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Apostle Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Full Walkthrough:
Written by Imban

Here is a full walkthrough for Kamichichi’s RPG Apostle. 

-=Quick Overview Notes=-
These are mostly for while I write the actual body of the guide, for 
people who are playing it right away.
* There are three opportunities to take one of the girls in your team on a date 
  throughout the game. You need to go on all three dates with the same girl in 
  order to get their scenes and ending.
* In order to go on a date with a girl, she needs to have her relationship meter at 6 
  or higher. Putting this and the above together, if you’re interested in one of the 
  girls on your team, you need to see enough of their relationship scenes to get to 6
  by the middle of Chapter 2.
* In order to date Natsuki Miura, you need to head back by yourself rather than 
  practice with the girls during Chapter 3.
* In order to date Mika Kudou, you need to head to the Red Light District immediately 
  after the “head back yourself” event and see Mika’s first event.
* In order to date Ritsuka Kisaragi, you need to talk to her on (or shortly after?) 
  5/28 and 7/13, as well as two other times later. In general, just look around Exodus
  HQ and see if she has a heart symbol over her head that day.
* Konoha Jinguuji is best girl if you want to win all the fights.

-=Chapter 1: Encounter=-
This part’s pretty straightforward. Once Rei wakes up, check the dresser in his room for 
a Band-aid, then walk out, talk to Akari, and head out the door, down the elevator, and 
then to the right along the street to go to school.

After a few cutscenes, you’ll get the ability to control Rei again, and should check out 
the left side of the room for Trouble Quest #1, delivering a love letter. The person 
you’re looking for is one map to the left once you get out into the hallway. Return to 
the girl with a Q over her head for an Energy Drink. Afterwards, head to the north and 
down the stairs to the ground floor of the school, where you’ll have to make a choice 
between either going to the Teacher’s Lounge or to the vending machines.

-=Teacher’s Lounge=-
Just watch the cutscenes and enjoy. Will get you the scene “With Mikoto in the Locker…” 
and, if you don’t pick the insensitive answer afterwards, you’ll get another scene near 
the end of the game, as well as the possibility of getting an ending with Mikoto Hiiragi.

-=Vending Machines
Just watch the cutscenes again, but this time there’s a fight after them. Just attacking 
repeatedly will get you the win, but if you were to use the “Give Up” item or just defend 
until you lost, you’d get the scene “Gang R*pe Behind the Gymnasium”. If you win, on the 
other hand, you’ll get another scene near the end of the game, as well as the possibility 
of getting an ending with Izumi Satou.

-=Opening, Continued
A lot of cutscenes punctuated with a few story battles. The outcome of these is fixed, 
so just win or lose or have them end early as appropriate. Near the end, you’ll get the 
scene “Nana’s Examination” and Akari will ask you a question. If you lie to her, your 
relationship with Akari will go up by one, while there’s no changes if you tell her 
the truth.

Once you finally get control of Rei again, leave the room you’re in and the small 
hallway after that, then head to the room across the way on the right and check the 
cabinet on the left for a Smelling Salts. Return to the main hallway and enter the 
central Control Room for yet more cutscenes, and then the first dungeon of the game.

-=Megiddo Alef
Orbs: Blue (500yen), Green (Candy), Green (Smelling Salts), Green (Antidote Herb), 
Blue (200yen)
Straightforward, just use basic TP-costing combat skills when possible.

-=Boss: Arwassa
HP: 3500 / Resistances: Flying / Weakness: Wind
Also straightforward. Keep Rei in Berserk status when possible and use Swallow Cut 
when you have the TP, have Akari keep everyone healed.

-=Opening, Conclusion
Enjoy yet more cutscenes and the scene “Satsuki Changing Clothes”. At the end, you’ll 
be given some basic illuminas, which are the equipment of this game.

-=May 19
The first actual listed day of the game! All you can do this evening is explore your 
new house and either have a relationship event with one of the girls (for 2 WP) or 
sleep (and gain 1 WP), though. Since the relationship events from this night are unique, 
I recommend seeing the one for your favorite girl instead of just going to sleep.

Relationship events all work mostly similarly – a cutscene during which you’re asked 
a question. Picking the right answer will get you +1 relationship, picking the other 
answer won’t.

Akari Kinoshita – “I think so too.”
Konoha Jinguuji – “You’re amazing too, Konoha!”
Satsuki Saijou – “Getting angry all the time will ruin your cute face”
Remy – I’ll drink. (Also gives the scene “Titf*ck Bl*wjob from Remy”)
Kenshin Takeda – “Hell yeah! Let’s do this.” (Also gives +3 attack/defense on Rei permanently.)
Nanashiro Nana – Give up (Also gives an illumina, Blessing of Endurance)

-=May 20
Say you slept well last night when Kenshin asks, for +10 max HP. Afterwards, you’ll
 get a lot of cutscenes. When you get the option, tell Akari to talk about her hobbies 
for +1 relationship with her. Introduce yourself the dumb way for an illumina, 
Unbreakable Spriit.

Finally, you’ll get your first opportunity to take classes. Taking a class gives you 
a minor stat bonus, and if you take a single class (or sleep) five or ten times, you’ll get an illumina.

Then it’s time for yet more cutscenes, before you’re dumped into your second dungeon…

Where to Find the Rare Booze:
If you ask yourself: Where to find the Rare Booze? So the answer is here!

It's in Old Town, which you're only able to visit late in the game once you've 
been there for Mika's events. So if you're not on Mika's route and it's not 
Chapter 5 or so, you can't do it yet.

The thing you'll be told to find then is in the Squad Six house's kitchen.
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