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Army Men - Sarge's Heroes Cheats

Army Men - Sarge's Heroes

Cheat Codes:
Enter the following password to activate the cheat function. 

Effect    Password 	
Rockets - RDGLR

Submitted by: vlakvark
In the last level start by jumping on the fire place and collecting
all the ammo(if the flamethrower gets you fall on the ground and roll).
then proceed to the poodle destroying all the tan troopers that are in 
your way(dont shoot the poodle as it's off ammo and you can't destroy
it). Then follow the carpet to the bazooka guy's and destroy them all 
(wath out for the mortar shots). rush to the portall and stand behind 
the portall. Shoot the two thin superweapons and wait. 
The fat superweapon will try to corner and squish you run out of the
other side ,stand behind the super weapon and shoot him in the back.
Walk up to the portal and you won.

Level Passwords:
Password   Result
FLLNGDWN    Level 02	
GTMLK       Level 03	
CHLLBB	Level 04	
CLSNGN	Level 05	
DGTHS       Level 06	
FRNKSTN     Level 07	
BDBZ        Level 08	
LBBCK       Level 09	
DSKJB       Level 10	
GTSLP       Level 11	
SMLLVILL    Level 12	
CHRGT       Level 13	
NTBRT       Level 14	
RDGLR       Level 15	
FSTNLS      Level 16	
WHSWZRD     Level 17
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