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Arcadie: Second-Born Cheats

Arcadie: Second-Born

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Romance Walkthrough:
Written by Sofia

The following is a concise overview of the various romantic possibilities.
This article may contain hints or spoilers that are not clearly labeled. 
Stay away from reading if you haven’t finished at least one game playthrough.

There are spoilers in this guide, but they are not marked.
If you have not played through the entire game at least once, it is strongly 
advised that you do not read the entire thing until you have done so.

-=General tips=-
There are four options for romance (RO). 
Two are “main” ROs and two are "minor".

* Main RO: Cyril
* Main RO: Wilfred/Willeen
* Minor RO: Nathaniel
* Secret RO: Stanislas
* The story introduces the ‘Main RO’ early on, and their romance is intertwined  
  in the plot.
* You’ll eventually have to choose if you try to romance both the main’ RO and 
  the other RO during the same playthrough.
* It is impossible to romance both a main’ and a secret RO simultaneously.
* You don’t have to choose all the flirt options.
  Only select the ones that are most appropriate for you.

Cyril offers two types of romance: slow burn and direct.

“Direct” version:
* A minimum 60% should be considered acceptable for affection. 
  Don’t insult or be rude to them.
* Cyril should notice (‘s attraction and be able to tell if the MC is shy or blatant.
* Accept their invitation to dinner and stay with them. Spend the night there.
* Select the “I want more s*x” option in the morning.

Version slow-burn:
* Do not flirt with them. You should still have at least 60% of your affection stat.
* Accept their invitation to dinner. Accept their dinner invitation.
* Sure what–anchors you in place” option, then “I feel at home, in your company” 
  and “Spending more together.” The prospect is… attractive” or “I feel at ease in 
  his/her organization, but I’m not going to admit it loudly.”
* Alternativly, you can take the direct route but stop at a kiss.

Keep the romance alive by selecting Cyril whenever possible.

If they are able to sleep with Cyril for a second time after the assassination attempt, 
the MC can declare their love early.

After the battle at the castle, defend them against your pursuers.

If Cyril asks you if you would like your relationship to continue, answer “yes”. 
The “direct” and the “slowburn” routes will merge at this point.

Keep their approval of MC high and avoid suggesting that their interests align more 
closely with their family than the throne. Stanislas’s relatives should not be killed. 
Gardiella’s execution should not be ordered. Avoid using Aether prior to the Noble 
Assembly. Do not advocate for war against Arington.

-=Anafel’s proposal=-
* You can also refuse it. You can refuse it outright if you have a high score in
  Politics and have asked about their weapons.
* You can accept it or decline. In this case, Cyril will tell you that they cannot 
  continue a relationship with each other. You can decide to rescind Anafel’s 
  proposal and continue your romance with Cyril.

Cyril will end up with you if you have a low approval score with Cyril (due to 
violent tendencies, warmongering attitudes, or questioning his/her allegiance).

If everything goes according to plan, Cyril will propose in the next chapter. Accepting 
their/her proposal is a guarantee that they will not oppose you during the noble vote.

Will has an “Influence” secret stat.

To successfully romance someone, you need at least 5 influence points.

The MC must show them that there is more to life that battle and that they are 
willing to be with them despite it all.

Choose the right dialog choices to influence points

* Patrolling the fort: “That’s quite grim” or “Death will soon come for all of you.” 
  This is no excuse to not live your life to its fullest.
* After the assassination attempt: “I’m here, If you need to speak,” or “So. 
  Are you alright?”
* Before the battle: “There’s no need to be so dark.” There’s more to life than just 
  duty” or “That’s not all you are.”
* After the battle: Defend them from your pursuers.
* Nathaniel said, “I hope that you’ll also be there for the good times,” or “That 
  counts too.” If you have any questions, I’m available.
* After the kiss: You can choose to continue the romance.
* After meeting Stan’s family, (DO NOT kill them): “Just cause I am the king/queen 
  doesn’t mean you have to keep my arm’s length.”
* Anafel said, “There is someone else I want to marry.”

Will’s romance is ended immediately when Stan kills Stan’s family.

The romance will end if their affection stat falls below 60 before the ball.

If Will doesn’t ask the MC for a dance, you don’t have enough influence points.

Will’s relationship with Anafel doesn’t end when Anafel accepts to marry him. 
(They do comment on it).

-=Love Triangle=- 
By pursuing both Will and Cyril simultaneously, you can create a temporary 
“love triangle”.

It’s the easiest way to do it:
* Be friendly to both. (and) can be flirty, implicitly or explicitly.
* Tell Cyril that you want more than just s*x. This is crucial. Cyril won’t 
  care what the MC does if they say they’re just having fun.
* After you have slept with Cyril, choose Will.
* After the first meeting with Noble Assembly, the love triangle scene takes place.
Avoid being rude or aggressive towards him in general. Avoid forming a romantic 
relationship with Will or Cyril.

Do not choose the “Guards” option if you are alone with him. option.

Select the “It stands for getting even luckier option” and, when he is closer, 
select the option “strangely captured” or “red-faced. uncomfortably warm”.

Talk to him as often as you can.

Let him kiss the MC if he does. Do not tell him to do it again and don’t 
threaten him.

Accept his invitation to give you your blood. Accept his invitation to stay 
and to kiss you. If he was in a relationship with Cyril, Will, or the MC, 
this is when he would turn down the MC.

Accept to inject the blood into MC’s veins. Look for him when you wake up.

The epilogue will include a brief extra scene.

There are several prerequisites to trigger Stanislas’s path.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in his route not being activated.

* At least 60% should be considered pacifists.
* If necessary, don’t be afraid to clash avec Ariana
* The MC must be against war and for a peaceful solution.
* Stanislas should be treated with kindness throughout.
* If Stan has the option to speak in his favor, you should choose it.

While you don’t have to be intimate with him the first time you meet him, it is 
a good idea to choose the option that says, “Our Kingdom would benefit by 
brokering more peace agreements.”

Do not initiate a romance with Will or Cyril.
However, it is possible to trigger Nathaniel’s love interest.

If you have the option to send Stanislas a message, choose the following options:
* “I’d like him to send me a message.”
* “An invitation to a meeting on neutral grounds.”
* “I don’t want him to die.” Maybe we can solve our differences without going 
  to war.

After speaking with them release him family.

Talk to everyone at the ball and interact until the opportunity to step outside 
presents itself: “I could use some freshening air; I take a moment to go outside.”
Stanislas’s path is easy afterward. If you don’t mind big spoilers, only continue 

When the “Maybe, I am insane” option appears on the balcony, select it immediately.
You can then kiss him by touching his scar.

He won’t be seen again until the final battle. He will have a different dialog, 
but he will still try his best to kill MC.

After defeating him, wake him up. Tell him that you aren’t going to kill him.

Select the “What would I have you do with me?” option in the epilogue. Then, 
select the “What would you like me to do with you?” option. I will put him to 
the work.”
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