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Animal Lover Cheats

Animal Lover

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Special Names:
There are a few specific names that result in some surprises.

-=Password: Dolridge=-
* Activates message from Wilson Taylor, the game's writer. 
* Dolridge remains as the name in the story.

-=Password: bighead=-
* Makes the characters react as if you have a big head. 
* The name defaults to Lucy in the story.

-=Password: soloblog=-
* Skips to Dustin's intro. 
* The name defaults to Lucy in the story.

Speedrun Route Planning Guide:
This is the complete guide that may help you planning any route.

Animal Well Any Route Planning
-= Start the game
* 2x Eggs

-= Leave the area
* First Seahorse Direction
* Normal Egg
* Bubble Wand
* Leave Water area with 7 eggs

-= First Dog Direction
* Get Holiday Egg
* Get Flute
* Teleport to slink
* Teleport to top of well

-= First South East
* Drop down Well
* Get Yoyo
* Go past Frog Warp Door and Kangaroo
* Skip Ostrich
* Obtain Blue Flame

-= Chameleon Direction
* Teleport to top of well
* Bubble fall down to shortcut second half of jungle
* Skip back of Jungle
* Beat Chameleon
* Teleport to top of well

-= Ghost Direction
* Get M. Disc
* Skip Proper Disc and get flame
* Return M. Disc to Proper Disc
* Teleport to warp room and head out fish

-= Second Seahorse Direction
* Arrive via fish warp door
* Travel down to defeat Seahorse

-= Return all 4 flames
* In the final area avoid the shadow dogs
* Play flute to open door
* Go up right switch path
* After hitting switch use the Warp Room to get back to the bottom 
  of the final area quickly
* Do left switch path
* Complete final switch
* Obtain Lantern
* Use Warp Room to get back to bottom of the final area
* Complete the final area
* Complete the game
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