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AltCoin Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by Ellie

Welcome to Altcoin!
01110111 01100101 01101100 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01110100 
01101111 00100000 01100001 01101100 01110100 01100011 01101111 01101001 01101110

-=How to Achieve: Start up the game.=-
Boot it up!
*AMM is Starting*

-=How to Achieve: Enable AMM by clicking the green "Enable" button.=-

-=Stamina Upgrade Achievements=-
Mmm... Dark coffee, my favorite.

How to Achieve: Get about 20 ALC, go over to the Tools section, type 20 in the ALC > 
USD Exchange bar, click 'Exchange', and then click the cup of coffee in the Stamina Shop.

-=Beast Energy!=-
Delicious, yet very energizing!

How to Achieve: Go through the steps above to convert to USD ($4.49 is needed for an 
energy drink rather than $2.49), and then click the energy drink can in the Stamina Shop.

* Multi-Vitamins for the Win!
* Feeling alive more than ever!

How to Achieve: The cost for the pills is $9.49. Convert enough ALC to buy it and 
then click on the package of pills in the Stamina Shop. 
Note: Increasing your stamina a ton will make one of the later achievements harder. 
For more information, refer to the Misc. section of the guide.

-=AMM Upgrade Achievements=-
The upgrade currency for these is ALC, not USD like in the Stamina Shop.

-=RAM it up!
*No pun intended*

How to Achieve: Mine enough ALC that it matches the green number for the top AMM upgrade 
[this goes up as you continue buying it] and then click the RAM stick icon. 

CPU Upgrade!
*heavy breathing*

How to Achieve: Mine enough ALC for the second upgrade in the AMM shop and then click the icon. 

GPU Upgrade!
*More is better*

How to Achieve: Mine enough ALC for the last upgrade in the AMM shop and then click the icon.

-=Mining / Grinding
Manual Mining Achievements

Press "X" 1,000 times. 
Press "X" 10,000 times.
Press "X" 31,415 times. 
Press "X" 45,100 times.
Press "X" 100,000 times.

-=ALC Mined=-
Note: This achievement tracks the amount of ALC shown in the ALC supply. 
If you buy upgrades, that ALC does not count towards these.

Manual Mine or enable the AMM until the ALC supply says 100 ALC.
Mine until the ALC supply says 1,000 ALC.
Mine until the ALC supply says 10,000 ALC.
Mine until the ALC supply says 100,000 ALC.

-=USD ($) Balance
My first exchange!
ALC to USD converted!

How to Achieve: Convert ALC to USD using the quick exchange in the Tools section. 
If you did the stamina achievements earlier, this should be unlocked automatically. 

My first dollar
- Hey guys, it's legit yo!

How to Achieve: Simply convert ALC until you have a dollar in U.S. currency. 
If you did the stamina achievements earlier, this should also be unlocked automatically.

USD Balance reached $100
Dollar-dollar Bill, Yo!

How to Achieve: Exchange ALC until your USD balance reaches $100.

USD Balance reached $1,000
What a pay out!

How to Achieve: Exchange ALC until your USD balance reaches $1,000.

-=Session Time (Idling)=-
60 minutes in one sitting!
It's just the beginning.

How to Achieve: Stay in game for sixty minutes/one hour. There's a timer on the upper 
left of the screen that helps keep track of this.

Note: While the game can be left in the background, closing out of it for any reason will 
result in the end of the session, and you will have to start over. If the anti-hack 
feature gets re-enabled (at the time of writing this, it is disabled), closing your 
computer or the computer going to sleep will also most likely trigger the end of a session.

5 hours in one sitting!
*Cracking Knuckles*

How to Achieve: Idle the game for five hours straight. 

24 hours in one sitting!

Achieving this is currently IMPOSSIBLE. An issue with the game causes it to crash before the 
twenty-four hour mark is reached. Any current unlocks of this are done illegitimately.


Lights Out!

How to Achieve: Idle the game without paying the electricity bill. Once you reach the limit 
(shown in the top left corner), this achievement should be unlocked. 

**I believe certain AMM upgrades increase the electricity bill limit, but I need to check 
this in game. Be weary of the limit increasing until you get this achievement.

I'm exhausted..

How to Achieve: Manually mine (by pressing "X") until your stamina [displayed in the center 
of the screen] reaches zero.
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