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Arboreal Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Sword Dash:
Written by Spaceman Spiff

This guide shows you how to perform a glitch to travel faster in the game.

The requirements are quite simple. All you need to do this is:

* A long straight path.
* A sword.

Performing the Technique

-=Step 1: Preparing=-
First you should find a straight path to practice on. This isn't required 
but is good to prevent you from bumping into things. The path in front of 
your home works great. Next you should start moving in the direction you 
want to dash in, very simple.

-=Step 2: Swing your sword and dash=-
While you are moving in the direction you want to dash in, swing your 
sword (only once) and you should come to a complete stop. While you are 
stopped, quickly spam the roll key (space or shift) and when the sword has 
finished swinging you should take off in the direction you want to move in 
really fast. 

-=Step 3: Have fun=-
While this isn't very difficult, it is very useful. Not only can it be 
used for travel, but it can be used for dodging or charging (as I did in 
my first battle). I hope this guide was useful to those who either found 
this accidentally and had no idea how to control it or those who had no 
idea this existed.
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