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Arcanum - Magick Obsura Cheats

Arcanum - Magick Obsura

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Peter

Type in [Shift][Crtl]+[Alt] then a box comes up then ytpe in box 200 (the number) character
points then press enter you can type this cheat as many times as you like for arcanum full
version and the demo.

Submitted by: nightraider

Your main objective can be seen in the load/save screen. Other objectives are not relevant
to the main one. 

Some of the locations I didn't discover yet, so it is up to you. Since this game covers 
huge playing area, and the maximum level is 50 (after 50, you don't receive any more points),
I highly suggest to build WP up to fifteen and learn teletransportation spell to save more 
time, or you prefer to walk. Here are the map coordinates for the Arcanum Continent. 

Torin Quarry W1420, S1100 
Torgs Altar W1214, S1139 
Crash Site W1452, S1292 
Arbalahs House 
W1453, S1304 
Shrouded Hills 
W1409, S1306 
Simon Fahrkus- Shack 
W1452, S1326 
Black Root W1097, S1442 
Wolfs Cave W1230, S1532 
Liams Workshop 
W1181, S1466 
Ancient Maze W1368, S1585 
Tarant W937, S1027 
W1238, S1652 
Razor Points W1503, S1771 
Hardins Pass W1289, S712 
Stone Cutter Clan W1342, S887 
Wheel Clan W954, S667 
Still Water W1191, S754 
The Black Mountain Mines W1308, S755 

Ancient Temple 
W775, S917 
Vooriden W871, S1191 
Elven Ruins W712, S1022 
Forbidden Pit W833, S1032 
Kree W635, S1203 
W506, S987 
Ancient Shipwreck W500, S891 
The Lair of Bellerogrim W769, S839 

Shades Beach W374, S826 
The Women's Camp W268, S823 
The home of Maximilian 
W321, S837 

Falcon's Ache W1327, S562 
Quintarr W1546, S657 
Small Pond W1596, S881 
Small Camp W1262, S477 
T\'sen Ang W1507, S297 
Secret Village W1320, S181 
The Poachers Camp W1207, S275 
The Bedokaan Village W1179, S315 

Kerlin's Altair W883, S423 
The Bog 
W1077, S514 
Strange Pond W620, S526 

Broken Cathedral W1630, S1206 
The Old Lagoon 
W1694, S1320 
The Cold Place 
W1612, S1414 
Rosen borough 
W1749, S1514 
Bold\'s Altar W1626, S1635 
W1606, S1828 

Small Money Trick:
Once you reach Tarant go to Madam Lil', don't pay for the girl and she'll give
u a quest as payment for a "short time". Complete the quest and talk to her 
again and ask for a girl but don't pay. She'll ask u to collect from a costumer,
a door man. SAVE YOUR GAME. Find the man, talk to him, tell him that u're 
collecting the money. Whatever u do don't agree that you'll be back in 5 days 
WITHOUT taking the 200 coins OK. Take the 200 FOR NOW and u'll get the 200 in 5
days. BUT talk to him again in the same way(OVER AND OVER, until you have the 
money that u want). It's just 200 but, it's big help for now.

Liams Workshop:
When you go to close the gate, don't. You can go from level 12 to 30 in a
couple of hours of just killing the creatures that come out of the gate. 
There is a limit to how many come out though. This makes the rest of the 
game much easier if you are just in it for the story anyway.

Use Harm Spell:
I also found that harm is a beautiful spell at higher levels - you can 
just keep ripping on the enemy with it, and after 3 or 4 hits, even some
tough opponents crumble (all for only 20 mana.) Combined with a high dex,
you can barrage opponents and quickly turn the tide of any fight.

Learn How to Pick Locks:
I found a way to never worry about money again. Learn how to pick
locks. You can go to lots of different shops (Shrouded hills for 
example) pick the locks (a set of lockpicks/auto skeleton key make
a big difference) to their back rooms and then the one on the chest/
barrel/crate. All of the items they have for sale are inside those 
chests. Find the stuff that sells for a big price and sell their 
own stuff back to them until they're broke. They get a new supply
of money every day. Save the game next to the door before you pick
it in case the lock jams or they get pissed and attack. This trick
won't work in all shops but it works in enough of them.

Cave items:
Try using the cave as a hideout. Nothing respawns or disappears there. It has
three barrels you can enter, one junk pile, and a bed.

Powerful mage:
Use the following trick to become a very powerful mage early in the game. First,
pickpocket Rizzei and acquire a least 10,000 gold. Then, wait by the wise woman 
until you get a Dark Helm, Arcane Robes, and an Arcane Staff. Note: Only the 
Dark Helm is required for this trick, and it will give you a 100% evil alignment.
Then, place the Dark Helm on and off until your Magical Alignment is 100, then 
leave it on. All magical items, armor, and spells will now be at maximum, and 
will give you the highest attack defense and damage possible for the item. Thus,
the Arcane Robes (which provide more protection than any other arcane armor) 
and the Arcane Staff (which has 80 free mana) are used. After this, you may 
kill her and take her money (which should total over 50,000 gold). Then, wait
by another wise woman until you get two Arcane Rings, Enchanted War Boots, an
Arcane Helmet, Arcane Gauntlets and if desired, an Arcane Great Sword and 
Arcane Shield. You can do all of this before finding out about the telegram
and should total about 100 defense and a 35 attack if you put a point into 

Easy items:
After you receive the dynamite at the beginning of the game in the cave to the north of
the crash site and reach Shrouded Hills, go to the blacksmith's shop. Wait until he goes
to sleep. Follow him into his room, and make sure Nijel stays outside near the anvil. 
Save the game. Pick pocket the room key from the blacksmith. If you fail, reload the game.
You can do this with 0 Pickpocketing skill because he is asleep. Then, place the dynamite 
near his bed and run out the door near the anvil. When it explodes killing him and breaking
open the barrel of his wares, take anything needed such as armor, weapons, or bullets, and
the blacksmith's hammer. Note: Make sure to rest in the blacksmith's room for 24 hours or 
the guards will kill you. 

Race recommendations:
If you want a thief, then choose a half-ogre feral child. All you need if a Potion Of 
Intelligence. A good maker of things is a Half-Orc idiot savant. Note: You will not be 
able to do some quests as you will not have the intelligence, or be too sickly. Never 
choose an elf or a dwarf as they are not the best for most things. For example, an elf
has low Constitution and a wizard requires lots of Constitution.

Duplicate items:
Note: To do this you must go to anything that can hold items (a rubbish 
bin, etc.). This example will use gold. Use the "Take All" button to empty 
the bin out, then get the gold and send more than half of it to the bin. 
For example, if you have 50 gold, send at least 26 gold pieces or it will 
not duplicate. Once it is in the bin there should be 26 pieces in the bin, 
and 24 in your inventory. Once done, drag the gold from your inventory to 
the bin, but do not send it over completely. Make sure that the window 
where you can choose how much gold you want to put in the bin is up and 
that the number reads "0". While that window is up, click the "Take All" 
button and take all the gold from the bin. Your gold count should go back 
up to "50" in the number box to the side of the inventory. Then, select 
the "Choose All" button on the gold window. If done correctly, the number 
should read "24". Send the gold over to the bin and the number should now 
read "74" instead of "50". The item will not appear in your inventory until 
you close the bin and re-open the bin or go to your inventory. 
You can do this as many times as desired. The items that this trick works 
with are Gold, Bullets, Fuel, Batteries, and Arrows.

Easy identification:
Put one or two points into Pickpocketing and save the game at Rizzettes in 
Shrouded Hills. Pickpocket the key from Rizzette and sell him any item that 
is not identified. Go to his room to the chest by the bed. Open it and take 
out the item. It should now be identified.

Keep multiple summoned creature:
Wait until you are over level 15. Summon any desired creature, then cast the 
level 15 magic reflection shield on the summoned creature. Delete the creature,
then the shield. You will get to keep the creature until it dies. Repeat to 
build a group of permanent summoned creature. Note: The game may slow and 
crash if too many summoned creatures are kept. 

Easy money:
In Tarant while on the second quest that Madam Lil gives you, when talking to 
Mr. Langley say that Madam Lil sent you. Then, choose either response (other 
than bye), then the one that begins with "[Menacing]", then say that you do 
not trust him, and finally choose "Okay [you take the coin] but I'll be back 
for the rest". After you are done, repeat this as many times as needed for 
free money.
Wait outside the wise woman's location in either Ashbury or Shrouded Hills 
until they have a large sum of money. Kill them and take the money. Make sure 
to leave one alive so you have someone that can identify your items.
Become a good pickpocket, then steal the key from Rizzette after dark. 
Note: Sneak into his room with him. Sell Rizzette either the camera or a 
clock part, then go into his room and steal the item back. Repeat this as 
many times as desired. Then, go to the Inn and ask the Innkeeper for a 
week's stay. Continue to sell Rizzette the item, steal it back, and sleep 
in the INN for the night. Rizzette will have a new supply of money every day.

Bangellian Sword:
The coordinates of the Bangellian Deeps and the Bangellian Sword are W1180, 
S289. The Bangellian Sword is very strong. The monsters in the dungeon are 
Pyro Rats, some undead, Hell Beasts, a cursed Paladin, and Paladin Slaves.

Dark Helm perm magical aptitude and evil:
The +magical aptitude bonus and -alignment penalties of the Dark Helm are 
cumulative, and remain even after removing the helm. Not so good if you want
a temporary adjustment, but excellent if you're trying to either max your 
magical aptitude or bottom out your alignment.

Shrouded Hills money trick:
When you create a character, distribute some skill points into lockpicking, and
buy some lockpicks. Now, when you play through the first area and get to Shrouded
Hills, find the locations of the stores. Then, sleep until evening, and sleep a 
few more hours until everyone else is sleep (ie. 2 more hours). Then, go to stores
and pick the locks to enter. Be careful not to let the guards see you doing this. 
(You can enter from windows, in order to avoid guards.) In each store, there should
be a locked container, pick it and you'll see the store's contents. You can take 
all the expensive items, and then sell them back to the store. Usually, everything
is restocked after a day, or when you leave the town and return. 

Easy, easy money:
Get one point in pick-pocketing. Pick the key from the Exotic Goods store-keeper 
in Shrouded Hills. Sell him what ever he gives you the most money for, like the 
camera. Then walk into his backroom with the key. Open the chest and get the stuff
back that you sold him, get some more stuff if you like the other stuff in there. 
Go back to the store keeper and sell the stuff to him again. Keep ding this until 
he runs out of money. Sleep for 1 day and then he'll have money again. It's so 
easy, it's almost like a cheat.

Second ending:
To get a "bad" ending in "Arcanum", just agree to all that rubbish the final boss
tells you. Say it would be nice to destroy the whole world, etc. Then, go with him
and kill everybody he wants you to kill. You'll get a different ending.

NPC Cloning:
If you find an NPC that doesn't move (they stand in the same spot day and night) 
you can clone them and their equipment. First, you need to get an item that does 
damage over time before you can do this.

1.Go up to the NPC and drop the DOT item near the NPC.
2.Wait for them to walk over, pick it up and equip it, thus they start taking the
3.Once they die, loot their items from them.
4.Resurect the NPC.
5.Walk a couple screens away and advance time one day.
6.Go back to the NPC and they should be cloned.

Note: You have to drop the item right beside most NPCs or they will walk back to their
starting spot. Also note that some NPCs won't equip certain items and armor is size 

Quick Gold and Scrolls:
1.Go to the Dark Mage shop in Tarant and enter it (only do-able at night).
2.Rest until morning.
3.Go inside and position yourself right beside the Dark Mage's shop chest.
4.Rest until evening, then rest +2 hours.
5.Either cast the spell Disintigrate on the Baleful Hound, or use a scroll of 
  Disintigrate. Melee combat will draw the shop owners attention and ruin it. 
6.Once the hound is dead, make sure you are still beside the Dark Mage's chest, 
  against the wall. Unlock Cantrip or Pick Lock the chest. 
7.To get the Light Mage's chest open, use Unlock Cantrip from the same spot while
  he's asleep. The Light Mage usually won't notice, since you're too far away. 
8.When needed, restock the chests by going outside the shop and advancing time 1
  day. It might be a good idea to Unlock the doors leading in to the back area. 
  Each day will yield around 5000 gold, and a number of various scrolls which can
  allow you access to high powered spells VERY early, as well as magikal items.

Easy experience:
When you go to close the gate at Liams Workshop, do not do so. You can get from level 12 
to 30 by killing the creatures that exit the gate. There is a limit to how many will 

Easy wins:
Harm is a good spell at higher levels. You can keep casting it on an enemy. After 
three or four hits, tough opponents will crumble, all at a cost of 20 mana. Combined
with a high dexterity, you can barrage opponents and quickly turn the tide of any 

Dark Helm:
The magical aptitude bonus and alignment penalties of the Dark Helm are cumulative, 
and will remain even after removing the helm. This is not so good if you want a 
temporary adjustment, but excellent if you are trying to either maximize your 
magical aptitude or bottom out your alignment.

Playing in full screen:
For players who feel that Arcanum's interface takes up too much of the screen, the
game comes with a "Full Screen" start-up icon which reduces the interface to the 
minimum of stats and relies on keyboard shortcuts for the rest.

Easy money:
Become a good pickpocket, then steal the key from Rizzette after dark. 
Note: Sneak into his room with him. Sell Rizzette either the camera or a clock part,
then go into his room and steal the item back. Repeat this as many times as desired.
Then, go to the Inn and ask the Innkeeper for a week's stay. Continue to sell 
Rizzette the item, steal it back, and sleep in the Inn for the night. 
Rizzette will have a new supply of money every day.
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