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Alone Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by Skexer

-=First of Many 
Experience your first death.

-=Hang in There 
Die 20 games in one game.

-=The End 
Complete the game. Will get this at the end of the game.

-=Speed Demon 
Find the first shortcut. Close to the beginning, this took me a 
while to find. 

Watch out for the first cave. Crawl through it. Then climb to the top 
& push the crate close to the edge. Don't let it fall down. Jump on it 
& jump across on top of the tree. Fireflies will light up, jump & 
float across these. 

-=Even Faster! 
Find the second shortcut. This one should come naturally by playing 
to the end. 

When you are the chase sequence at the end, hurry as fast as you can 
& then jump on top of the crate before the worm rises up through it 
and kills you. Then jump and float with the fireflies.

-=Gotta Go Fast!
Complete the game in under 20 minutes. This seems a little difficult 
at first but when you've memorized it all you can finish it in about 
10 min easy. You can check Gotta go fast! for a complete walk-through.

-=Too Easy? 
Complete the game with no deaths. This will probably be your last 
achievement and should take several tries. 
If you die while trying, don't immediately restart. Practice and 
memorize the obstacles- especially the very last sequence.
Most importantly: Don't give up! :)
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