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Anno 2070 Cheats

Anno 2070

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

1. take Note of the resources on the Anno-start Islands
In the selection of your starting island in Anno 2070, you should follow 
some tips and Tricks:

* Make sure that the coal and ores are sufficiently available and the fertility 
  is high enough. So you don't have to start in the first place in order to 
  import resources.
* Select an island on which you will later have plenty of space to expand your
  city. Nothing is worse than later in the course of not more build.

2. city building in Anno 2070 are already planning in Advance
To be able to all the inhabitants of your city, you should put the first 
building Wisely:

* You build your city best in the so-called "corridor design".
* Here, you can free a "street" through the middle of your village, your town 
  hall Center and all the other important buildings can be placed. So you can 
  take advantage of then the Radius of the building most effective.
* This allows you to provide in later stages of the game, all of its inhabitants.

3. start out Early with the defense
To begin with, you faced in Anno 2070 directly with opponents. However, as soon 
as they appear, you have to defend yourself. Therefore, you should early enough 

* A good tip to balance between the costs and Benefits of battle towers. You can 
  place as early as possible, some of them in and around their port. So you are 
  against enemy attacks safe for now.
* As soon as you have more resources and money, you can dismantle the towers and, 
  for example, first battle of generating fleets.

4. Overproduction in Anno 2070 avoid
Keep always an eye on your stock. Because fast this runs, and you're wasting 
automatically time and money.

* You can try the consumption and production of resources to optimally adapt.
* If a resource is missing, try to get more of it by new, own building. In case 
  of an emergency, you can also import Goods. Life is very expensive.
* If you have accumulated a lot of resources in the warehouse, and respond to 
  them quickly, and export the goods. This creates space and brings you additional 

5. Automatic advancement to disable
* In the city centre, you can disable the automatic rise and thus decide for 
  themselves when and what buildings are allowed to reach the next level.
* The automatic rise leads to sudden resource shortages, and can cause you a 
  lot of problems when you need to focus on something else.
* Adjust the ascent manually and give, therefore, only as many free resources 
  as you can spare. Long-term residents also benefit from it.

How to win Power Games mission without Firebirds:
Written by Aiun

In this guide I will tell you how to win Power Games.

How to..

-=Explore the map several times.
You have to know where friendly arks are located. 
Restart a game when you've found them all.

-=Pick Tycoons.
Ecologists suck and have no real advantages over than better farm production 
and a shield which is useless coz you will finish all ur enemies faster than u 
get a chance to use it.

-=Spawn on top left island or on bottom left one.
On top left it is easier to build a town but pirates will be your neigbours.

Only find the closest NPC and u should know this info from step 1.

-=Build production facilities, get employees.
Build 8 basalt farms 8 block production buildings; get instruments from ur ark 
and the nearest NPC; start building city, get 1 employee, build 5 iron mines, 
10 coal extractors for them, 5 iron production facilities, 4 instrument facilities. 
let other workers advance to employees, build 1 weapon factory, about 6 turrets 
for pirates.


-=Complete a couple of quests, get veggies seed; get engineers.

-=Build protection.
Install flak cannons. put them on sleep mode, install additional 6-8 normal turrets.
 DON'T build port authority, instead build port walls and place fishermans on outer 

Build steel facility, explore a bit around your island, find URANUS, build mines 
for it, build flak cannons on ur new island (at least 4), get nuclear power plant(s) 
on ur main (1 mine for each), turn off 1 instrument facility, build arsenal, add at 
least 40 additional instruments and blocks to ur 2nd island.

-=Get tech and trimaran.

-=Start building Colossuses/
you should build at least 2 by the time Keto arrives.
OPTIONAL Make peace with Hector.
If Tor found you - turn on ur gunes and stay in port
Same if Sokov decided to fight you

Defend ur main with Colossuses and emp from sub.

Sell to ur npc wreck from Keto's ships, increase speed for ur trimaran, start 
installing upgrades for each colossus. You should get no less than +20% attack dmg 
\ +25% hp. Forget about shields. If you find global upgrades for dmg\health ure a l
ucky one.

-=How to get access to ur 2nd island
When ure ready to get new URANUS, let trimaran do it. Finish new horde of Ket's ship, 
build port house on ur 2nd again, get ore, move trimaran away, let the port be destroyed. 
This step is a tricky one coz ur trimaran will often be destroyed by Tor.
Continue building Colossuses, get at least 10. Get 2 upgrades for each.

-=Final preparations.
Make 1 hour peace with Tor/Sokov, find Thorne, get auxillary fleet (u can get it even 
if u theoretically don't have enough space for it)

-=It is time!
Wait for another horde of sharks, kill each and every one of them, then move ur fleet 
and kill Keto.

-=Switching for Thor.
Waste some of ur ships, get at least 6 choppers, get auxilary fleet from Yana

-=Control the sea.
Start a war with Tor, destroy every port of his and ships too. Use choppers and 
hovercrafts against air.

-=Destroy most of ur fleet, get 16 Choppers.=-

-=Destroy Tor=-

-=Destroy Vadim Sokov
Then u will be playing a long but peaceful game, u can figure out how to make 
executives and Monuments by urself.

2070. Our world has changed. The sea’s rising level has harmed the coastal 
cities and climate change has made large stretches of land inhospitable.

A futuristic entry in the award-winning strategy series, Anno 2070 offers 
a new world full of challenges, where you will need to master resources, 
diplomacy and trade in the most comprehensive economic management system 
seen yet in the Anno series.

Build your society of the future, colonize islands and create sprawling 
megacities with multitudes of buildings, vehicles and resources to manage.
Engineer new production chains such as Robot Factories, Oil Refineries and
 Diamond Mines and trade with a variety of goods and commodities.
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