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AntVentor Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Tips:
Written by Mandrag0ra

Just some of my own advice for AntVentor.

You unlock this one automatically by having the guard look at the postcard 
WITHOUT having a bed of sawdust or whatever to sit on.

This is unlocked when you straighten the spoon out. Because you’re 
“exploiting” that ants labors by sticking the spoon in the way.

This one also unlocks automatically by distracting the guard and giving him
 a bed to sit on which you get by using the spoon. The bent spoon is found 
all the way to the right lodged in the wall and to unbend it you have to go 
to the upper room where an ant is bashing a rock and place the spoon there 
to be straightened.

Then you have to collect all the dust piles. There’s one right under both 
of the “upper apartments”. The guard will need to be distracted to obtain 
the pile under where he usually stands. If you’re fast enough, you can do 
all of these actions in one go (get ROLY-POLY achievement and complete the 
actions needed to proceed in the game).

-=Sneaky thief=-
The last pile is in the far right room, you have to wait til the ant closes 
his eyes all the way then use the spoon on the pile which gives you the thief 

Use the dog thing on the spider thing 5 times.

On the tree branches you have two paths you can take, either up or down. Both 
paths have crows. The bottom one has a crow in a nest. Ant man will run away 
when you get too close to it. Do this over and over until you get the 

Don’t even pay attention to this one. It happens automatically by you tripping 
and falling repeatedly. If you somehow manage to not get this and you’re almost 
done with the game you could probably just walk in circles, walk around the 
map until you trip enough times.

Another story based achievement. You have to listen to the ipod’s different 
tracks until the spider starts dancing which will be the 3rd song.

You get this by giving grandma a glass of water.

Syco means fig, phant means “to show” so “fig revealer”. It’s Greek and it 
means someone who is of service to others.

You get this by farting. The way I got this was by repeatedly trying to move 
the acorns in the tree but there’s several locations in the game that trigger 
this reaction in the ant man. You can also try moving the sleeping pills at 
grandma’s house later in the game. You only need to trigger this 5 times to 
get the achievement.

Interesting note: I wasn’t actually able to get the achievement from just 
the acorns. I got 4/5 and had to wait til I got grandma her water because I 
guess there was one more time I would have to poot in the game which is 
trying to pick up the sleeping pills with my scrawny ant limbs.

You get this by being a bully. I don’t know if they’re suggesting the player 
is being a bully or the ant is being a bully. When the ant man rolls his 
eyes at you enough times you get this achievement. I was able to easily 
cheese this by using the stone/pebble/rock on the dog’s food bowl over and 
over. There’s probably other ways to get it too.

-=Smart pants=-
You get this by completing the game.

This requires you to spend 150 minutes in the game I believe (because 
there’s a counter that says ?/150) which is how you can check on this 
achievement. It’s not hard to beat this game in less than that so if you 
want to cheese it just go afk while in the game or what I did was I 
started a new game after I had already beaten it and did some of the first 
puzzles until I was able to easily afk.

Do note that you won’t get the achievement if you aren’t actually in the 
game. Id est, you can’t get it by just sitting at the title screen, you 
have to actually be in control of the ant. How early into it you can 
actually get this counter to go, I’m not sure (as in, could you not even 
click off the tutorial before it’s already counting down?). I, personally 
just played until I left the ant hill and just stood there afk to write my 
review and make this guide.

-=General Tips=-
Some of the items you can collect will sparkle at you like in a HOG 
(Hidden Object Game). Always be on the lookout for objects hidden in the 
scenery because you will need to use all of the items to complete the game, 
pretty sure. For instance, I hadn’t noticed one of the branches could be 
collected at first and you actually needed it to turn it into a bow & 
arrow to shoot the crow to get the ipod.

Some solutions will require you as the player to interact with the 
environment in some way, other times the ant man is needing to interact 
with the environment. This can be counter intuitive at times. You might 
have to use your god powers as the player, like when you click on the root 
to distract the guard. You might have to combine items in your inventory 
to make a new contraption that the ant will use or the ant might have to 
be near something in order to perform some action like when you have to 
cut the rope next to the acorn.

The cursor is your friend. The cursor will change depending on the type 
of action you can perform in that section of the screen. For instance, it 
does a little walking legs animation to show that if you click there you 
will try to walk to that point on the map. If it has a finger pointing in 
a certain direction you will try to go to the next map in that direction. 
If the hand is pinching, you can pick up that item. Use the information 
given by the cursor to better understand what you are able to do.

You might hover over all the objects in a scene to check whether they 
are items you can collect or not. Maybe you see a flower and you want to 
try to pick it up, well if the cursor doesn’t change to the “pinching” 
motion, that might not be an item you can collect so there’s no reason 
to click. Do note, however, that sometimes this can be finicky and maybe 
it is something you need to collect but perhaps it has a small hitbox 
so you have to align your mouse just right in order for it to let you 
pick it up. I didn’t really run into that issue that often but if you 
are moving your mouse too quickly across the page, you could easily 
miss the hitbox or scroll over too fast and not notice that the cursor 
did actually change.

-=Speed Tips=-
Objects that can be used in the environment will glow yellow so if it 
doesn’t glow yellow you can’t use that item in that particular area. 
You could technically brute force the solutions to puzzles by just 
trying all the items on different areas of the map. If you know for a 
fact you’re going to have to use some sort of item on that particular 
area, you could just try all the items and that could be quicker than
trying to figure out the logic for yourself. This, however, spoils the 

If you want to speed things up, try double clicking. If you double click
 while walking, the ant man will actually start running. Don’t spam the 
mouse though because it triggers the running animation over and over. 
Just double click the farthest point, wait for your character to move 
a bit closer then double click again. Also don’t try to hold the mouse 
button, this is pointless because the game only registers the clicks.

If you double click when you are switching between maps you will 
instantly travel there. This won’t work however if you click before 
the cursor switches to the pointing finger. One example of this is 
the vine that leads down to grandmas house. If you try double clicking 
too soon your character will do it’s “climbing down the vine” animation. 
If you wait until the cursor changes to pointing downward you will 
skip that animation and it will load the next map right away.

I would recommend patience in this game because it is a rather slower
paced game and you’re just going to frustrate yourself if you try to
make it go faster than it’s designed to go. Make it a leisurely stroll
through the park rather than an achievement hunt, or “I have to get to
the end of the game as fast as possible”. Experience the journey and 
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