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Army Men 3 - Word War Cheats

Army Men 3 - Word War

Cheat Codes:
Enable the cheat codes with: !throw me a frickin bone here.

Then use one of these: 

Result                                        Code 
Mission skip                                - !cut to the chase  
Debug mode                                  - !rate me  
Mission failed                              - !the meek  
Disable AI                                  - !oh behave  
Enable AI                                   - !mojo 
Unit receives three bombing airstrikes      - !heavenly glory 
Unit receives three napalm airstrikes       - !this one goes to eleven 
Unit receives three recons                  - !peep show  
Unit receives nine blue disguises           - !i woke up this morning  
Unit receives nine gray disguises           - !incognito  
Unit receives flak jacket                   - !whistle and flute  
Unit receives unlimited ammo sniper rifle   - !yippee!!! 
Unit receives unlimited air attack          - !roody-pooh  
Unit receives unlimited plastic mending kit - !florence 
Faster soldiers                             - !pump me up  
Kill selected units                         - !time for bed  
Random item/effect                          - !mona lisa  
Remove disguises                            - !let me down  
Unit receives three paratroopers            - !johnny ricco 	
Unit receives nine tan disguises            - !no sunblock 	
Unlimited bazooka                           - !i like to keep this handy 	
Unlimited flamethrower                      - !patty melt 	
Unlimited grenades                          - !you want some 	
Vulcan machine gun                          - !hello neo 	
Minesweeper                                 - !i got two words for ya... 	
30 mines                                    - !sprinkles 	
Unit on fire                                - !disco inferno 	
Extinguishes fire                           - !disco is dead 	
Large explosion                             - !italian job 	
Teleport unit to pointer location           - !door 	
Faster soldiers                             - !pump me up 	
Display programmer message                  - !when all else fails... 	
Display programmer message                  - !vic fontaine 	
Invincibility for all units                 - !captain scarlet 	
Invincibility disabled                      - !only human 	
Small gun (use unknown) in item box         - !here's a lockpick... 	
Small gun (use unknown) in item box         - !penny 	
Unknown                                     - !full monty  
Unknown                                     - !game over  
Unknown                                     - !mib 
Unknown                                     - !scotty 
Unknown                                     - !hey stifler  
Unknown                                     - !one time...  
Unknown                                     - !spiny norman  
Unknown                                     - !stay frosty  
Unknown                                     - !henry 
Unknown                                     - !harsh language  
Unknown                                     - !halloween
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