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Alien Swarm Cheats

Alien Swarm

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press ~ during game play to display the console window, then type 
sv_cheats 1 to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following
codes at the console window.
Note: Cheat codes cannot be enabled during in offline practice. 

Effect                        Code
God mode                      asw_god 1
Full ammo and all weapons     asw_gimme_ammo
Full health                   asw_gimme_health
Disable auto-reload           asw_auto_reload 0
Enable The Director           asw_horde_override 1
360 controller support        exec 360_controller_pc.cfg
First person view             firstperson
Level tile-based generator    asw_tilegen
Server browser                openserverbrowser

Promotion stars:
Reach level 27 and select "Promote". Note: This will reset your levels
and give you the corresponding award. 

Titanium Star - First promotion.
Carbide Star  - Second promotion.
Callium Cross - Third promotion.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view 
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", 
then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement           Description
Ammo Technician     - Deploy 10 ammo stashes that are used by other marines.
Another Bughunt     - Kill 5,000 Swarm.
Armory Access       - Unlock all the available weapons.
Assault Specialist  - Kill 250 Swarm with the Assault Rifle.
Autogun Expert      - Kill 250 Swarm with an Autogun.
Blast Radius        - Kill 6 Swarm with a single Grenade.
Bug Stomper         - Kill 100 Swarm Grubs.
Circuit Breaker     - Complete 10 wire hacks without access being logged.
Clear Firing        - Kill 25 drones without friendly fire. Four marines must 
                      be present in the mission.
Close Encounters    - Kill 20 Swarm with melee attacks in a single mission.
Damage Amped        - Kill 15 Swarm with all four marines under the effects of a 
                      Damage Amp in a single mission.	
Easy Campaign       - Complete the Jacob's Rest campaign on Easy difficulty or harder.
Electro-Stunned     - Stun 6 Swarm with a single Stun Grenade.
Grenadier Expert    - Kill 250 Swarm with a Grenade Launcher.
Group Heal          - Heal all 4 marines with a single Heal Beacon.
Gunslinger          - Successfully perform 5 fast reloads in a row.
Hard Campaign       - Complete the Jacob's Rest campaign on Hard difficulty or harder.
Hat Trick           - Complete 2 co-op missions online. Earns a Team Fortress 2 parasite hat.
High Voltage Expert - Kill 250 Swarm with a Tesla Cannon.
Infestation Savior  - Cure an Infested marine.
Insane Campaign     - Awarded for finishing the Jacob campaign on Insane difficulty.
Kill Them All       - Kill 25,000 Swarm.
Minigun Master      - Kill 250 Swarm with a Minigun.
Normal Campaign     - Complete the Jacob's Rest campaign on Normal difficulty or harder.
Nuke From Orbit     - Kill 100,000 Swarm.
On the Ready Line   - Kill 1,000 Swarm.
Parasite Puncher    - Kill a Swarm Parasite with a melee attack.
Pistols Expert      - Kill 250 Swarm with Twin Pistols.
Protect the Tech    - Guard the squad's tech so that he takes no damage during the hack.
Pyrotechnician      - Kill 250 Swarm with a Flamethrower.
Quick and Dead      - Kill a Swarm Boomer before it inflates.
Scrambled Eggs      - Destroy all Swarm Eggs in a mission without allowing any to hatch.
Seal of Quality     - Seal a door with the welder.
Security Expert     - Complete 10 computer hacks without access being logged.
Sharpshooter        - Complete a mission with better than 90% accuracy.
Shield Down         - Deliver the finishing blow to a Swarm Shieldbug.
Shotgun Specialist  - Kill 250 Swarm with a Shotgun.	
Slaughter Soldier   - Kill 250 Swarm with a Chainsaw.
Smoking Barrels     - Kill 5 Swarm with explosive barrels in a single mission.
Static Defender     - Kill 500 Swarm with deployable Sentry Guns.
Technician Secured  - Finish a mission without the tech getting killed.
Under the Gun       - Roll under a Swarm Ranger projectile.
Vindicator Veteran  - Kill 250 Swarm with a Vindicator.
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