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Always Sometimes Monsters Cheats

Always Sometimes Monsters

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam Achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", 
then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement              How to unlock
Alone                  - Then again, I always was.
Flowers in Your Hair   - Such a strange vibration.
Hello, I Love You      - Won't you tell me your name?
Meet the New Boss      - Same as the old boss.
Modern Love            - Gets me to the church on time.
Nothing Left to Lose   - Freedom's just another word.
Salt of the Earth      - Say a prayer for the common foot soldier.
Star-Crossed Lovers    - Beneath the milky twilight.
The Final Curtain      - Saw it through without exemption.
They're Gonna Love You - You're gonna make it if you try.

How to Enable Fullscreen Mode:
Written by Spidersonic

The best way to make sure the game runs in full-screen.

When I first started playing this game, it loaded up in a very small window. 
I then tried to make it run in full-screen by pressing Alt+Enter and it worked 
well except the game was still in 4:3. Assuming I could get it to run in 16:9, 
and since the main menu suggests it, I tried pressing F5 and F6 to see what it 
would do. And it actually made things worse.

The game now looked like this on my monitor and no matter how much I pressed F5 
or F6, it wouldn’t go back to its previous and correct configuration:

-=How to Enable Fullscreen=-
As it turns out, there’s no way to run this game in 16:9. It was made to run in 
4:3. But, quite frankly, you shouldn’t let that technicality deter you from playing 
it as it is a pretty cool experience.

In order to fix any issue you might have when trying to run Always Sometimes 
Monsters in all its 4:3 full-screen glory, you need to do the following :

1.Locate the file “Game.ini” in the installation folder of the game.
The exact location of your Steam folder may vary, depending on where you installed 
it on your computer. On Windows, by default it should be in “C:\Program Files (x86)\” 
but then again, maybe you chose to put it somewhere else (Different drive, different 

Once you’ve located it follows this path to find the file “Game.ini”
Steam\SteamApps\common\Always Sometimes Monsters

2.Edit the file “Game.ini” with Notepad
Open the file “Game.ini” by right-clicking it and then choosing to open it with 

In Notepad, edit these three lines under the category “[ASM-Screen]”

Once done, save and close the file.

3.Making sure these parameters stay that way
After closing the file “Game.ini”, right-click it again and choose “Properties”. This 
will open a new window on the bottom of which you will find the attributes of the file 
“Game.ini”. Check the “Read-only” box then click on “Apply” and “OK”. This will ensure
 no further modifications can be made to this file by either the game or yourself. 
If you ever need to modify that file again, just go back and uncheck that “Read-only” 

Factory Math Guide:
Written By A Simple Hedgecat

How to make the most money in either the pork factory or tofu factory in Dubstown!

This guide is intended for the Temp Agency jobs in the first town (Dubstown). You'll 
get a choice of working in a tofu factory or a pork factory and the temp agency will 
take half of your earnings, which is why you want to make as much money in each factory 
as possible (our player character is unfortunate enough as it is).

The pork factory must be completed and you cannot leave the mini game at any time. 
The tofu factory lets you leave whenever you please, but to make the most money you 
should stay in the tofu factory until the machine runs out of tofu, just like with 
the pork factory.

All you really need for this process to be the most successful is to be good at 
multiplication and division or just whip out your calculator and punch in a few 

-=How to work the belt=-
This minigame was likely intentionally made to be tedious and somewhat boring (as 
factory work isn't the most glamourous job in real life either), so for a beginner 
this minigame may be especially frustrating.

To work the belt, walk up to the control pannel and go through with the following

Converyor Access -> Dispense pork/soy beans -> Converyor A -> Pork/tofu cuber 
-> Create pork/tofu cube

After selecting that option you'll get a random number usually in the range of 
15-27. This seems to be randomized each time, giving us a variable to work with.

Continue the sequence as follows:
* Coveryor B > Pork/tofu slicer

After this you'll be given a choice of making a certain product with a certain 
quantity of meat.

For either factory, to make the most out of your boring time there, you should stay 
until either the pork or tofu machine runs out of pork and/or tofu. The pork factory 
traps you until the task is complete, but the tofu factory gives you full permission 
to leave whenever. But despite the temptation to escape the tedious and repetetive 
mini game, to make the most money, stay there until you're done.

As soon as you finish talking with your boss in either factory, go up to the list 
to the left of the door. You'll see 3 kinds of products the facotyr makes and how 
much each product is going to make you in earnings. The list will look something 
along the lines of this (which we will use as our example for this guide):

* Product 1 (5 lb.)..... 9 dollars
* Product 2 (3 lb.)...... 7 dollars
* Product 3 (1 lb)........ 3 dollars

Simple enough. Which ever factory you work at, the names of the products don't 
matter, just these numbers. The pounds of pork/tofu to make each product are our 
consistant numbers. The money you'll earn to make them however tend to change. 
This seems to change each day and either the pork or tofu factory will give out the 
most money, but switching back and fourth between the factories to make the most 
money might be tedious (and this minigame itself it already tedious enough). So 
let's say you're consistantly working in one factory or the other. We'll use this 
list as an example, but note that in the actual game, prices will change, going up 
and down depending on the day (just like meat prices in real life). Therefore you 
can't always get consistant pay regardless of which facotry you work in. In other 
words, you can bring home 100 dollars one day and bring home more or less the next...

For the sake of the guide, we'll stick to our table above.

As stated above in 'How to work the belt', when you cube the pork or tofu you'll 
get a random number ranging from 15 to 27.

The variables we have thus far is the number of product we get from cubing pork/
tofu and the amount of money we'll recieve for making certain products. 

So here is the forumla we'll use:

* money = total product / n * Product (1,2, or 3's) price

The amount of money we'll recieve will be dependent on the total product divided 
by a number multiplied by the amount of money we'll be paid for making a certain 
product (listed as 1, 2 or 3 above).

For instance, if I have 27 pounds of pork in the pork factory i would divide by 3, 
getting 9 and multiplying that (using our table above) by 7. 9 * 7 = 63. So by 
that logic, i'd get 63 dollars if i check the list by the door again.

On the other hand, you could just make whatever meat or tofu product is the most 
valuable... Let's try that using our table above as an example:

Product 1 requires 5 pounds of pork/tofu to make and will earn us 9 dollars. Our 
total product is 27 pounds. So: 27 divided by 5 equals 5.4 which multiplied by 9 
gets us 48.6... Not very clean numbers. So let's round those numbers in our favor:

27 divided by 5 gives us 5.4. which we'll round down to 5. 5 multiplied by 9 gives 
us 45.

By then we'll have used up 25 pounds of prok/tofu, only leaving us with 2 pounds 
of pork/tofu left only giving us the option to make Product 3 (the one we'll get 
the least money for). Using this example we'll only get 3 dollars for making 
Product 3. 

Simple multiplication will mean we'll have only gotten 6 extra dollars giving us 
a total of 51 dollars...

* So 63 -> 51

Note that because the amount of money you'll get for making products 1, 2, or 3 
will constantly change and the amount of meat or tofu you get from the cuber is 
also a variable.

Hopefully you have found this guide useful regardless and hopefully the explanation 
of my equations weren't too complicated or poorly written. Have fun.
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