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Alien Vs. Predator 2 Cheats

Alien Vs. Predator 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Amey Mulay

While in game press "Enter" and type [cheat] with [] then a space and type
the codes given below and then press enter to enable it. 
If you retype it the cheat code gets disabled.

Code            Result 
mpcanthurtme  - God mode on/off 
mpschuckit    - Add weapons and ammo 
mpsmithy      - Full armor 
mpkohler      - Full ammo 
mpstockpile   - Full ammo (maybe with differences?) 
mpbeamme      - Beam player to level start with initial conditions 
mpsixthsense  - No clip on/off 
mpicu         - 3rd person mode on/off (HUD doesn't visible in this mode) 
mptachometer  - Show speed info on/off 
mpsizeme      - Show size info on/off 
mpgrs         - Show rotation info on/off 
mpgps         - Show position info on/off 
mpfov         - Edit (with keys) FOV value 
mpvertextint  - Edit (with keys) vertext tint 
mplightadd    - Edit (with keys) light amplification 
mplightscale  - Edit (with keys) light scale 
mpbreach Edit - (with keys) weapon breach 
mpwmpos Edit  - (with keys) weapon offset 1 
mpwpos Edit   - (with keys) weapon offset 2
mpreloadbutes - Reload an attribute file
mptriggers    - Toggle trigger boxes
mpmph         - Displays framerate
mpconfig      - Load new cfg file

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: AVP2killer

to enter the cheat console press enter and than type one 
of the following cheats:_

mpcanthurtme - Toggle invincibility
mpschuckit   - All weapons and ammo 
mpsmithy     - Full armor cheat  
mpstockpile  - Full ammunition 
mpbeamme     - Teleport to level start with default conditions 
mpsixthsense - Toggle no clipping 
mpicu        - Toggle third person view 
mptachometer - Toggle speed display 
mpsizeme     - Toggle size display 
mpicu        - Toggle third person view 
mptachometer - Toggle speed display 
mpsizeme     - Toggle size display 

Character types:
Use one of the following values with the 
" mpmorph [character type]" code:

marine duke 

note: these cheats work only for the european version of the game

Face Hugger Tip: 
Submitted by: Dj Simo

When you play as the facehugger in the first part of the alien campign
you have to get a person by themself to get a host. Keep going until 
you reach the guy sleeping in a chair. Don't waste your time listening
to people talk or waiting for one guy to leave. Just keep going until 
you reach the guy sleeping in a chair. 

More of a Strategy:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

When fighting a tough character as the Predator (i.e. the Queen), and are
low on health and/or energy, use the energy pistols secondary fire to 
stun them. This will give you just enough time to heal yourself or use 
the energy sift.

* Never use the pulse grenades in closed compartments or near essential 
  pickups (pickups are destructible). If you are surrounded or trapped, 
  use the burst fire.

* Ignore all the Weyland-Yutani canisters strewn all over the level. 
  None of these contain anything of value.

* Ignore searching for loot inside crates. There are no destructible crates.

* Steam does not hurt. Smoking does...

* Do not try to open doors that are locked. There is no way you can open these.

Unlock all misions:
Submitted by: SNOTKOP "AKA Troffel"

Go to your AvP directory and find the folder "Profiles", in the "Profiles"
folder you will find a text ".txt" file with your player name/s.

Open your player text ".txt" file and scroll down till you find the caracter 
name such as "[Alien]",  under each name you will see the the following:

"LevelStatus = (DWORD)284646098", now where the bunch off numbers are just 
replace them with the folowing numbers, each caracter 
has diferent numbers, so do like so:

LevelStatus = (DWORD)2846460546

LevelStatus = (DWORD)2846460556

LevelStatus = (DWORD)2846460576

HEHE, now all ur levels are unlocked, OK! I gave my end of the deal,

Killing the Alien Queen easily: 
When playing as a Predator, select your shoulder cannon then charge a shot by
holding the Right Mouse Button. This will consume a small amount of energy, 
but you can recharge it by pressing T. After that, the game automatically 
returns to the shoulder cannon. Notice that the shot is still loaded, and 
causes a lot of damage. Go to the Queen at a safe distance with electric 
view and fire. Then, just keep moving in circles walking backwards and 
shooting without charging the shoulder cannon. When your energy is out, use
the spear weapon to finish it. A few blows should do the trick. After that,
kill the other aliens that appear then move to her head. Use your blades 
and keep attacking the head. It will increase your trophy number.

Alien follow-the-leader:
This trick will cause an Alien to follow you a short distance, and usually
turn its back and appear to watch for enemies. Enter a level that has Aliens.
It can be any level, even a non-Alien one, as long as you use a mpmorph code
to turn into an Alien. When you get to a point where there us not a combat 
situation and there is an Alien around, get near it. Use your Claw attack 
on the ground. Try not to hurt the Alien, then quickly run or walk backwards
to make sure the Alien is following you. This strategy is not foolproof. 
Note: Some Aliens, especially in the Alien Campaign levels, seem to have a
limited "territory." Also, sometimes in the Marine levels an Alien will 
follow you and end up standing in the steam and kill itself. Also, an Alien
on the ground will not follow you onto the ceiling; it will stand by the 

Strange guard voices:
Enable the  mpmillertime code and go to any level. Go near a guard
and he will have a high voice and sounded as if he is drunk.

Quick minigun fire:
In single player or multi-player mode, select the minigun and press [Secondary
Fire]. The minigun will "warm up" and constantly spin the barrels until press 
[Secondary Fire] again or switch to another weapon. While this feature is 
active, the minigun will fire immediately after pressing [Fire] -- it no 
longer needs to "spin up" or "spin down", and will also fire more accurately.
Using this technique will allow you to easily wipe out the Praetorian Aliens 
or Assault Predators. 
Note: In multi-player mode, only the Corporate AT officer can use the minigun
as a set weapon, and they are very rare weapons in a normal multi-player game.

Queen head bite:
Start any mission, then enable the  mpmorph drone code. Next, go up
to a civilian and get into head bite position, but do not kill him. Enable
the  mpmorph queen code. Note: The head bite will be your only attack;
use it carefully.

Disc with a no disc predator:
In multi-player mode join or make (recommended) a small level. Bunker is 
good. Be a predator which has a disc when you spawn. Throw the disc somewhere
you can quickly get too and press [F1] to change to a no disc predator. There
is only one, which is called Assault. When you spawn again, press the disc 
retrieval key (default is F). The disc should actually come to you. You will
have the disc but for some reason you cannot use it, even though the item 
indicator shows that you picked it up.
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