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Alina of the Arena Cheats

Alina of the Arena

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Movement Tips for New Players:
Written by Drachnon

* Your best option for movement is shield bash, combined with your 
  starting initiative it allows for two spaces of movement. As an 
  added bonus the shield bash if free if you use it on an enemy. Also 
  it comboís pretty well with Hit and Run and if youíre really lucky 
  you can get unlock your mind + Dempsey Roll+.

* In the latest deck that beat the second boss use two shield bash, 
  Hit & Run+ and Wind Up+ with great success.

* Itís also important to remove cards at any oppertunity possible so
  you draw the movement cards you do have as often as possible.

* As for heavy opponents your best options are either generating enough 
  block to tank or generating enough damage to rush them down.

* Remember! Itís only one strategy and you can make your own anyway.

General Strategy Ė Early Game:
Written by Sir Slush.

At the beginning of each run (sans your first), youíll start at the Mystery 
Shop. This shop will let you buy cards and equipment using points earned 
from previous runs to make your current run easier.
ďDuh,Ē you say. But it is here at the Mystery Shop that youíll usually find 
the big cards or items that can help you initially define a build. Find a 
bracer that makes Fatigue cost 0? Looks like the start of a Fatigue deck. 
Find a Shield Slam? Looks like a block deck.

Itís better to take equipment that enables specific playstyles at the 
Mystery Shop and after the early battles, just so that you have a central 
theme to build around. Donít take good-but-general-purpose cards if you 
have a build-enabler present.
Your early game equipment should almost always consist of a sword and shield, 
with a ranged weapon in your ďbackpackĒ as a backup (this obviously changes 
as you get cards, equipment or accessories that start to form a deck 

The best cards to pick if you only have general-purpose choices are those 
that give you better deck control (draw, redraw, etc) or movement, but try 
not to take too many before you have a build figured out Ė itís better to 
skip cards and stay underpowered for a little while than to end up with 
too many shield cards in a fatigue/skirmisher deck, to use a specific 

The late game is punishing on kiting decks. Unless you have a plan to 
deal with the second and especially the third boss, movement tends to 
play the role of limiting your incoming damage to something your block 
cards can handle, not negating it entirely.

Throughout the entire game, stun is overpowered. You can faceroll bosses 
by knocking them into a corner and keeping them stunned for the entire 
battle. Any abilities you take that knock enemies around are as valuable 
as movement abilities, if not more so, for a kiting playstyle or a 
playstyle that needs time to get going.

The first cards youíll want to get rid of will generally be a couple of 
basic Strike cards, While there are more good general-purpose defensive 
cards than good general-purpose offensive cards, you donít want to scrimp 
on defense early-game. If you do take block cards, start deleting Defends 
instead, as you want to maintain a good balance until you have your build 
figured out. Itís better to have a build in mind as early as possible, but 
sometimes that doesnít happen until after the first boss.

Always fight Elites. Always. If you find yourself struggling and low on 
health, chances are good that your run isnít going to end well Ė so itís 
better to take the purple coin and restart the run than to try for the 
boss and die to it anyway, or die in the next arena. Turnarounds do happen, 
but if youíre struggling with the Elites in Arena 1, you probably need to
 keep learning the basic game mechanics and restart your build from scratch.

You should rarely, if ever heal on heal/training options. Crowds will 
give you healing potions and events often contain options to heal, plus 
youíll heal after every boss battle. Opportunities for upgrades are much 
rarer and will also save you health in the future as you become stronger.
Focus your upgrades on cards that give you scaling, because the faster 
you scale, the quicker youíll finish fights and less damage youíll take. 
If you have no scaling cards to upgrade, go for deck control and energy 

After defeating the first boss, youíll be presented with a choice of 
accessory equipment. The energy option is almost always worth its 
downsides, but if it destroys the build you have going, know that energy
relics are absolutely not necessary for winning runs and itís often 
better to take something else than to destroy a good build.

Tips for Second Boss:
I went for the caster first too. I found having a spear helped as you 
can just do a normal move to kite away while also attacking. I ended up 
using most of my movement cards killing the caster, and I think I used 
a grapple to get space then just moved at the start of each turn to kite 
back after that.

You do need some strong hits before you are backed into a corner though. 
I had two final blows and two last stands. One is the one that gets 
stronger the more fatigue cards you have and the other lets you retain 
the card and it gets stronger each turn(which I saved the entire fight 
until I was fighting the second guy). I was using them with warcry(50% 
all attacks for the turn), wind up(double damage for one attack) and 
power through(upgraded version to get even more strength per fatigue)

I was able to get some pretty big hits in, for like 80 damage in a single 
shot with that. That still might not be enough alone, but if you can get 
the caster to shoot the other guy a couple of times, that can help. 
Throw dirt is a useful card too, since you can outright stop any attack, 
even if it is just one.

Useful Combat Tips:
How to even beat act 3 bosses?

Depending on the boss, they have various mechanics that allow you to manage 
their big attacks.

Sometimes the answer is Ďtrade some HP to survive for another moveset cycle 
where you can do damage,í sometimes the answer is an interrupt move or to break 
their guard.

Sometimes you just donít and have to accept that the big damage moves act like 
a battle timer and you need to win before then.

The knight in particular has a lengthy set of moves and HP triggers that he 
cycles through before he starts just spamming massive hits each round, and 
learning how to beat him relies a lot on understanding which steps in his chain 
need to be interruped/guardbroken, how much damage you need to do before X 
trigger, and how much you need to ramp up before the home stretch.
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