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Among Trees Cheats

Among Trees

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner tips:
* Your first task is to restore the cabin using boards and logs scattered
  throughout the woodland floor. Itís your house, and you may enhance it 
  with various in-game materials to add more rooms.
* When you pause the game, you also receive the ĎIím stuckí option, which 
  respawns you to a spot 20 seconds ago.
* In the lower right corner of your screen, you can see your hunger, health, 
  vitality, and temperature. So, if you donít want to die of famine, 
  exhaustion, freezing, poisoning, or being mauled by a bear, keep an 
  eye on those.
* You canít make goods for yourself. Youíll need to return to your cabin 
  and use the Workbench if you wish to build something.
* There is no autosave feature in the game. You may, however, preserve your 
  progress by using the diary in your cabin.
* Food items offer multiple benefits like the Golden Chanterelle that can 
  subside hunger and raise your temperature. Cooked foods give better 
  returns, so build the cooking room as soon as possible.
* If you become trapped on a rock or other terrain feature, utilize the 
  momentum of your swinging axe to extricate yourself.

Gathering and hunting tips:
* Driftwood clings to the ground along the river. So, if youíre looking 
  for them, look carefully.
* Watchtowers are excellent for locating precious resources such as bolts, 
  cables, ropes, and so on. This area is also frequented by bears, so take 
* Dogbane stems are hard to find. There is a place behind your cabin where 
  you can find some. Approach the watchtower behind the cabin. Keep looking 
  right while youíre going towards the tower and youíll find a path between 
  two rocks. 
* Youíll notice a larger rock further down the path. The dogbane is usually 
  located past that large boulder.
* To routinely catch fish, head to the pier or keep an eye out for splashes 
  in the water. When you see one, choose a location and cast your line away 
  from the splash. The splash and the fishing wire should be in the same 
  line. When you pass over the splash location, keep reeling and youíll 
  get a bite.

Note: Even if youíre a few inches off, donít cancel and keep reeling since 
you can catch a fish even though the bite meter isnít flashing.

Sticks can be hard to find. The easiest way to farm sticks is to build the 
Woodmanís axe and whack down trees.

Note: There is no item durability (yet), thus once you build an item, you 
can use it eternally until the developers address the issue.
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