 6
  or 8 each time you roll.
* Banishments – Change it to up to 20 Bans and 20 Re-Rolls
* Projectiles – Add one more projectile purchase in Skills, for a ton 
  of Gold, like 500,000 gold. In that way we start the game with one +3
  more Projectile. (I don’t know how it will affect the gameplay at the
  endgame in Endless stages). (Adding more Projectiles after a certain 
  number, add more Damage instead of adding more Projectiles.)
* Luck – Up to 200% on Skills
* Favorites – Allow builds to be pre-made at least 1 or 2. Ranged Upgrades 
  and Close Weapons for example.
* Pickup Range – Up to 500% for a very high price too. Like ton of gold. 
  500,000 gold each level up.
* Speed – I recognize that more than 50% at start could break the game.
* Interests – Upgrade it to up to a 1000% value in skills. Enhance its 
  value to upgrade too, like Pickup Range and Projectiles.
* Skill Cooldown – I am not an expert on this kind of game yet, but I 
  didn’t found or could make/handle a build mainly based on my Character
  Skill. And That would be a good option available too. Maybe enhancing 
  Skill Cooldown on Skills would be a good option, for more GOLD too.
   Like up to 70% Skill Cooldown.
* Trinkets – HUD option to sort them based on their infusion, instead of 
  alphabetically. And swap the infusions from time to time, allowing us 
  to do new builds.
* Weapons – Same as Trinkets.
* Ice Power Up – Appear up to 5 or 10 min based on how long will be the 
  stage. Why? A: This Power Up is good only when you need to _ run from 
  _ mobs. After that time, you already wants to rush into them for more 
  Experience. Another tip is to select what power ups will appear ingame.
  Like Skills Favorite.

* Ancestral Razor – After evolving to Ethereal Razor, make the blade 
  less colored on its edge. It will make it appear more like a blade.
* Cupid’s Arrow – After evolving to Corrupted Arrow make it less 
  saturaded, to make it appear more with the skill in its Icon.
* Fiendish Tear – Change its evolution from Plague Tear to Cursed Tear 
  or anything related to demon/curse. It feels way better and combine a 
  lot more with the skill being a Darkness one. Change its attributes 
  from Poison to Curse enemies. Change colors, and effects of it when 
  levelled. Make its evolution looks more like the one Fiendish Tear. 
  This is the coolest weapon in the game. But after its evolution its 
  total ugly.
* Miracle Staff – Enhance its explosion size. When leveling Magma Staff  
 it enhances way more than what Miracle Staff. You can feel it really 
  stronger when playing.
* Strom Javelin & Thunderstorm Javelin – Make the animation of it going 
  out of the character and reaching floor quicker. Or change it to 
  falling from sky. This was the most cool skill ingame when I began.
* Jellyfish Ashes – Weapon is bugged to me. It just not shoot. I mean,
  never shoot. Levelled, or not.

Tips to Complete Not Getting Hit Challenge:
The build I used to accomplish the no damage taken runs was…

* Quicksilver Spears: Innate
* Mighty Punch: Great Knock Back for anything that gets too close
* Living Paintbrush: Great Knock Back in front of you
* Necromancers Gauntlets: Good Damage for anything too close
* Frozen Shards: Great for Crowd Control behind you
* Landslide: was a good option for sending out damage away from me
* Buckler: Great for emergency protection
* Leather Bracers: This is a mainstay for practically every build
* Silver Bullet: To Boost Knock Back
* Banner of Ruin OR Heavy Greaves: More Fire Rate
* Emerald Ring: Ariana’s skill makes her invincable and deals massive 
  damage on touch
* Forbidden Shield: More FIRE rate

You want to focus on Fire Rate and Knock Back. Keep Ariana’s skill ready 
for bosses. Be sure to pay attention to the skill timer, you want to stand 
inside the boss while it is up but be sure to move away before it ends.

Dont rush anywhere, take it slow and steady. Pay attention to each minit’s 
spawns. Avoid any random attacks that could knock enemies into you, you 
want attacks that fire out away from you. Try to get whatever chests appear, 
and make sure to evolve as much as possible.

Try to get Forbidden Shield maxed out as soon as possible, but not at the 
cost of evolvable weapons and completeing the buildout. You dont need to go 
after any special bosses unless you’re built up well enough to make the 
journey safely.

And just Pay Attention, especially at the begining and at each new minit. Be 
sure to avoid traps. And you can always check the challenges in the pause 
menu, if you get hit, the challenge will not show up anymore. Have fun and 
good luck.

Don’t Move Challenge Tips:
Just be sure to have many DPS-upgrades purchased and you take no ruin level 
(=> lowest difficulty).

I think Mork is suited well to the task. He starts with mighty punch, which 
is an excellent weapon with short range. Also he has improved damage, attack
 size, health and pickup radius, which helps immensly. His hefty malus to 
movement is completely negated by the goal of this task.

I would recommend weapons that have lower range to make sure the enemies die 
in your vicinity (toxic stench, sparksword, mighty punch, wolf’s fang, 
necromancer gauntlets and so on).

As trinkets everything boosting your pickup radius, the DPS of your weapons, 
and health / regeneration is very welcome. Shackles are also formidable, as 
the enemies will spend more time in your damage auras. As another poster said, 
thorns can help you get some chests, but this requires a little finetuning.

And yes: You cannot get chests in a classical way. You have to resist moving 
at all cost…
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