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Alum Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Office Chair" achievement:
In Chapter 7 while controlling Ebot 3 as Dashu, repeatedly interact
with the office chair in Mr. Glym's office. 

Easy "Pige!" achievement:
After Alum returns to Cosmos City, use the Rushlight from your 
inventory on Pige, the desk clerk at the parcel company. 
Note: This must be done before going on the rooftop.

Easy "Smoky-mountain maple mighty magic mac and cheese scented":
In Chapter 4, find the room with the Rogations. There is a sick 
woman inside. Use the water from the tree where the hermit lives 
to cure her. After the woman and her husband leave, interact 
with the candle on the table with your Rushlight.
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