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Amorous Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Fix Game Crashing on Main Menu:
Written by Jackolate

The Steam overlay right now causes problems for some users on startup, 
just like it did to me. 

So do this!

* Go to Steam Library.
* Right Click Amorous and select Properties.
* Tick off the "Enable Steam Overlay" option.
* You should be good to go now!

How to Enable 18+ Content:
Play the original 18+ version of the game. 
You must be over 18 to play the original, NSFW version.

* Go to Steam library.
* Find the game "Amorous" and left click on it.
* Click properties.
* Click "Local files" and then "Browse Local Files".
* In that window create a notepad and name it "ShowMeSomeBooty.txt". 
* Press "Enter".
* Rename that notepad - text file again. 
* This time delete ".txt" and press "Enter".
* The notification pops-up saying "If you change the file name extension, 
  the file might become unusable..". 
* Disregard it and just press "Enter". 
* Now it looks like a "file" and not a notepad anymore.
* That's it!

-=Extra Info=-
* You can take the file away from there, if you wish to play SFW version again.
** Make sure you paste it when the game is not running.

Mercy Dating Path:
Written by Ertic Foxtail

A quick walkthrough on how to date Mercy.

To all of you who's been skipping text for whatever reasons. 
You can explore other options, but these give you the date quick 
and easy as well.

* Mercy is a woman with surprise.
* Likes: teasing.
* She is an art gallery manager, and a partial artist. 
* Dancing is a big deal to her.
* She is very proud of her dresses.

-=Act 1=-
* Take a seat beside her. Maybe a conversation will start
* Keep talking
* Compliment her
* Flirt submissively
* Ask her to choose
* Cherry Daiquiri is fine
* Flirt forwardly
* Admit your attraction
* Take the card

-=Act 2=-
* Explain what happened.
* Ask about that second date.
* Compliment her.
* It's not an act...
* Best to stick with Mercy
* You don't get to slip your own art into the exhibits?
* Of course!
* Whatever you're comfortable with!
* Console her!
* Kiss her!

-=Act 3=-
* Get things set up at the restaurant.
* This is fine, i can handle it.
* You. Flirt.
* Vineward cerdolo
* Make plans for later.
* Admit feelings

-=Act 4=-
* Woah. Flatter
* Romantic
* I'll be here no matter what (Console)
* Introduce myself
* Mercy is one of the most interesting people I know.
* I'm in love with her.

Lex (Alexia, Alex) Dating Path:
Written by Ertic Foxtail

A quick walkthrough on how to date Lex (Alexia, Alex).

* To all of you who's been skipping text for whatever reasons. 
* You can explore other options, but these give you the date quick 
  and easy as well.

* Lex (short for Alexia or Alex) is an androgynous husky. df
* The gender of the husky will depend on who you chose to identify 
  yourself as, in the beginning of the game. 
* Enjoys: fighting games, beer, and alternative music.
* Afraid of heights.
* Slightly presumptuous of the club-goers at Amorous.
* Not into: quick, empty, shallow relationships.
* Prefers to take things slowly.
* Side note: Don't make Lex jealous and don't try to scare.

-=Act 1=-
* Ask if there's any way I can help 
* Not exactly my first choice either, if I'm honest 
* Lex.. Is that short for Alexia? 
* It matters a little. i don't know what gender you are. 
* No, it's bad for you. 
* You're commenting on the outfit, so i guess it worked? 
* Ask more about what Lex does for fun x2 
* The racing games are fun, more realistic behind a wheel 
* They're okay too I guess. 
* Ask more about Lex in general x2 
* I think the external ones look cooler, ear scaffoldings? 
* I don't have any, no. Thinking about it though! 
* Ask more about Lex's gender 
* Ask more about Lex's likes/dislikes 
* I'm not really into phone games either, no. 
* Ask Lex if you can go somewhere together. 
* Did you have anywhere fun in mind?

-=Act 2=-
* I was wondering if you were free to hang out? 
* That sounds fun! Sure. 
* Wear something a little more punk appropriate 
* I figured you'd prefer it. 
* What do you recommend? 
* Something light 
* Beer 
* Commando! 
* Ask an easy question! 
* Whats your favorite movie of all time? 
* Ask a hard question! 
* What's your most fun memory? 
* Ask an easy question! 
* What's your favorite animal? Feral, I mean. 
* Ask an easy question! 
* Do you have a favorite game you play? 
* Ask an easy question! 
* Do you have a number one favorite band? 
* Finish the game 
* How about you come to my place? 
* How about more drinks? Chat and hang out? 
* Sure! 
* Don't worry, I wouldn't do anything like that. 
* A little... 
* I honestly don't care, I'll find out when i find out. 

-=Act 3 + Escaping Unnoticed=-
* A multi-tool? Might come in handy! 
* It sounds pretty fun actually. 
* Ask if anyone else is coming 
* We bumped into each other 
* Yeah, no way. 
* There's gotta be more fun things to do here? 

-=Escaping Police=-
* Run back to the break room 
* Into the office area! 
* Hide in one of the rooms? 
* Run for back to the warehouse

-=Act 4=-
* Dare.
* I love you, Lex.

Remy Dating Path:
Written by Ertic Foxtail

A quick walkthrough on how to date Remy.

To all of you who's been skipping text for whatever reasons. 
You can explore other options, but these give you the date quick 
and easy as well.

* Remy is a bunny and the oldest at the club (32 y.o.).
* Stops being shy in the right settings.
* Works as a cook and teaches cooking in the evenings.
* Likes: mediocre dominance and teasing.
* She gets bored with too many questions when you first meet her.
* Afraid of: feral sharks.
* Uses apricot conditioner.
* Orientation: bi (at least originally).

-=Act 1 (Pre-Date)=-
* Ask who shes looking for
* Offer to ask about him
* I'm here on Remy's behalf
* That's gross she deserves better!
* Tell her he was mean!
* He called you a sl*t and made a joke about you!
* If you need a bad boy, I can do my best (flirt)
* Flirt dominantly
* Ask about her job
* Ask more about her job x2
* Ask more about her in general
* No. your age is fine by me
* Ask more about her x2
* Ask about hobbies
* Ask more about her hobbies x3
* Ask something random
* (When speaking of sharks) Flirt about it
* Flirt dominantly
* Ask something random x2
* Time to go, I think?

-=Act 2 (Remy Date)=-
* Tease her, dominantly
* Hit him!
* Suggest going some place quieter.
* Yes, of course
* I can understand wanting to know if you're compatible
* things up
* You standing up to Rip was even better (Sub.)

-=Act 3 + Cooking Mini-Game=-
* You're only as old as you feel, right?
* That's nice of you to say. Just looking out for Remy?
vTrust me, the only one I know, almost got punched.
* We'd run into each other here and there.

-=Making Pasta Sauce=-
* Onion
* Ground beef
* Carrots
* Tomatoes
* Herbs

Wait until 'stop cooking' button comes up and count 3 seconds and then 
press the button to stop cooking. When it does, the sauce as result 
darkens a little bit.

* Well, I love you.

-=Act 4=-
* Wait up and text Remy when she's finished.

* Choose any of 4 (affects a photo she sends a while after).

-=Act 5=-
* 2nd choice.
* I love you, Remi.

How to Date Zenith (Walkthrough):
Written by the normal nots upside

A walkthrough on how to date Zenith.

-=Act 1: Getting His Number=-
Introduce yourself.
Make small talk.
Call it off.
Politely decline.
Stop him.
Humor him.
Humor him (again).
Change the subject.
Talk about him.
Change the subject.

-=Act 2: First Date=-
Show my ID this is my local range to.
Wait for him.
Snap out of it.
Dismiss it.
Let it be.
Introduce yourself.
Let the truth come out.
Suggest Jason stops.
Ask about the incident Jason mentioned.

-=Act 3: Second Date=-
Hang out.
Step in besides him.
Snuggle against him.
As long as you're happy I'm happy.
Ask about the accident.
Sit and listen.
Hug him.
Kiss him.
I'd like that.
I'll call you soon.

-=Act 4: Third Date=-
Of course.
Red roses.
I kind of love you.
Keep it simple and honest.
Shirt and pants.
It's a bit too strong.
To new love.
Invite him upstairs (OWO).
I love you.
Congratulations you did it.

-=Act 5: Optional Fourth Date=-
Zenith and the Player are at the beach, when Zenith offers the Player a job 
at Club Amorous. The date ends with the Player contemplating about working at 
Amorous and moving in with Zenith, ending the game with the Player's final 
dialogue, "Let's go home, Zenith... Let's at least practice that part."

Note: after this final date you will be able to access his extra sex scene.

Jax Dating Path:
Guide to Date Jax

Act 1: Getting His Number
* I'd like to order a drink.
* Surprise me.
* Well actually...
* Pay for the drink anyway.
* Refuse.
* The player will then get his number.

Act 2: First Date
* Leave a message.
* Ask him out.
* Horror.
* Sorry.
* Give him a peck on the cheek.
* Sure.
* Not at all.

Act 3: Second Date
* We just saw a movie.
* Let me call him.
* Are you at the club.
* Drop by the club.
* Burger wolf.
* Never mind.
* Stop him and kiss.

Act 4: Third Date
* Follow you.
* That's not my opinion.
* Talk to him.
* Take his free hand.
* Couch.
* Wow.
* Let's eat.
* Continue to snuggle.
* Give Jax a thrill.
* Congratulations you did it!
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