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Apico Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K 

How to Remove the Pronouns:
Written by Chicago Ted

For APICO players, this guide is about how to remove the pronouns from the 
vanilla npc speech boxes for Windows release version.

-=How to remove pronouns from vanilla NPC dialogue=-
Go to the install directory and open the json folder: 
(SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\APICO\json by default). 
Open up "keywords.json" and go down to line 148-153. 

This section should have

“pronouns1”: “$pronouns1”,
“pronouns2”: “$pronouns2”,
“pronouns3”: “$pronouns3”,
“pronouns4”: “$pronouns4”,
“pronouns5”: “$pronouns5”,
“pronouns6”: “$pronouns6”,

change this to

“pronouns1”: “”,
“pronouns2”: “”,
“pronouns3”: “”,
“pronouns4”: “”,
“pronouns5”: “”,
“pronouns6”: “”,

and save the file. 
The next time you load the game, the pronouns will no longer appear in 
npc dialogues.

Note that this only applies to the vanilla NPCs, modded npc will display 
whatever pronouns they’re set to have.

Bee Breeding Guide:
Written by Ninetales

A very quick guide on the bee breeding combinations.

-=Common (Tier 1)=-
Common + Forest = Verdant
Common + Verge = Vibrant
Common + Uncommon = Dream
Player must be sleeping for Dream bees to spawn.

-=Forest (Tier 1)=-
Forest + Common = Verdant
Forest + Verge = Misty (must be raining to spawn)
Forest + Uncommon = Drowsy

-=Verge (Tier 1)=-
Verge + Common = Vibrant
Verge + Forest = Misty (must be raining to spawn)

-=Uncommon (Tier 1)=-
Uncommon + Common = Dream
Uncommon + Forest = Drowsy
Player must be sleeping for Dream bees to spawn.

-=Verdant (Tier 2)=-
Verdant + Vibrant = Regal
Verdant + Drowsy = Domesticated 
(apiary must be in a house for Domesticated to spawn)

-=Vibrant (Tier 2)=-
Vibrant + Verdant = Regal
Vibrant + Misty = Worker
Vibrant + Muggy = Worker

How to Get Keeper Ascend Hidden Achievement:
You have to take an emissary queen and place it in a honeycore hive and then 
open your map.

I specifically used the cave where you find the primordial bees. There will 
be an icon in the bottom right of a honeycore hive.

Click it and it will teleport you there!
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