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Amazing Cultivation Simulator Cheats

Amazing Cultivation Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Start Guide For Beginner:
Written by Kscoutb
For Amazing Cultivation Simulator players, this is a guide of basic 
observations and strategy to save everyone some time, letís check it out.

Your Party is broken into 3 people with one "Main Character" that also 
has background points. Keep in mind your Background defaults when you 
randomize.Stat Distribution.

The Stat grid thresholds are per pentagon line. Moderate is the innermost 
line and High is the next line out from there. I would encourage you to 
align your MCís stats with your backgroundís art.

There are really cool traits like heavenís chosen and gifted but in 
practice im just glad to not have any negatives as I emphasize Stat 
distribution and Skills more

Iíve read that the only skills your cultivators care about is Qi cultivation, 
Crafting and battle more or less in that order. In the early game You start 
with a free Level up Pill but cultivation is a long road.

* Generally I pick the following
* Artifact Savior/b] for 2 Points, Three artifacts to avoid the -15 
  penalty for being without one until I get around to crafting one.
* A Basic Law for 1 point, Ensuring you start with at least 100% 
  compatibility is critical
* Sociable for the extra starter pawn as Inner Sect members do not 
  do chores

Generally starts are going to go in this order

1.Chop Wood
2.Place Campfire
3.Place The two Crafting spots
4 Cut Trees and/or Punch rocks
5.Craft Planks or Bricks (probably both)
6.Craft Tools
7.Build a well
8.Build Assorted tool stations that upgrade what you have
9.Place Farms
10.Build an Observatory
11.Eventually Build rooms, I Build Four 3◊5 Internals and one 5◊5 Internal 
   for my Sect Leader.Things to keep in Mind

Rooms for cultivators should Ideally be made of the element that their element 
consumes with only the bed being their element. Other furniture should be of 
the consumed element as well.

-=Doors should be on the south side=-
You start with a cultivation Pill, once you have your new Inner Disciple they 
donít work and will be very upset if they are not given an Artifact and a weapon.
Weapons can be crafted or found on corpses and artifacts cost at least 5000 Qi 
in a material to craft.

Secrets are functionally accessed under the world tab and a big one to look 
out for is a couple of weeks in you get a secret mission to investigate the 
old sect. This gives you all of the starter inheritances.

General Tips & Tricks:
Written by It's not slander if it's written 

A collection of information I discovered that either wasn't covered in other guides 
or was particularly difficult to find. Some of this may be obvious, but Ctrl+F exists 
and is your friend.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
You've probably been told not to start with a Yaoguai and you probably decided to 
heed that advice after, at most, the first or second time you made the mistake. The 
important thing to know about Shapeshifter Tribulations is that you have to manually
activate them. Select your Yaoguai, hit the yin-yang symbol on the right and then 
click the icon that tells you how many days until your next tribulation. I didn't 
think it looked clickable but it certainly is! You then select a spot to have your 
fistfight with Heaven.

Yaoguai that have successfully survived their Shapeshifter Tribulation will never 
have to undergo another Shapeshifter Tribulation (but may need to survive a different 
Tribulation based on how you choose to progress their Cultivation.) You can use a 
drop-down menu that appears in the bottom left to switch them between their beast, 
monster, and human forms. 
There's statistical differences but I'm unsure what specifically they are.
I couldn't tell you what else applies.

Spirit Soul Gems are a ??? to farm so buy them any chance you get because you're unlikely 
to have access to them when you need them most. There is no consistent farming method to 
get them, unlike Anguish Soul Gems (Hell Gates).

Don't make a bunch of storage, you'll get a miniature universe relatively early on.

In order to construct the miniature universe, all you need is a cultivator at or above 
Golden Core. Examine the orb, then examine the scroll, it's in the building category 
"Wonders". It requires some rare-ish resources but it's not terrible. (Fire and Ice 
Essence, Holy Stone Blocks, etc.) The small offshoot pillars of the mini-universe are 
not necessary - all they do for you is let you take items from the universe out at the 
location of the pillar instead of the universe, but most things your disciples will have 
teleported to them.

In light of this and other reasons, there's huge advantages to having exactly one inner 
disciple who blitzes through and gets a garbage golden core. Primordial Spirit (the tier 
after Golden Core) takes a long time to reach no matter what you do, and it's worth 
rushing to so you can unlock the spells that boost allies' stats by a percentage based 
on how low the stats are at the time you cast the spells (there's one for Perception, 
Constitution, Charisma and Intelligence. 

None for Luck or Potential that I'm aware of.)

Once you hit the second tier of sect, it's advantageous to make multiple "throwaway" 
inners (3 or so) who you just send on looping adventures to places with resources you 
find valuable that aren't terribly rare. So not crimson fruit, but stuff like ores. 
Having 300 igneocopper or ice ores at all times is a good policy - it means you can 
donate 200 to factions when they need them for World quests. 
Those quests are a decent way to get connection/favor.

That said, those quests aren't nearly as valuable for favor as camping at a given 
faction's headquarters and inviting a bunch of Qi Shaping/Core Shaping disciples over. 
There's tons of benefits to this - if they have nice rooms, nice food, access to a 
place to meditate and some recreation options (and it isn't winter), you'll likely 
get anywhere from 17 to 50 favor per. This is good. Run a fancy hotel for them. 
You can try to recruit their people out from under them, too!

It's better to keep the numbers of Physical Cultivators you train down - they require
 more micromanaging than Xiandao, and while your mileage may vary I learned having 3 
is a pain in the ass to coordinate. 1 is fine, 2 if you really must. Once you have one 
mostly trained up, of course, it's no big deal to add more.

9 is even more true of Shendao, with a caveat. Shendao are extremely annoying to level 
once they have a Palace, but also getting there takes a really long time. However, if 
you slap every possible talisman that increases Mental State, if made on T12 paper at 
95% or higher, you can clear the second phase of Shendao mental cultivation relatively 
quickly. If you're planning on making multiple Shendao, have your first go a bit ahead 
of the others.

Shendao are extremely prone to getting obsessions, those nasty little balls that give you 
semi-permanent negatives. Particularly Anxiety (if you're going too slow) and especially 
Hedonistic. One way to slow getting Hedonistic is to throw them into a really unpleasant 
place for a short while every now and then.

Don't overload yourself with too many save slots. This may seem common sense, but, you know. 
I had around 150 and it started to lag really bad trying to load so. Yeah!

If you're trying to get the talisman law from He Zudao (which you need), then know that it 
seems like her stats are randomized every save. I was able to mug her when she was Golden
 Core on one save, and then I went to see her on another and she was Primordial Spirit and 
beat my ass.

The Laws that you can get from mugging/poaching people from other factions are variants of 
the base Law that you can get from either winning Kunlun or stealing/conquering said 
factions. All three that I've found so far (Seven Slaughtering Sect, the elixir one and the 
artifact crafting one) are really good, and worth either holding on to people to make them 
cultivators of or using Reincarnation to nab them.

Spirit Trees are a ???. Read the guide on the Discord. It's really, really long. And it has 
to be. And there's no easy way to work around them. But it's true, the rewards you get from 
them are awesome. If you're brand new, don't bother. 
It'll just be a miserable time.

Never invites guests in wintertime, they'll go freeze outside and blame you for it and there 
doesn't seem to be anything you can do.

I'm convinced nobody knows exactly what the stats (Bless/Curse, Fatness, Physique) mean on 
Spirit Pets. I know Bless makes them tankier and Curse makes them do more damage, and they're 
obtained by the pet being either a huge ??? or a good-boy saint, but nobody can give a straight 
answer (and I couldn't find one) about Fatness/Physique or why you would ever, ever feed your 
pet food that does nothing but lower one/both of those. Supposedly they increase HP and 
damage - but then, if that's true, why would you want those lower?

Every Xiandao needs Spiritual Breath Chant. Get it early. It's inexpensive and will save 
your life. It's the fastest way by far to regen Qi.

If you're having a terrible time you can always go into the Realms Palace on the main menu 
and add some custom items or equipment. It's relatively easy to understand what you're 
doing (I mean, I was able to figure it out!). Note: If you want simple stat boosts to fine-
adjust stats instead of just maxing them outright, you'll probably want to make several of 
the same effect. I haven't been able to find a way to make elixirs/medicines that give 
permanent boosts stack with themselves.

The reason people don't tell you how to get certain manuals is because many are random and 
you just have to get lucky and that's how it is.

You can make any Xiandao cultivator you find give you a manual that has a small effect on 
it "unique" to each cultivator if you max their relationship, have high social, and click 
Secret Knowledge twice. Be careful not to do this if you're visiting and have no inventory 
space. You won't get a second copy. People tell me that this is true of He Zhudao for their 
law, but in my experience that isn't the case.

You can make Spirit Crystals with Alchemy immediately, but you need high enough Alchemy to 
actually make them.

Take notes. Yes, you, yourself, take notes. Read guides and take notes. If you want to 
make a physical cultivator then pick what you want to do yourself. Read the physical 
cultivator guides that are already handy so you can make sure you're not wasting time. 
The general rule to always keep in mind IMO is that artifact suppression sucks and you 
never want more of it, ever. This is because actually catching an artifact drains your 
qi and if you're fighting anyone serious enough you want to use a high-end body cultivator 
then you're not 1v1-ing anyone, and if you are you're fighting someone with multiple 
artifacts to begin with. Artifact suppression can only, at most, catch 1 artifact at a time.

Never dismiss spirit pets never dismiss spirit pets never dismiss spirit pets they are 
extremely useful and good and if you dismiss one when they first show up, you'll never 
get another shot at them this save.

Speaking of spirit pets, you will always get the dog on day 30, then (if you have the 
DLC) the panda a bit later, then the fox awhile after that. All three are good but the 
Panda constantly whines so if you want to skip it, well, nobody should blame you for that.

If a spiritual pet dies, you can get them back. Build a statue to them (you only need 
one per pet) and activate it. Three days later, they're back. This also lets you swap 
between pets (with the same 3 day period of waiting.) Make the statues in advance.

If you have the merchant mod you can make some serious bank by making bows out of Spirit 
Blocks and selling those bows to the merchant. I do not recommend this as a strategy if 
you don't have the merchant mod, because the merchants are too few and far between and 
there's always a risk they'll decide to pay you 0 for Gear Items this trip.

When planning your farms, don't plant wheat/etc. over spirit grass if you can avoid it. 
That's better used for herb garden (and, if you're ready for the chore, Spirit Trees). 
They need the fertility.

Your farms aren't big enough. You think they are? Double their size. Now they're closer 
to big enough.

Just make your own Reincarnators, it's not worth the headache of randomly rolling 
characters every single time you start a new game. You don't have to give your 
Reincarnators max stats if you don't want to, but please, you deserve better than a 
60-year-old blind grandpa with 2s in all stats who can't do physical labor.

If you really want to start with a Yaoguai and you just will not back down from that, 
make a Reincarnator. Give them custom Ideas that give them all the stats you want, 
give them a total of 3 ideas, then use them. You'll have 600+ days to sort them out 
for their Tribulation, which is plenty of time.

Tribulations that hit Xiandao cultivators start out comparatively easy.

Kunlun is a great way to get laws that you otherwise can't (if you win) but it will 
skyrocket your sect's fame and honestly? Is it worth it? Make the value call yourself.

Artifact quests usually have you either leave or fight someone for it, and they're 
rarely worth it in my experience. The artifacts you get from those tend to be merchant/
devour/etc. fodder.

Ice Essence Bracelets are good for making artifacts out of earlyish on.

Max Artifact Qi is either really good or really bad and I haven't found a consensus. If 
you quote me on this I'm going to have a lot of angry people after me though, probably : 
( For my money, low max artifact qi is probably the way to go.

If you came here from Rimworld, I'm sorry. This isn't a colony management sim, it's a 
huge chain of minigames that share resources and interact with one another and at their 
core is an RPG where you power up your party as much as possible.

Do all of the in-game tutorial before getting into it. It'll prepare you for the first 
30 days or so. It's not enough on its own but it's something.

This game is going to take you time to learn and get down and if you don't think it 
will then this message is doubly for you. Your arrogance will get you steamrolled. 
Swallow your pride, read a guide!
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