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A Memoir Blue Cheats

A Memoir Blue

Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by tasselfoot

This guide will show you the ways how to get all A Memoir Blue achievements. 
Note that this guide may contain A Memoir Blue spoilers, continue reading 
at your own risk.

All achievements are missable except for beating the game! There is a chapter 
select, and the game is short, but be warned. This guide will list the 
achievements in order, so you can easily follow along.

-=Empty Your Cup=-
Remove all cubes from glass

I found this to be annoyingly difficult to do, especially since it has to be 
fast (before they melt). Turn your mouse sensitivity all the way up via in-game 

-=Surfing the Radio Waves=-
View all images in radio

At the radio, when you get to each image (the large vertical spots on the dial), 
click on both the middle and right buttons on the top-left of the radio. Each 
image has 2 different moving pictures. Achievement will trigger when you move 
all the way to the far right image.

-=Glow Up=-
Light up the crane and billboard at sunset

Near the beginning, you’ll pan out a window. On the right side, click on the 
billboard once and click on the crane in the upper right 3-4 times.

-=Hopping the Turnstile=-
Try to avoid paying train fare

On the train, when you get to the machine and stamp and 2 pennies… take the 
pennies and throw them off the screen. Awarded after I did it twice.

-=Wood War=-
Knock the other wooden planks into the water

After the train, you’ll swim through some water, and wind up on a wooden walkway 
with water and wood planks above you heard. Grab the wood planks above you, drag 
them slightly out of the water, and release them. Repeat until achievement triggers.

-=Siren Song=-
Listen to the music through the microphone

Once you’re on the boat, in front of the controls, start the engine with the key. 
Then pick up the microphone/speaker control and hold it for a few seconds. 
It should make some static and then music.

-=Oh Buoy!=-
Find all secrets floating in the map

After you start the boat and go to the lake map, find the 4 buoys.

-=Bubbling Over=-
Swim in a circle around the photo as the mother fish

After you shake 2 photos to make their images appear and go into the water with 
the 3rd (final) photo, click and grab the Red fish and drag it clockwise in a 
circle around the photo.

-=Fan Service=-
Activate the pinwheel

Immediately after the Bubbling Over scene, you’ll still be underwater and outside 
of a building. Click repeatedly on the left side of the building. A fan will spin, 
which will then spin the yellow pinwheel.

-=Knock Em Down=-
Knock down the umbrellas in the box

You’ll come to a garage. Click on the lone umbrella in the upper right, above 
the other umbrellas in the box. Takes 3 clicks.

-=Flipper Friend=-
Play with the dolphin models

When you first enter a building (escalator on the left), click a few times on the 
dolphins in the upper right corner.

-=Sink and Swim=-
Swim the whole length of the pool without floating up

On the 3rd page of the memory book, you’ll go into 1st person perspective and dive 
into the pool. Quickly keep clicking your mouse until this achievement pops; it’ll 
be about 30 seconds, and your screen will be black for longer than you think it 
should be.

-=Mirror, Mirror=-
Fix the mirror in 1 attempt

At the top of the merry-go-round, you’ll have 6 pieces of a mirror. Place each piece 
in the correct spot on your first attempt. This shouldn’t be too difficult, I started 
with the lower-right piece. The positioning isn’t super precise. Then click through 
the 4-5 images that appear and then the achievement will trigger.

Home Sweet Home – Beat the game

All Done! – Earn all achievements. 
This will trigger at the same time that your last achievement is earned.
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