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ArchMage Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

This cheat requires editing of save files so dont forget to back-up! Go to
save folder then open the files with the file name player# (replace # with
0 to 5) with notepad. Here you can edit the name runes and spells you have.

Crown of Thorns powerup:
THAT is the key to getting 100% kills--or even HIGHER than 100%! As soon as 
you grab the Crown of Thorns, it'll say "Destroy all enemies"--but they don't
die! IMMEDIATELY head to the lower-left corner of the screen for a handful of
random powerups, Runes, even new Spells!

Best Spell for a Boss:
Pain Taught is the best Spell for a Boss, as it takes the spread-fire idea 
and turns it inside-out! Instead of diverging, the shots converge, meaning 
ONE enemy takes it all! Can really SHRED a Boss, or any other tough enemies.
Also inflicts Poison, and Poison damage is based on the health of the enemy.
(As opposed to burning damage, which is based on the Spell, and therefore 

Spells for NON-Boss:
Plague or WildWind are the best Spells for NON-Boss enemies. Plague has 
a good spread and a fair rate-of-fire, even with NO powerups, and inflicts
Poison. WildWind makes little snaking "cracks" of ice, damaging enemies 
anywhere on the screen! Forget aiming, WildWind will literally go anywhere 
good against enemies that actually fire back, IF you're lucky enough that 
the WildWind actually hits'em! Which one you use is completely dependant 
on playstyle: Plague is somewhat aimable, and inflicts Poison, while 
WildWind has a chance of Freezing enemies, preventing them from moving 
or firing.
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