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Army Men - Toys in Space Cheats

Army Men - Toys in Space

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

First use this one (Hit BACKSPACE and type):
!throw me a frickin bone here - Enable cheats
You may now hit backspace and type any of the other codes:

Code                         Effect 
!captain scarlet           - God Mode 
!full monty                - God Mode Plus Items 
!stay frosty               - Give Sarge a ForceField 
!henry                     - Gives 30 Insecticide Spray 
!harsh language            - Gives 20 Fly Swatters 
!here's a lockpick...      - Give Unlimited Flame Napalm 
!mib                       - Give Sarge a Laser Rifle 
!this one goes to eleven   - Gives 3 Napalm Strikes 
!scotty                    - Give 3 SpaceMen Renforcements 
!hey stifler               - Give Unlimited Glue 
!one time...               - Give 3 Baseballs 
!spiny norman              - Give 3 HammerMines 
!let me down               - Drops Sarges Health to almost 0 
!pump me up                - Give Sarge a Steriods Boost 
!rate me                   - Show FPS 
!roody-pooh                - Give Unlimited Air Attacks 
!the meek                  - Lose Scenario 
!cut to the chase          - Win Scenario 
!halloween                 - Changes the Enemy Troops Into Zombies 
!time for bed              - Lose Scenario 
!mona lisa                 - Gives Random Item 
!florence                  - Gives Unlimited MediKit 
!johnny ricco              - Gives 3 Paratroopers 
!peep show Gives           - 3 Recons 
!heavenly glory            - Gives 3 AirStrikes 
!yippee!!!                 - Gives A Sniper Rifle 
!penny                     - Gives Unlimited M80's 
!hey dante                 - Unlimited Aerosol 
!the sun                   - Unlimited Magnifying Glass 
!whistle and flute         - Give Sarge a Flak-Jacket 
!i woke up this morning    - Gives 9 Blue Disguise 
!no sunblock               - Gives 9 Tan Disguise 
!incognito                 - Gives 9 Grey Disguise 
!i got two words for ya... - Gives A MineSweeper 
!haunt haunt haunt!        - Gives 10 Explosives 
!sprinkles                 - Gives 30 Mines 
!i like to keep this handy - Gives Unlimited Bazooka 
!patty melt                - Gives Unlimited FlameThrower 
!you want some             - Gives Unlimited Grenades 
!disco inferno             - Sets Sarge on fire (But Doesnt Hurt Him) 
!disco is dead             - Extinguishes Sarge's Fire 
!no one expects            - Summons a Horde Of Enemy Troops 
!italian job               - Sets Off A Huge Explosion Around Your Sarge 
!its dark                  - Hides All Enemy Troops on Mini-Map 
!door                      - Teleports Sarge to Cursor Location 
!only human                - Unknown Effect 
!sarge calibur             - Unknown Effect 
!know your role...         - Unknown Effect 
!hello neo                 - Unknown Effect 
!vic fontaine              - Unknown Effect 
!mojo                      - makes enemys move again 
!game over                 - Unknown Effect 
!when all else fails...    - Unknown Effect

Update CheatMode:
-Submitted by: Gamer

After activating cheat mode, type 

Code                 Result
!there is no spoon - and you can see every thing on 
                     the mini map. 
!oh behave         - will freeze the enemys and !mojo will 
                     make them move again.

Submitted by: Chris Young

When doing a mission, hit backspace then type in !throw me a frickin 
bone here. After that you enter the desired cheat, here are some. 
!captain scarlet for god mode 
!there is no spoon to reveal all enemies on the map.

More Damage in Multiplayer:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

When using the flamethrower in two player mode, tap the X button instead 
of holding it. The flamethrower will then do more damage.
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